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  • Nine years after throwing his last pass in a Florida football uniform, 10 years after leading the Gators to a national championship and 11 years after winning a Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow still resonates.

    On the […]

    • Amen to that, AJE. And he didn’t even violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment by doing it.
      (There, i’ve included both religion AND politics; I guess my work is done here now)

      • Doc – It’s a shame generations have been brainwashed by secularism to change the meaning of “freedom OF religion” to “freedom FROM religion” and “separation of church and state”. Last I checked, only the former is in the constitution. The other two are interpretations derived from the first. It’s a shame we have not had even one Protestant on the Supreme Court in God knows how long. I would love to have a Justice who is not from the brotherhood of Ivy League Law Schools. I guess UF Law School and many other law school graduates are not of high enough caliber to represent the elites and interpret the Constitution logically. Google Justice Scalia’s view on diversity of the Supreme Court. He got it right.

        • I sometimes wonder if the Constitution can be further stretched, elongated, or even contracted more than it has already become….or for that matter, even viewed as irrelevant by even more people…..but when it comes to religious orientations of the justices, I agree that it is anything but diverse. So too are the “elite” nature of the law schools represented, but the most troubling thing of all may be the geographic distributions. Scalia was brilliant to point these things out vis-a-vis the orthodoxy of contemporary “diversity” indeed. There may not be another justice quite as brilliant, but time will tell.

          • Scalia was a great loss. Too bad our President didn’t replace him with someone resembling the diversity background Scalia advocated.

    • I did a little more research. John Paul Stevens was the last Protestant to sit on the Supreme Court. He retired in 2010. I don’t know if he was the last Protestant to be nominated and approved. If so, he was sworn in in 1975. That’s almost two generations since we’ve had a Protestant sworn in. That is a crime considering about half of the U.S. population are Protestants.

      George Bush nominated Harriet Miers, a Protestant, in 2005 but the supposedly “conservative Christian backed” Republican controlled Senate shot down her nomination because she lacked the credentials. I’ve yet to find somewhere in the Constitution stating the credentials one must possess to be qualified to sit on the highest court. What credentials does one need to interpret the Constitution or any piece of writing for that matter? Whatever they are, it excludes 99.999999…% of the population. By today’s standards, even Solomon would not be qualified. I suppose our legislators today are wiser than him.

  • Tim Tebow said he still believes in the power of good in college football despite its scandalous offseason.
    Tebow was in Gainesville for a Food4Kids charity event on Thursday. The former Florida Heisman-winning […]

  • Florida fans will notice subtle changes inside The Swamp when the Gators open their season Saturday night against Charleston Southern.
    The biggest difference will be directly outside Ben Hill Griffin, where UF is […]

  • Listed at 6-foot-4 and 349 pounds, Florida sophomore defensive lineman Tedarrell “T.J.” Slaton can dunk a basketball.

    Slaton also used to be able to do a standing backflip.

    “Not now,” Slaton said. “I need […]

    • Tampa I think LT was commenting on Joe’s post. I agree with you our S&C was so poor it is hard to say what these guys are really capable of.

    • I agree with that. With a record of 11 total tackles as a freshman, it’s a pipe dream to even talk about setting the sack record. We’ve heard this smack talk so many times before from the DL, the OL, the QBS, that it’s getting to be boring.

    • With all due respect, being the best anything on a 4 and 8 team is not really an accomplishment.

    • I look forward to watching this kid play. Sounds like he’s put in some hard work with Savage and I believe it’ll pay off. Who am I kidding. I want to watch ALL of them play. GO GATORS!!!!!

  • New Florida defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said the elements are in place for the Gators to get opponents off the field on third down this season.

    “You’re good on third down when you have guys that can r […]

    • Hint: Lets keep him long term, and not turn him over.

      • assistants are always moving up (or moving down). it’s a rare coach that isn’t looking for the former or experiencing the latter. a lot of guys want to be a head coach. when you think of the best assistants at florida, they all moved up, successful ones not long after being here. everybody wants the team to win titles. that leads to a revolving door at the assistant level, Look at how many saban assistants, spurrier assistants went elsewhere after not very long. It’s true in any money sport. the donovan coaching tree in basketball is another example.

    • Hell Dan, if there were half a chance that I knew what I was doing, I’d do it for free!

      I don’t mind assistants going on to take a head coaching job, but I’m with you on the continuity factor. Maybe that’ll be a thing once the Gators start getting back to championship form again.

