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  • Florida senior center John Egbunu was named as one of 20 players to the Kareem Abdul-Jabar list on Friday, an award given to college basketball’s top center.

    Egbunu averaged 7.8 points and a team-high 6.6 […]

  • Top 2018 basketball recruit Emmitt Williams’ official visit to Florida this weekend has been canceled, according to a source.

    Williams, a five-star power forward/center prospect from Oak Ridge High in Orlando, […]

  • Based on last season’s Elite Eight run, Florida is coming into the 2017-18 as a top 10 ranked team in one poll.

    The Gators were ranked seventh in the initial USA Today preseason top 25 coaches basketball poll […]

    • Kevin, I’m a huge Gator Football & Basketball fan, and I’m presently very excited about this 2017-’18 Gator B-ball team. Fairly or unfairly, my expectations for Coach White’s team & his program’s progress is much higher than that of the Gator football team’s expectations (to date). So, in your opinion, is that fair (expectations) to the Men’s Gator Basketball team and Coach ‘W’ & his staff!?!?
      And so the F.B.I. investigation into college basketball -still- bothers me, too. Especially, since the schools like, ”Arizona”, who are part of the F.B.I.’s investigation, have NOT ”disqualified any of their current players”, to date. And I -also- firmly believe that ”one and done high school kids”, and their ”scammer handlers” aren’t going anywhere soon (especially to prison). And that’s very unfair, and very unfortunate for the great sport of college basketball, and all the schools that do it all legally.
      But, still, the purer ”cream will always rise to the top”!
      Lastly Kevin, as an avid reader of your great pieces about U.F. college basketball, along with the other teams too, do you believe, like I do, that Auburn, ‘Bama, and South Carolina, etc… are still being ”looked at”, or “investigated by the Feds”, too?” One thing I know is that it’s a ”done deal for Louisville basketball” (with ADIDAS and their shady-handlers for high school prospects), their ”pay for play”, Pitino looking the other away, etc…) will be the final nail in the coffin for the Louisville Cardinals. But where’s the S.E.C. ”Commish’ and his knowledge and awareness with these ”other S.E.C. schools” (‘Bama, Caroina, Auburn)?
      Take care!
      Anyway, thanks again Kevin, for all your hard work and long hours, while covering our favorite basketball school… THE ORANGE and BLUE GATOR BALLERS!

    • ”3 years mandatory commitment” (like college football) for all SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS at all DIV. I schools, period! ”One and done” players will continue to create ”shady-handlers”, who will always be in demand and available, and -still- typical. Because ”when there’s a demand, there will -always- be a supplier” (albeit ”shady suppliers” most likely). Lastly, U.G.A.’s Coach Fox’s statement, ”bowing it all up… to make the sport better” is spot on! And I look forward to your Gator Basketball reporting, Kevin, for this new Gator Basktball season. Hope it’s a good one, too!
      Go Gators!

  • NASHVILLE — SEC men’s basketball is on an upward trend.

    For the first time since 1986, three teams in the league, including Florida, reached the Elite Eight last March. South Carolina made the Final Four for […]

    • “Sometimes destruction is a good thing,” Fox said.”If we can blow some of this nonsense up, and make the game better then this could turn into a pivotal moment to make the game better. We owe it to the game to do it right.”
      And since it’s ”Florida/Georgia” time, ironically, a quote from U.G.A. Basketball Coach Fox is the quote of the story, in my opinion. In fact, I couldn’t agree with him more! The F.B.I.’s righteous investigation could put EVERY SCHOOL back on somewhat of ”a level playing… court.” I can’t imagine U.F Basketball being ”dirty” with Billy ‘D’s and Mike White’s staffs… I cannot see it, period! Go Gators!

    • I thought Calipari was the Big Time Coach I heard trying to avoid the topic. It Makes you wonder. The NCAA should get rid of one and done rule it makes a mokery of college athletics. If a kid wants to go pro he should be aloud before he signs. I personally like the Baseball format better.

    • UF, is a basketball/baseball school… football is an after thought… thanks Foley.


    While Florida guard KeVaughn Allen earned All-SEC first team honors, fellow Florida guard Chris Chiozza did not make either the first or second team. But there is thought that together, Allen and Chiozza […]

    • I have high hopes that this team can make a deep run run again in the tourney. It should be alot of fun to watch their progression though the season.
      Go Gators.

  • NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Florida ended up in a familiar spot in the SEC preseason men’s basketball poll Wednesday.

