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  • There is no need to panic yet. But after playing at a high level for close to two months, No. 1 Florida is in the midst of a late April hiccup.

    The Gators (34-9) were unable to solve side-arming reliever Robert […]

  • MONTVERDE — The year-old plaque remains inside the basketball offices at Montverde Academy.

    It reads — Boys Varsity Basketball, Perseverance Award, Andrew Nembhard, 2016-17.

    Florida fans know Nembhard as a […]

    • Who? Soccer?!?! …negative!
      Come on down man, and dish ’em out! Best wishes for your Orange & Blue future, young man.
      Go Gators!

    • Love that Coach White got this kid to UF. Sounds like a great player and great person. Awesome fit for the program.

    • Can’t wait to see how Nembhard, Johnson and Locke fit into Mike White’s system. Go Gators!

  • Florida junior third baseman Jonathan India kept his hit streak alive.

    But UF was unable to extend its modest win streak. Powered by a pair of timely home runs, Jacksonville upended the No. 1 Gators 8-4 on […]

  • Former Florida swingman Egor Koulechov and point guard Chris Chiozza both turned in solid performances at the Portsmouth Invitational over last weekend.

    The 6-foot-5 Koulechov averaged 9 points and 6.7 rebounds […]

  • Florida has hit the halfway point of the SEC baseball schedule playing at a high level.

    The No. 1 Gators completed a doubleheader sweep with a 7-2 win over Missouri on Saturday night at McKethan Stadium. […]

  • Florida swingman Deaundrae Ballard endured an up-and-down freshman year and played sparingly in the second half of the season.

    But Florida coach Mike White still has high hopes for the 6-foot-5, four-star […]

    • It’s amazing how cowards hide behind online personas to give themselves an open avenue to troll every article. He knows who i’m talking about and i’m surprised that Gatorsports hasn’t removed him by now. Either way, Ballard is a great kid and i believe he will take a leap forward. If Jalen Hudson returns we will be even better than this year’s team i trust (which i think he will but have not talked to him about it the many times we have been in the same room). Chase, Johnson, Stokes, Hayes, Gak, Stone and Bassett should take a step forward this year. Okauru will grow into a monster for us. I’m hoping Kevaughn Allen gets his mind right and groove back. With the incoming class i still think if Hudson returns it’s a better team built for a deeper run but no matter what we will of course miss Cheese and Egor. Stone will blow up next season. He’s just figured it out and scratched the surface. Go Gators!

  • TALLAHASSEE — Florida softball coach Tim Walton said he knew April was going to be a challenging month for his team.

    After falling at UCF to start the month, the Gators had righted themselves by taking two of […]

  • Florida will be heading back to the New York City area for a third straight year next season.

    The Gators will face West Virginia in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden in early December, according to a […]


    TALLAHASSEE — Florida senior catcher JJ Schwarz may hope to see Florida State a few more times in the Super Regionals.

    If that doesn’t happen, Schwarz and the rest of the Gators can look back on 2018 as […]

    • How sweet it is!!!!!

    • Your greatest victory is a tie.

    • Sully is the best in the Nation. Now he is finally getting what he deserves in a ramped up stadium.

    • Do any of you realize the excellence of Gator sports. No matter the article written, there are ALWAYS so called Gator fans commenting how terrible we are and will continue to be. So, yes, I looked it up. Do you realize we have won the SEC’s overall, men’s and women’s championship sixteen times and no other team has done it once. We have won the trophy 26 out of 29 times. Is anyone PROUD to be a Gator.

    • I grow weary of all the gator-haters and armchair quarterbacks. In the 25 years Foley was AD, the Gators won more national titles than any other team but Stanford. They tied Stanford with 25 national titles in all NCAA sports those years. Yet there are always some pinheads and trolls and gutless ‘fans’ who say the Gators are Losers? Please. Do you think Ohio State or FSU would like to trade places? Please note: The last time Ohio State won the NCAA basketball title was 1961. AND FSU has had only ONE NCAA basketball title game in its history (along with one Final Flour) /and that was 46 years ago vs. UCLA. They lost. That’s too bad. I would put the Gator sports record for all sports up against any rivalry team, including Georgia, FSU, Tennessee, ALABAMA, LSU, ETC. YES, football dominates and basketball is second in the SEC, but all sports count. Outside of KY, how many SEC teams have won an NCAA basketball title? How many have won more than one, outside of KY? Case closed. Stop expecting every Gator team to go undefeated in every sport every year. And stop expecting immediate miracles from White after he inherited a LOSING team 3 years ago from Billy D. Gator BBall will be much improved next year. I like many of the possible combinations–and future post players.
      Sign me disgusted with all these armchair quarterbacks who KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ANY SPORT AND ARE NEVER WRONG.