    • 6 & Dan I agree with the need to keep assistants here are long as they are doing the job. Think that could be slowed with money but there is a limit. Below is a quote from above
      “Mississippi State, Grantham’s defense has finished 10th in the nation in third-down defense. Last season as defensive coordinator at Mississippi State, opponents converted on only 30.41 percent of third-down plays against the Bulldogs.”
      If Grantham can build a top 10 on 3rd down defense in Louisville and Miss St. the state one being the key as they are in our conference so we know what they were up against (in the west mind you) with talented players but not as highly ranked as ours. If we want to say * power is key to potential then our players should really be good this year if they have grasped the scheme. If he stays and adapts to the changes O’s will make to counter our defense will be top 5. If I see one more db get hit in the back of the head or watch the ball go by I will change my mind. Our guys last year weren’t coached. When on the other thread they were talking about knowing football and not receiving input from previous staff on how to/what to do as players it is now clear why Mac was rambling at the press conf. HE DIDN”T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING!!!! The bits that have been release look like the guys are sharper, definitely fitter. They are now learning the whole game. CAN’T WAIT ’til Sep1. Common 6 gives us a count. I am gonna put up a calendar and cross of the days. At one time it would have had a un PC image of some kind be we do live in a different time.

      • Man, I can’t even think straight, but how ’bout this until I can cipher it out? “Two old ladies were layin’ in bed/One roll over to the other and said/…..”.

        • I wanna be an airborne ranger. Or the the non pc version. Is two old ladies pc? Lol. In jump school ran by base cmdr house for or at zero dark thirty. Cadence got us in a lot of trouble.

          • Yeah, but the troops love it…..want proof? We’re still talking about it after all these years!

            ………I wanna live that life of danger/I wanna be an airborne ranger…..I wanna go to Vietnam/I wanna kill some Charlie Cong……..

            The words may change, but the jody never does! Go Gators!

    • That’s great incentive until someone offers him a HC gig in the $4-6M range. Then $1.39M doesn’t look so great.

    • I can! And better yet, I didn’t even need to pull a nose hair to get a tear in my eye!

      You and ’65 definitely missed your callings as motivational speakers, I feel like either running out to re-enlist in something, or flying to Hogtown and trying to walk on for Dan Mullen!

    • Dan like the music reference. The last 6 years are hard to forget take the long way home.’. Something feels so right about this group. Could even add ‘ don’t stop believin’.

    • My wife and I are trying to find a new church here in Dallas and visited a new one for the first time this weekend. About 10 minutes into the pastor’s sermon he started a story with “I’m a huge Florida Gators fan, my dads a Gator, my moms a Gator, I just love the Florida Gators”. It took all the self control, I could muster to not yell “GO GATORS” and embarrass the crap out of my wife. I mention all this here because he even made a “third and Grantham” reference. Guess we can stop looking for a new church, the good Lord has sent us a sign! GO GATORS!

      • Damn, I’m 2 hours south of you down I-35 in Salado, and if I didn’t like my own new church so much I think I’d make the drive every Sunday just to witness that. Regrettably, the minister here responded to my Go Gators with a hearty, GEAUX TIGERS, despite being born and raised in Texas. I don’t know what demon got ahold of that guy, I told him he was a false prophet and damn near the Anti-Christ — but my wife said to give him a chance. Well, OK, he’s a pretty good old boy anyway. Except for that. But I still write Go Gators on my tithing checks too.

    • Yeah….I’m thinking of slipping some Ex-Lax into his red bean and rice at the next church dinner. In a Christian sort of way, of course.

  • Each year, as part of its college football preview, Athlon magazine gets SEC coaches to talk anonymously about teams they will face during the 2018 season.

    Here’s what an opposing coach had to say about […]

    • Could speculate who the anonymous coach is. Called him Dan. I agree though are misses have been on character not talent. To have the whole team you have to have people with a moral compass. Some of our guys compass is going in circles.

    • Mullen can only take responsibility for the 2018 recruits and not all of them. Development will have to wait and see what happens on the field. Muschamp and Mac dug a huge hole for us to dig out of.

  • The University of Florida Police Department has released cellphone video following the alleged confrontation involving University of Florida football players and 21-year old Devante Zachery.

    The video shows a […]

    • This is a shame that young men behave this way on a UF campus. There are societal and cultural problems on display.

    • I read an article today about what a great season Toney should have this year if he doesn’t get injured like last year. Did they mean on the field injury or “other”? I couldn’t watch the video.

