• I respect where folks are coming from re upside and downside of Kelly. We all want what is best for the team and school. But there are some coaches who have clearer evidence of character issues than others. Some are open books, perhaps like Petrino. Others may be more wolves in sheep’s clothing, like Mac. I don’t know. It is a dangerous business…[Read more]

  • Foley needs to stay as far away from this search as possible. Don’t even ask his opinion.

  • Chip Kelly is obviously a proven winner and successful offensive minded coach. He would be great here. I think , if true, a home run. But there are many potential homers out there, so we’ll see. I would not get too caught up in this rumor . However, I will say the timing of this rumor with Tenn’s firing of Jones is interesting.

  • mkfgator replied to the topic Les Miles ? in the forum 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    As Mtn said, Les Miles never had much of an offense at LSU. I thought he was a good head coach , though, in the sense that he instilled and showed the ultimate confidence in his team.

  • This team and us fans have been fooling ourselves on this defense. We’ve been worrying about QB and the offense and assuming the defense was ok. But this game was lost by a team effort and our defense stinks right now. We can’t stop a good running team with a good back–Mich, LSU, Georgia. Kentucky and Mizz exposed our pass defense. But I…[Read more]

  • Perhaps the worst thing about Mac is that he not only failed to appreciate what was given to him here, but he made sure to try to hurt us on the way out. He wanted out. It was clear to me for some time. I even heard he tried to resign a month ago. His death threats BS may have been retaliation , or just the acts of a spoiled kid who didn’t get…[Read more]

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    Pat’s article this morning was probably the best I have read from him. I didn’t read anything in that about Mac making Fla a top 5 program again. He must have said in his podcast. If anything , Pat’s article this morning shed light on the same theme the article in Colorado recently shed light on: Mac’s arrogance.He may have made us top 5 in the…[Read more]

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    I won’t miss his lack of credibility. He got paid royally so I don’t feel sorry for him. I hope he lands on his feet well and learns something about life and coaching from his time here.I hope he succeeds at his next job.

  • I’m warming up to Frost. Some of you know better about him than I ever did. I’ve read some stuff on him and I like what I am reading. I’m a little concerned about a raise he would get there and the fact he raises money to keep his assistants from leaving for money. We’ll see.

  • Well I didn’t want either one so if these are true, I’m happy with it.

  • I would love Strong, and hate Mullen. We need to have a conversation with Mike Gundy. His offenses have consistently been great. I would also explore Franklin. Give him a blank check and see what happens. If you want to compete with Bama, then we need to follow their blueprint and shoot big.

  • Personally I would not seek Frost because it is the Foley thing to do. We are Florida, not Central Florida. We need to hire a coach who has to prove nothing . Someone who has already done it consistently, not a future up and coming prospect.

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    I personally think Coach is doing a good job under the circumstances. Since he has been here he has had to deal with transfers, suspensions, players leaving early, injuries, investigations, etc. That’s besides Muschamp’s legacy. At the same time, he has not shown an ability to adapt. Nuss did not even have a good record before coming to Fla. I…[Read more]

  • Michigan looked faster and stronger because maybe they were, but it sure looked like they knew where we were going before we went there. This team is very predictable. No counters, traps, misdirections, slants. No rhythm on offense or pace. No hurry up or even change of pace. In short, we only try to throw a fastball and in the same location. No…[Read more]

  • Can’t stand Herbstreet. He is wrong much more than he is right and he is still smarting from the Gators making him look like a fool when we destroyed Ohio State back in 06.If ESPN didn’t love his face, he’d be a high school coach somewhere.But , even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while. I can’t say UF is just oozing with…[Read more]

  • D for Defense
    F for Offense
    C for special team
    Defense sucked. The two picks camouflaged the fact we could not stop the run and gave up a huge pass to a wide open receiver. The offense –Franks may have been our best performer. Think about that for a second. Special teams: we missed a FG. We couldn’t return a kick past the 20. No punt returns.…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the tid bit. It was good info. Could have been interpreted a number of different ways. I have to catch myself sometimes when I start to over analyze things. Some things are as obvious as an apple falling on your head. Franks is the best choice. It’s his time now.