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  • Bruno Caldwell was one of the few of 24,000 at Rupp Arena in Gator colors during Florida’s 66-64 win over Kentucky at Rupp Arena on Saturday night.

    “I always represent my Gators in every sport, football, […]

  • Florida returned to the AP Top 25 this week at No. 20, while junior guard Jalen Hudson earned SEC co-player of the week honors Monday.

    The Gators (14-5, 6-1 SEC) have won seven of their last eight games and […]

  • LEXINGTON, Ky. — There were plenty of reasons for Florida to celebrate following its dramatic 66-64 win at No. 18 Kentucky on Saturday night.

    Florida won for just the fourth time at Rupp Arena since 1998, and […]

    • ”…being tough and getting to a lot of loose balls. You just play hard and find… ways to win.” -Chiozza.
      ”That’s the ticket!” And as great a ‘W’ that was, now it makes the target even BIGGER on their Gator jerseys. Lastly, in my opinion,”history” is made, not remembered, during the season that is. So, ”Go Gators!”

  • Three observations following Florida’s 66-64 win over Kentucky at Rupp Arena:

    — Even though Florida was outrebounded by Kentucky 49-38, coach Mike White felt it was one of UF’s best efforts on the boards this […]

    • A win at Rupp has always indicated good things were ahead for Florida. This is usually the most difficult game to win on the SEC schedule.

      There will be major challenges ahead, but this was a key win to setup a championship season.

  • LEXINGTON, Ky. –  Senior point guard Chris Chiozza dealt with leg cramps all second half. An eight-point second-half lead evaporated in a sea of Big Blue magic.

    Yet somehow, Florida stayed the course, sh […]

    • That was a road game to remember for the Gators in this fabled series. As a senior Gator, I love to see experience and treachery overcome youth and talent on the hardwood. We got a couple key breaks at the end of the game to preserve this win.

      Cal looked like more like a babysitter than a championship coach in Lexington tonight.

      Coach White showed why he was the SEC COY last season, working every possible angle to get the win at Rupp.

    • There are ALWAYS some Negative Gators on this site. Even when the Gators win they are critical of the coach, players or the refs. If they know that much about basketball, they should be coaching an NCAA team or be on the court as a ref. Just enjoy the win. Gators have lost plenty of games where they played better than their opponent, but failed to get more points than the opponent. The good news is Hayes is developing and Egbunu is due back by the end of January.

    • Agreed about the refs. The calls were much more balanced this year. This year’s crew is much better than last year’s crew at Rupp. Last year’s crew would have had all the UF players in foul trouble. They most certainly would have call a foul against UF in the closing seconds. Kudos to the SEC for fixing an obvious problem in officiating from last year.

      Coach White has gotten the players to play defense, especially when the shot aren’t falling. Great job Coach!

  • When Florida faces Kentucky on Saturday at Rupp Arena, the Gators coaching staff will see a familiar face at point guard for the Wildcats.

    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was a wide-eyed, 16-year-old, three-star […]

    • Sat, Jan 20 @ (18) Kentucky 8:15 PM ET ESPN
      Wed, Jan 24 vs South Carolina 7:00 PM ET SEC NETWORK
      Sat, Jan 27 vs Baylor 12:00 PM ET ESPN
      Tue, Jan 30 @ Georgia 7:00 PM ET SEC NETWORK
      Sat, Feb 3 vs Alabama 4:00 PM ET
      Wed, Feb 7 vs LSU 6:30 PM ET SEC NETWORK
      Sat, Feb 10 @ South Carolina 12:00 PM ET CBS
      Wed, Feb 14 vs Georgia 9:00 PM ET SEC NETWORK
      Sat, Feb 17 @ Vanderbilt 4:00 PM ET
      Wed, Feb 21 @ (21) Tennessee 9:00 PM ET ESPN2
      Sat, Feb 24 vs (17) Auburn 8:30 PM ET SEC NETWORK
      Tue, Feb 27 @ Alabama 7:00 PM ET
      Sat, Mar 3 vs (18) Kentucky 12:00 PM ET CBS

    • Hope we get a different officiating crew from last year at Rupp. We lost because of them, not that it mattered in the big scheme because both teams went deep in the tournament. Still, it’s nice if the contest is fair.

      PF: UF 22, UK 13
      FT: UF 4-6, UK 22-27
      PF: UF Hayes 4, Allen 4, Hill 4, Chiozza 4, Leon 3, Robinson 3
      . UK Briscoe 4, Hawkins 3

      Also, would love to see Mr. Salesman get a T for whining to the refs from 10 ft inside the court during play.

  • Three observations following Florida’s 88-73 win over Arkansas on Saturday at the O’Connell Center.