  • Florida went with youth over experience in hiring 35-year-old Armon Gates as its new associate head basketball coach.

    Gates did develop under a pair of strong mentors. At Loyola-Chicago from 2011-13, the former […]

  • Fans who want to catch a glimpse of incoming 2018 Florida freshman point guard Andrew Nembhard can do so again this Sunday.

    Nembhard is among a group of 26 elite high school seniors that will be participating […]

  • Florida rising junior center Gorjok Gak underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee on Wednesday.

    The projected recovery time for Gak is four to six months, which means the 6-foot-11, 245 pound center from […]

  • Villanova’s run to its second national title in three years Monday proved experience still more often than not pays dividends in college basketball.

    One-and-done laden teams like Duke and Kentucky may get […]

    • ALLEN AND HAYES NEED TO DO MORE THAN BOUNCE BACK. THEY NEED to play up to their press clippings before they joined Gator basketball. The jury is out on those two.

    • The biggest problem UF had this year is the lack of a big man presence with depth. Hayes was valiant. good rebounder and shot blocker, but doesn’t give you much O. Michigan showed how a scoring big man could impact a team and make up for the fact its guards can’t shoot–except maybe one. A healthy Egbunu would have made a big difference.
      The difference next year may be at the point. I agree with Steve–lots of questions next year but I think most of the answers will be good.

  • Former Florida receiver Antonio Callaway caught passes in stride Wednesday morning at UF’s Indoor Practice Facility.

    An hour earlier, former UF and NFL safety Matt Elam ran a 40-yard dash shirtless before a g […]

  • Florida could end up losing its leading scorer going into the 2018-19 season.

    Junior guard Jalen Hudson announced Tuesday night he’s putting his name in the NBA draft without an agent. The 6-foot-6 Virginia […]

    • I love this kid . I want him to have a great career in the NBA. But , as bad as the NFL is when it comes to advising kids about the draft, I think the NBA has the least credibility. And that is especially true when it comes to Fla kids. One player after the other from Florida was told he was a sure or potential 1st or 2nd round pick, only to go undrafted. It seems to happen every year. If they are telling Jalen he is a late 2nd rounder, the translation is “you won’t get drafted.” He is doing the right thing by exploring his options and not hiring an agent. I just hope he looks at the history of the advice kids generally and Fla players specifically, have been given before he makes a decision that could cost him 1st round status and a deep tournament appearance next year. Either way, I wish him the best.

    • Bingo! If he agrees with you that he has first round talent, then he should definitely come back. If he doesn’t have first round talent, then he should go. There’s nothing else to be gained by coming back. He can start making money overseas if he doesn’t make a team. If he’s selected in the second round as predicted, it’s nothing more than an NBA tryout over the summer months. He’s not guaranteed a spot on the roster. If he comes back and improves his defense to complement his offense with consistency, he might move up to first round. Right now, he’s only a role player with instant offense off the bench. As he meets with NBA teams in the next few months, his question should not be whether who might draft him in the second round if at all, it should be whether they believe he has first round talent.

    • Wish him luck. I think he is making a good move to declare, but not sign with an agent.
      I live across the street from IMG Academy in Bradenton and several of my neighbors are coaches at IMG. According to the basketball analysts there, Hudson is ONLY a late 2nd round pick at best. They have concerns with his defense, ball handling skills and ability to play the 3 spot off the bench. He is not projected to be an immediate impact player, but might make an NBA roster as a 7th man.
      That’s not my analysis. Just repeating what those who scout players for the NBA. However I don’t disagree and the scouts say he is getting good advice to see where he is in the draft before signing, or coming back in 2018-19. The scouts DO NOT THINK HE WILL BE BACK.