    • I think the only hope for the football team is if Mullen can convince the University to reinstate academic eligibility requirements. After last years stunt and and this jewel the thing that has obviously hurt the program was not coaching or conditioning but players that are as dumb as rocks. How do you even begin to have a playbook that’s not all little stick figures. Hold on to your hats cuz this video is gonna go viral.

    • Not sure what you mean by “gun culture”. You’re correct about LEO response, however; very unwise to be waving around even a simulated weapon in police presence.

      • Guys let’s not get into a great discussion on gun issues. Guns aren’t typically ask issue with law abiding people. But that is for another board.

    • Tampa, Sounds like Mikey

    • GI, there are some of us here that are vets. I for one haven’t thought of using weapons as a first option since my time in other places. You are right that when youth think street cred it’s more important than their future they have no way to handle a future of money.

    • Hey, you make some good points there Creek, and I wear my boxer shorts starched anyway!

    • GI, having taken a gun to a fight more than once — as I’m sure Gator65 has too as well as a few others who post here — I can tell you that these young “men” had no idea what they were about to get into to. In their minds, it’s supposed to play out like a movie? Think again, let alone with a fake gun of all things. If you’re that fundamentally stupid, you’re probably too stupid to be playing major college football too.

    • Then be disappointed in society as a whole. We are no different than anyone else. Heck, Penn state had ped coaches! This isn’t a UF problem; this is a world problem. Instead of blaming coaches, I’d like to see some info on the parents. Coach Mullen has these guys for a few weeks and months to teach them football, yet he has “No control” of the players. Their parents have had them for 18 years–what have they been doing? The deterioration of the family is hitting home to college football and it ain’t going to get better. I hope it does. This problem is well beyond a football message board. But I for one am not going to blame our coach. These players need to take responsibility and it started when they started hanging around with this bum who got them all into trouble.

    • Tampa, I mean societal and cultural issues across all parts of our country. Some of us on here have been to some really interesting places around the globe. I would bet that most of them have a greater appreciation for what we have here. What we consider poor here pales in comparison to some of the places I have been. We have become a society of me first, instant gratification and entitlement. Most today want to start at the top as far as position and pay. Mentioned below here someone posted about these young men’s parents. Parents and parenting are different. Some of these young people have parents that act like the young men are acting now. They saw their parents, siblings, family , friends do these things so much they think it is ok. Churchill said something like the further back you look the further forward you are likely to see. and The most important thing about education is appetite. Young people these days are so laser focused on instant gratification they are repeating the same mistakes and in education I am talking football (if the players are more interested in hanging out with derelicts there is no future for them). The problem is not just here it is everywhere.

    • No, and that’s a good perspective to keep unless we find out differently later on. That’s the part that troubles me, even assuming that this Tay Bang character is just a wannabe out for a little revenge. For instance, one of the (presently unfounded) allegations he made was that one or more of the Gators players belong to the street gang, the Bloods. Now, if anyone ever lacked credibility, it’s him……but just on the off chance that it’s true? Mary Mother of God, I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. That would make it much, much later than we think, y’all.

    • Yes they are, Mveal……and they didn’t choose the name, “Enterprise” by accident either.

  • Florida associate coach Al Pinkins is set to make $315,000 for the 2018-19 season, while Florida assistant coaches Darris Nichols and Jordan Mincy both received significant raises as well.

    Pinkins, hired from […]

  • Hudson Fricke spent three seasons a walk-on for the Florida men’s basketball program, playing sparingly from 2007-10 while pushing teammates in practices.

    Fast-forward eight years and Fricke has found a […]

    • It is always good to hear about Gators after they graduate, especially those not in the limelight.

  • Florida will meet an old friend to open the 2018 Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament in the Bahamas.

    The Gators will begin the first of three games against Oklahoma on Nov. 21. Tip time is noon and the game will air […]

  • [Updated: 4:21 p.m. 7-23-18] Not even Tim Tebow can escape bad luck when it comes to player injuries within the New York Mets organization.

    The 30-year-old former Florida Heisman Trophy winning quarterback is […]

    • True Vulcan, but at the same time he’d never have one without trying, and try he sure has. I know you admire him as much as I do for that.

    • No—got your point, it was my reply that probably sounded like a rebuttal when it was just a concurrence. I had the great pleasure of meeting Tim’s mom when she was out here as a guest speaker several years ago, she sent me a note afterwards and I must say, that whole family does more good in the world in one week than I’ve probably done in my entire life — good people one and all.

    • hmmmmmm

  • There are no statues honoring him outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium yet, but an argument can be made for Percy Harvin as the greatest football player in Florida history.