    — Junior guard KeVaughn Allen’s slump-busting performance against the Razorbacks may have been helped in part […]

  • Something about Arkansas brings out the best in Florida each time the Gators hit the court.

    Needing to hold serve at home after a loss over the weekend at Ole Miss, the Gators rode hot shooting from junior […]

    • I would take Allen every time. Brett Nelson was great very early in his career. And I know shooters are supposed to keep shooting and shooting. And I know Billy gave shooters a pass to do it any time and any where. But, Allen is much more unselfish. He has teammates prodding him to keep shooting and more. Nelson became a hog at a point later in his career and took bad shots. He shot for the sake of shooting. Allen understands he is not the only guy on the team who can score. Nelson didn’t. Allen plays better defense and makes up for a cold night shooting in other ways. Nelson was one dimensional. Like I said, Nelson was fabulous his first year at Fla. It went downhill after that and he didn’t make up for it with defense, unlike Allen–who at least tries to play defense and often does successfully.

  • Florida coach Mike White entered this week wondering if he would have enough healthy players to practice to prepare for tonight’s game against Arkansas.

    The news is getting slightly better on the depth front, b […]

    • I believe this Men’s U.F. Basketball team is in its most tested moment of the season, thus far.
      These Gators are without 4 BIG MEN! 1,2,3,4… bigs missing! And the average height of the missing bigs 6′ 9.5” (I did the math). And now with only Hayes & Stone being the ONLY reliable bigs, and then Bassett, who needs to grow up quickly, oh man! U.F. should, in my opinion, just let it all loose! Throw up open 3’s, and follow their shots, and then just hustle back on ‘D’. The 1/2 court set offenses and defenses, with only Hayes & Stone down low, well, it doesn’t bode well for ”foul trouble and U.F.” Here’s hoping Coach White and his staff can pull a rabbit out of their hat.

  • Florida senior center John Egbunu took a positive step in his return to the court when he was cleared for non-contact drills in practice Monday.

    Florida coach Mike White said the timetable for the 6-foot-11, […]

    • Good news if this team can get everyone playing that will be great.

    • It would be great to at least have Gak & Stokes for KY Saturday.

    • That’s great news to get all the big men back in non-contact roles. It means there’s been no setbacks in rehab. Egbunu and Stokes back to 100% in a few weeks will be like having a new team.

      Maybe Gak will be back for the first UK game, but concussion protocol can be tricky to clear that quickly.

  • OXFORD, Miss. — Florida coach Mike White offered an all-too-familiar refrain when alluding to starting junior shooting guard KeVaughn Allen.

    “I’ve got to find a way to get him going somehow,” White said. […]

  • Three observations from Florida’s 78-72 loss at Ole Miss:

    — It was an off game defensively for Florida junior center Kevarrius Hayes, who was either fouling or flopping inside in 15 minutes on the floor. The […]

    • UF missed too many open 3’s and layups while Ole Miss got hot in the second half.

      Should have given Hayes more than 15 minutes despite his struggles. He got around 30 min each game during the winning streak. I know Stone was playing well but I feel the winning formula is both Stone and Hayes log about 30 min each.

      • Hayes would have altered more shots if he had gotten more minutes and the rebounding margin might have been more even. We shouldn’t be losing the rebounding battle (35 – 44) against a smaller line up similar in size to ours when we have been out rebounding bigger teams.

    • ”Arkansas had it in its mind to go inside early and the Razorbacks did and did so often. The Razorbacks would outscore the Mizzou Tigers 20-4 in the paint in the first half.” ~Brent Hull (Razorback writer).
      And so now Florida’s bigs need a gut-check, and need to ”find themselves”, yet again. Otherwise, with all the Gator big men’s injuries (as Coach White said there’s not nearly enough to practice with), things could get ugly for this team. So, ”Come on Gators, get up and go!” P.S.-Basset needs to ”grow up” and quickly! We need him!

    • How long until Egbunu returns? Best be by early February at the latest. Otherwise, this team might not make it to the Big Dance. Everything is in place except a presence in the middle on defense and rebounding. Gators continually outscored in the paint. At 6-9 and 225 pounds Hayes does not have the size/strength for the post position. Possibly a No. 4 player or even 3. I know he tries to play the 5, but he is being outmuscled by bigger and stronger big men. White knows it to. Hopefully, he is waiting to insure Egbunu is ready and he’s not going to waste him at this point in the season.–at least I hope that’s his thinking.

  • OXFORD, Miss. — The feel-good, 4-0 SEC start is over.

