• mtn2top replied to the topic Beating Georgia in the forum 2 days, 5 hours ago

    For this Gator, there’s no team more important to beat than Georgia.

    I hope they are back with a good team because it makes the SEC East stronger. Tennessee, Missouri and other East teams are not contributing much to uphold the SEC’s tough reputation.

    The Fields-Corral chapter of this rivalry is going to be simply amazing. Look out, the SEC…[Read more]

  • mtn2top started the topic Kevaughn! in the forum 2 days, 9 hours ago

    Congrats on being selected pre-season, first team SEC.

    It’s been great to watch Allen’s development the past few years. He’s added a missing dimension to the offense since he arrived. As we embark on another season, I feel confident that he will continue to lead our team to great things, including a NCAA Sweet 16 or better tourney run.

  • mtn2top replied to the topic Beating Georgia in the forum 2 days, 11 hours ago

    It’s all in the match ups. Our staff has done well in finding places to exploit. When you look where this Gator team is right now in development, you are not going to fix everything in the off-week. We have to work from who and what we have.

    Georgia has the clear QB and running back edge. The best way to dull that capability is to keep their…[Read more]

  • Still a week away, but I’m looking forward to playing Georgia. My hope is that we get some guys back, healthy and ready to make it a game.

    UF looks vulnerable and Georgia invincible based on the games played before this one. None of that really matters when these teams meet. Here’s how I see it playing out for Florida to get the win.

    Our…[Read more]

  • Let’s get real. Butch Jones seems the most likely to be fired. Few programs have paid more money for coaches in the last couple of decades than UT and got less for it.

    Bret Bielema is in trouble long-term but may have a bit more rope. I would not be surprised if we was let go at the end of the season, although I suspect he’ll have one more to…[Read more]

  • Even when we squeak out a win the same people complain. With a loss it’s a literally a “fire” storm. We keep firing head coaches and this program will never get it’s footing and a top 5 recruiting class will melt away. We will be just like Tennessee.

    That seems to be what some of these detractors want. I’ve been a Gator for a long time and seen…[Read more]

  • mtn2top replied to the topic Tight Ends in the forum 1 week ago

    There you go… we saw more use of the Gator TEs in passing for the Aggie game. What you also saw was how critical the timing of the throw is on short-yardage plays. Not many catches made out of route breaks today.

    Run blocking was not so good in the second half after A&M made halftime adjustments, that’s not all on the TEs.

  • No matter how much it hurts losing two close games at home, can you even imagine what it feels like to be a Volunteer?

  • That was a tough loss. The team played hard and had a chance for last minute heroics. We had no offense when we needed it the most. Just one or two first downs late in the fourth quarter would have iced a close, mostly defensive game.

    Defense played well enough for the win, still no turnovers. Special teams was not so special. Both offenses…[Read more]

  • mtn2top replied to the topic Tight Ends in the forum 1 week, 2 days ago

    It’s not so easy to pick up delayed blitzes and stunts on passing downs. TE blocks are critical to effective rushing, especially down and outside. Being a pass catcher is a secondary role that takes a big body out of protection.

    It makes sense right now to use the fast, shifty guys as ball handlers and let the big boys block. Slower TE routes…[Read more]

  • I like Coach Mac and believe he will be successful here. It’s the third year of the program and results have been good not great. Considering next year’s recruiting class and the wealth of young talent already brought in, overall things are on an upward trend.

    I see the bigger picture beyond a couple of games. Good things are happening in…[Read more]

  • Good time for a reminder about what’s really important about life. Coach Ellison had a perspective that few men survive to acquire. Just as important, he knew how that translated into being a Gator.

  • No matter how you spin it, we missed a field goal by a kicker who can supposedly make one from 70+ yards. No excuse for that kicking unit.

  • Did you ever consider that the reason Mac was winning games close is there’s so little room for error. We ran out of smoke and mirrors against LSU to hide all the freshmen that are playing.

    I don’t know if it’s possible for so many to grow-up so fast in a week or so. It’s a bit unrealistic to expect much more from this team considering all…[Read more]

  • mtn2top replied to the topic No discipline in the forum 1 week, 5 days ago

    Some key positions of the team are young and inexperienced due to the number of players we sent to the NFL from last season, then suspensions and injuries to more than a dozen players this season. There’s no magical way to overcome those challenges.

  • mtn2top started the topic Swamp Uniforms in the forum 1 week, 5 days ago

    What? No uni thread?! I can’t believe it.

    I like the special unis. People need to relax a little bit and have a little fun. This is Florida. We’re comfortable enough with our legacy to stretch the bounds on any special uniforms we wear. It’s not a change of our unis, just a one-off variation.

    I hope we NEVER get to the point, like Alabama, of…[Read more]

  • There were a lot of freshmen on the field. It’s too bad but they couldn’t grow up faster. We ran out of luck and magic to hide so many missing players.

  • mtn2top replied to the topic Troy stuns LSU in the forum 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    As we’ve seen at Florida, it’s not so easy to change HBC and OCs and be immediately successful. Losing Guice hurt LSU a lot and left them with a diminished running game.

    LSU has enjoyed top recruiting classes for some time and has the talent to compete. There’s something extra to this rivalry after the past couple of seasons, hurricane delay and…[Read more]

  • mtn2top replied to the topic UF Basketball in the forum 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I have no doubt the Gator offense will improve this season. If the defense is up to the standard as last year’s squad, this is going to be a much better team than many people anticipate.

    The other factor is depth. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the roster this deep and talented across all positions. While next year we will bring in some…[Read more]

  • Well said Gator67, as we’ll need all the home-field advantages for the next two games. It certainly didn’t help to lose Del Rio for the season and Cleveland for at least a week with an ankle roll-up.

    It was Vanderbilt, but there were a lot of improvements on the field last week. We need that visible progress to continue each week to get through…[Read more]

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