    • No it wasn’t a joke. Did you forget we made it to the elite 8 last year? We made it to the second round this year with no centers. We lost three starters from this year’s team and Loyola is in the freaking final 4. Jalen Hudson would be the, or one of the, highest scorers in the SEC next year with Allen and all our centers but an injured Egbunu coming back. On the other hand, your team– Fla State– will go back to being the blind squirrel who can’t find a nut next year.

    • I wonder how many fans think White’s move from a fast-break, shoot-on-sight team in the first 6 games of the season was better than the slow-it-down and work-the-offense style he brought in after those 100 point games. White said his team had no defense early in the season. Well, maybe. But it certainly had an offense. Personally, as an ex-bball coach, I thought the up-tempo game was a good move for the type of players he had and considering the lack of any post presence. It was definitely more exciting than Chiozza calmly dribbling up the court, then dribbling left or right, then trying to drive against a zone, then–finally–passing to Igor or Hudson for a jump shot. Of course, everyone has a different opinion about White’s offensive change after those 100-plus games. Each coach has to do what he/she thinks will make the best team, and what players work better with some players than others. I think Gators will be better in 2018-19 because of post presence, defenders and speed. But that’s just my opinion.
      Anyone else think White should have stuck with the run-and-gun philosophy?

  • After sitting out his senior season while recovering from a torn ACL, Florida senior center John Egbunu has decided not to pursue a medical exemption for a sixth year and will turn pro.

    Egbunu’s last game for […]

    • Hindsight bias is always right. The problem is he had hope he would recover. Arguably UF did a disservice to him. He didn’t do surgery on himself. He did it to come back. He wasn’t able to recover in time and I have heard nothing about him not trying. I wish him the best and hope he is able to one day make it in the NBA. In the meantime, he should be able to do something in Europe. If As the Ball Turns can get into Europe, Egbunu should be a star there.

    • I wouldn’t call this guy a “fan”. Probably pissed at UF bc he didn’t get in and ended up getting a degree in interior circus tents at FSU.

    • Thank you for your hard work & effort, Big John. All true Gator BB fans will miss you & wish you the very best of success in life!

    • Best wishes Big John! Look forward to hearing about your future successes. You will always be Gator. You gave everything you had even had at the great cost of injuring your knee. Thank you!

    • Ditto on all the thank yous and best wishes above to Big John. To the troll – go away.

    • I’m kind of back and forth on this deal. I’ve got two questions that I need one of the experts, and there are many, on this board to answer.
      1. If his knee isn’t strong enough for a 30+ game NCAA schedule then how is it going to do it with a 80+ game NBA slate?
      2. I’m pretty sure that UF picked up the tab for his knee operations and rehab while on scholarship. Who’s going to pay for the expensive procedures now that he’s officially gone?
      Unless he makes an incredible, miraculous recovery in the next few months then I don’t think he will even make it in some foreign league. Hoping for the best for him, though.

    • You think he’s a nole. Geeze Louise.

    • He’s not a Gator, he IS a moron.

    • last year we actually played better without him…this year, not sure the end result would have been any different if he had actually played

    • Once a scholarship is given, the university cannot rescind the scholarship or “dismiss” the player and get the scholarship back if that player is on the bench for a medical reason related to the sport. Has to be either grades or conduct. Egbunu never was a conduct issue. Fragile? Don’t know. Bad Luck? Yeah. I think he will do well in Europe. Now that’s he’s officially left the program, it frees up another scholarship. Not sure if White can give it in 2018 or has to wait until 2019. If anyone knows the answer (when the scholarship for Egbunu can be offered to another player), please post here. Just curious.

    • I’m not talking to you, Bonnie.

    • sniff, sniff. I’m gonna get rid of that cat if he passes gas one more time.

  • Florida added another major conference opponent to an already challenging 2018-19 non conference schedule Monday.

    The Gators will host Butler in the first matchup of a home-and-home series. Florida will make […]

    • I wish the football program felt the same way about their non-conference opponents. Seeing Oklahoma instead of Oshkosh at Ben Hill Griffin. Priceless!

    • I don’t see how playing 2 or 3 pansies prepares a team to be competitive with anyone. Scoring 70 points on a sacrificial lamb doesn’t toughen a team up or expose your weaknesses.

  • Florida ace righty Brady Singer was unable to solve the bottom of the Arkansas lineup Friday night.

    As a result, the No. 2 Gators fell behind early and were unable to recover in a 6-3 loss to No. 4 Arkansas in […]

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