    Harvin was the offensive catalyst for two […]

    • You can tell without looking that it’s still July and not yet Sept 1st, when we’ve gone through dabbling in left-right politics, touched on religion, and are now discussing a fellow Gator’s character that we don’t even know personally.

      That said, GI has a good point, doesn’t he? Personally, I’d rather we let it go. It’s Percy Harvin, not Mac, not Lane Kiffin, not Chip Kelly, not Joe Alleva………….it’s Percy Harvin, one of us for better or worse.

    • Great-freaking-post, Jaws!

    • Rog replied 3 months ago

      I think it’s great that Percy is finishing school and maybe wants to find positive ways to contribute and dare I say, give back. Did he have his personal issues……yup. Is he redeemable…. yup!

      Unlike the popular sentiment, I don’t believe you can erase history. So what has happened, has happened, whether it is right or wrong.

      I also don’t believe you give someone a pass just because they were an 18 year old college kid…with the justification that “well, I was stupid as an 18 year old too”. That doesn’t make it right. It just means we were immature..and stupid…and thrill seeking…etc. But you still could’ve/should’ve been held accountable. That said, making a mistake or bad decision or exercising bad judgment should not condemn you for life. You may have to pay a price, but it doesn’t mean you should be locked away from society forever.

      So good luck Percy Harvin!!! We enjoyed watching you for three years and you gave the Gator Nation a lot of thrills. You obviously did a few things that maybe you’d wish you’d done differently…though I’m not trying to put words in your mouth. But if that’s the case, we should all forgive and forget and move on and enjoy the new Percy Harvin. I know a man who walked the earth 2000 years ago who would agree with that 🙂

      • Rog, if none of the above were true, I can tell you from personal experience that this knuckle head, along with a ton of other collective heads of knuckle, wouldn’t have ever gotten past PFC.

        By grace alone.

    • Why? Is he wrong? I don’t agree with Trooper because I don’t know, but c’mon man…..let him develop the damn argument at least!

  • Playing on the Washington Wizards summer league squad worked out well for both former Florida forward Devin Robinson and former Gator point guard Chris Chiozza.

    The 6-foot-9 Robinson was among the top scorers […]

  • Florida is going to honor its 2008 national championship team during the Oct. 6 game against LSU in The Swamp.

    More than 100 members of that team are being invited back to Florida to celebrate the 10-year […]

  • The former All-American was at the bar at Ironwood Golf Course, spinning stories.

    Nearing 70, former Florida standout Steve Tannen can weave stories ranging from blocking a punt in the Gator Bowl to hanging […]

    • Good article especially for those of us who were lucky enough to watch Tannen and be a part of this era of Gator Football.

    • What a fascinating and well done article, Kevin. Thank you!

    • Great article!

    • I remember Gator football as pretty much holding its own thru the 50’s, not great but not bad, and my Dad being fanatic anyway as though they were the best of the best. And I became a fanatic too in 1960 when Ray Graves came aboard and I was finally old enough to understand what was going on–really going on–save for the obvious fact that down there on the field were the biggest men I had ever seen in my life. I’ll never forget meeting Bob Wehking on the field after the Ga-Fla game….a giant at probably 250 lbs…compared to Larry Libatore soaking wet at 138 pounds. Or Vic Miranda, Bob Hoover, Bobby Dodd Jr….

      Some good years in the 60’s and 70’s….and the 80’s too for the most part……loved every minute of it even when overseas…..but Gator football didn’t really come into its own until the second coming of SOS. That changed everything from A to Z. Then we went sour with Zook, resurrected with Myer, and couldn’t quite find our way back with Muschamp and Mac. Until now. This is surely the 3rd Gator dynasty, all the signs are in place, and once it gets rolling all we have to do is be smart, play fair, and win-win-win. Is this a great time to be a Gator, or what? I only wish my old man could still be around to see it.

    • Larry “Long Gone” Dupree. About as finer of a Gator as you’ll ever want to meet. Quite a memory, Salty.

  • Former Gators Chris Chiozza and Devin Robinson are back playing together in summer league for the Washington Wizards.

    And in the words of Peaches and Herb, reunited never felt so good.

    Robinson had a […]

  • I don’t think I paint a rosy picture, bf, I report the facts as they are, good or bad.

  • It’s never too early to discuss recruiting. Especially when it comes to Florida basketball.

    Florida coach Mike White and his staff brought in a breakthrough class in 2018, which included his first five-star […]

  • I see Steve Tannen is back living in Gainesville

  • Thanks Carlos but the list is for players who played in a UF uniform from the year 2000 on.

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