    The Gators were picked to finish second behind Kentucky, while junior guard KeVaughn Allen earned […]

    • I am really excited about the ”2017-’18 Florida Basketball team” this year. It will be interesting to see how the ”transfers” help out this team. I, personally, believe that Coach White hasn’t and isn’t getting his ”proper due” for his immediate success at U.F. But he will… in time! He had a Final Four appearance in the N.I.T. in his 1st year at U.F., and an Elite ‘8’ appearance in the N.C.A.A. tourney in his 2nd year.
      I know his early successes will bring ”pros and cons” (expectations, etc..). But I love his coaching style, his demeanor, and A.D. Foley certainly NAILED IT with his U.F. Men’s Basketball Coach choices (Billy ‘D’ and Mike White). Coach Mike White could very well take and keep Florida at the level of success which Coach Billy D’ had here at U.F.
      GO GATORS!

  • Florida junior guard KeVaughn Allen was one of 20 players named the Jerry West Award Watch list on Tuesday.

    The award, named after the former West Virginia and Los Angeles Lakers standout, is given to the best […]

  • Florida has eight former players on NBA opening day rosters and a ninth (rookie forward Devin Robinson) who is out with a foot injury on a two-way contract with the Washington Wizards.

    The nine former Gator […]

  • Florida had talked all week about the importance of shutting down talented Texas A&M junior Christian Kirk — both as a receiver and in the return game.

    But an poorly placed punt in the fourth quarter directly t […]

    • If the Gators actually ”cleaned up some things” after each of these loses and post-game pressers, well they’d have a great season going, and they’d make Molly Maids want to hire them. But we all know what’s really happening… it’s ”the 7 year, and counting, curse” that Urban Meyer put on us back in 2010 when he said,
      ”…the program is broken!”
      ”Still crazy, after all these years.”

  • Florida had an underclassmen step up to end its three-game streak without a takeaway.

    Florida sophomore safety Jeawon Taylor ended UF’s string of three straight games without a defensive turnover when he p […]

  • The tight end has been a staple of the Florida offense for close to 30 years.

    From Kirk Kirkpatrick to Ben Troupe to the late Aaron Hernandez to Jordan Reed, the Gators have found creative ways to get the ball […]

    • I would like to see more variations of plays from one set. I know our QB’s have been below avg performance wise, but I having seen us use a play to set up another play on very many occasions. That makes us way to predictable and would hinder even an above avg QB.

      I do think we need to run the offense we want to run and not dummy it down. That way you teach the offense and QB to learn were they need to be instead of settling for where they are at.

      I will acknowledge that the coach is paid to win games and it is alot easier to sit bac and complain win your livelyhood is not on the line. And the Coach is trying to do what he thinks best to when a game. I can see that cureently he feels the best way to win games right now is too keep it close and find away to win in the 4th quarter. He maybe right this team has right.
      If that is his thinking he needs to let the fans know at his pressers and be staight with the fans. I believe he trying to protect his kids, bit many great coaches have acknowledged we are just not a very good team right now and let us know his current philosophy on the true state of the gators. I feel fans are always under estimated with the knowledge of the game when they gooo know the X’s and O’s and concepts behind a particular play. We can never know which plaver is supposed to be where on a given play because we are not privy to that information. We the fans are brush brush painters and have a point of view that can only be attained from afar. That does not mean critique’s are invaluable and should be immediately disregarded. Coaches like cliches, rightfully so they became cliches for a reason. So here’s one that will accentuate my point “can’t see the forest for the trees”.
      One last thing any idiot who sends sends hate mail to any coach becuase they are upset with the product on the field is an embarrasment to Gator Nation. Criticisizing decision on the field is fair game personal attacks reflect badly on Gator Nation.

  • Through the first week of practices, Florida basketball coach Mike White has been pleased with what he’s seen offensively.

    The ball is moving from player to player. Shots are falling.

    “We’ve got a prett […]

  • Each day, a practice clip appears on Florida junior guard Jalen Hudson’s iPad or smartphone.

    The clips sent by Florida basketball assistant coaches Jordan Mincy and Darris Nichols are designed to show ways H […]

  • Florida athletic director emeritus Jeremy Foley has been named one of 14 members to the NCAA Commission on College Basketball.

    The commission, formed by the NCAA Board of Governors, is being charged to explore […]

  • Florida entered its homecoming matchup with LSU on a three-game win streak because of its ability to execute on critical plays on both sides of the ball.

    But there was nothing money about third downs for the […]

  • For the second straight week, Florida sophomore running back Lamical Perine was effective near the goal line for the Gators.

    Perine scored two rushing touchdowns in UF’s 17-16 loss to LSU at The Swamp on S […]

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