    Florida simply didn’t show enough fight in a 78-72 loss at Ole Miss that was punctuated by foul trouble, defensive lapses and missed opportunities to s […]

    • Can’t really complain about home cookin’ in this game. You shoot 38% from the floor and you don’t win a lot of games. Ole Miss only shot 4 more FTs than the Gators and that was largely because the Rebs shot their FTs better. Coach White has to become a better game manager than he is right now. Plus showing some fire might help.

    • Corey’s comment about lack of physical presence is spot on. Without that toughness, especially in the paint, the remaining SEC schedule does not look good for the Gators. At times, this team just seems to play without any fire. Chris Chiozza can’t always come up with a miracle game, steal and basket. He’s gonna need some help.

    • I try to be unbiased about the refs. Today, I saw 4 calls that went against the Gators that, in my opinion, were errors of judgment or just the ref not wanting the wrath of the homecrowd. I saw 2 fouls on blocked shots that should have been called against the Rebs. I saw an obvious travel that was not called on a layup. I saw an offensive foul (putting your elbow in the defenders stomach and pushing away) that was not called. That said, coaches will always say the game should never be decided by the whistle.
      The season is only half-way. This team definitely needs either Egbunu, or a backup center to get some fire in his belly.

    • Always blame the coach. I’m sure you know more about coaching SEC basketball than he does.

  • Florida showed improved defensive intensity and execution in its home win over Mississippi State earlier this week.

    The Gators will look to continue that focus on both ends of the floor when they travel to the […]

  • Florida senior point guard Chris Chiozza admitted he didn’t know what to expect when swingman Egor Koulechov joined the Gators last spring as a graduate transfer.
    Last season, Chiozza witnessed graduate t […]

    • When it’s going for him (Koulechov), probably as much as anyone on our team, it gives us confidence because he’s one of this team’s leaders.”~Coach ‘W’.
      While I’m always amazed how Koulechov quietly gets between 10 to 25 points per game. This season he’s stepped in and taken the Gator Basketball on his shoulders and carried them at times.
      Cheese, however, is beginning to really show his metal. And I am placing (point guard) Cheese in that sacred phrase, ”one of the greatest point guards in Florida Basketball history.”
      And although it’s just my opinion, and admittedly, I have only seen Gator Basketball since the late 70’s. And I may also put Lee Humphrey on that list, too. But thus far this season, Cheese is by far the most durable, toughest, (and becoming one of the smartest) point guards that U.F. has had in decades.
      But, ”knock-knock-knock on wood”, as I am just a ”little-stitious”.
      Go Gators! Trap the Ole Miss Bears, and chomp-up that ”Ole Miss bear” stew!

    • This is right. Taurean Green was pg on the NC teams.

  • Last month, Florida redshirt sophomore forward Keith Stone was in a rut.

    Bouncing in and out of the starting lineup due to inconsistent production and effort, Stone described his feelings being in a dark […]

    • Keith Stone is one of my favorite players. He can play inside, defend, hit the jumper and shoot from the perimeter with a silky smooth release. He’s only getting better with every outing. Can’t imagine what a force he will be in future seasons as he puts on expected muscle and weight.

      Gak’s issues illustrate one of the problems with off-season international play. The extra playing time and experience can be too much of a good thing. We really needed him healthy until Egbunu an Stokes returned.

  • Three observations following Florida’s 71-54 win over Mississippi State at the O’Connell Center:

    — Florida showed some good fight on the boards against Mississippi State, outrebounding the taller Bulldogs […]

    • Gritty win, and what a great performance by Cheese. Anyone who has ever had ”strep-throat” would know.
      I love that they’re starting to get scrappier. But I would like to see them make those close shots at the basket more. Gak missing a lay-in, or Hudson trying to electrify the crow with a monster dunk, only to get (as we used to say) ”yoked!” Those ”small things” could help them win a close game down the road. Go Gators!

    • Chiozza is just amazing.

      Overall, no complaints on the performance in this game. Miss State wanted to grind out a win using their size in the post and we didn’t let them. One of Hayes best games in many different unselfish ways.

      Coach White is right to not have any concerns about Allen’s offense. He will be there when we really need him.

  • Senior guard Egor Koulechov helped Florida get off to a strong start Wednesday night against Mississippi State.

    But it was a smothering defensive effort late that allowed the Gators to pull away for a 71-54 win […]

  • Florida has found more offensive rhythm with strong performances on the road in back-to-back wins at Texas A&M and Missouri last week.

    The Gators will look to carry that momentum back home when they host […]

  • Through the first week-and-a-half of conference play, Florida finds itself alone in first place in a more competitive SEC.

    But to Gator players and coaches, it’s not about how they start in the league, but h […]

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