• Florida overcame an 18-point deficit to defeat Vanderbilt 37-27 at Vanderbilt Stadium on Saturday.

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  • No. 22 Florida defeats No. 5 LSU 27-19 in The Swamp.

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  • The Florida Gators beat LSU in a thriller 27-19 at Florida Field.

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  • Former Gators QB Tim Tebow will be inducted into the Ring of Honor at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Saturday. Sun sports writers Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu selected these 10 big moments from his time at […]

  • The Florida Gators defeated the Mississippi State Bulldogs by a score of 13-6 in Starkville on Saturday. Here are photos from the game.

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  • Photos of Florida’s 47-21 victory over Tennessee on Saturday.

  • Fans turn out to celebrate with the players.

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  • Media heard from head coach Dan Mullen, offensive coordinator John Hevesy, defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and various offensive and defensive players during the University of Florida’s football media day in t […]

  • By Zach Abolverdi

    Top-50 overall recruit Diwun Black is changing course in his recruitment.

    The 4-star linebacker from Forest, Miss., committed to Ole Miss in the spring, but has now decided to take his […]

    • Tampa I said it would happen. With the crap in OS we could get some more.

    • Zach obviously knew he was flipping (but kept it a secret) as most of this footage is from Black’s FNL visit. Makes you wonder what else Mr. Abolverdi knows but isn’t telling us!

    • Yes Sir! I remember watching Tebow interview Mullen on SEC Nation last year and I told my wife that I wished he was our head coach. I could barely stomach Cheetos Teeth’s interviews. Needless to say I’m a huge Mullen fan but the negativity and doom and gloom over recruiting has been tough to be patient through. I hope this is only the beginning of some great momentum coming out way. Hopefully some on the field success will help as well. GO GATORS!

  • By Daniel Smithson | Staff writer

    [Updated: 5:35 p.m., 7-31-18] An incident report released today by the Gainesville Police Department shows an ongoing conflict between University of Florida football players […]

    • Thought for the day: Almost all problems can be solved with either a carrot (money or something of value) or a stick (accountability or punishment). How would each individual want a problem solved if it doesn’t affect him directly? What if it affects him directly?

    • This is blown out of proportion and “Tay Bang” is full of crap. They are kids and will never remain mistake-free. The NCAA and college football are walking hypocrites when it comes to discipline. However, it is telling when you see those players with more heart and hustle on a cell phone video, than they showed on the football field. Mullen has his work cut out for him. He is inheriting a program that averages 5 losses per year for the last 10 years and he is having to clean out all the players that Mac recruited. Mac was as lazy as they come, therefore I’m sure his recruits probably reflect his personality. I think Mullen will get it done but I also believe that he had no idea this program was in such bad shape. We saw it on the field last year. We are seeing it in recruiting. We are seeing it off the field. The first step will be improvement on the field this year. If we can show improvement, then maybe he can close a decent recruiting class so we can start pushing Mac’s guys out of this program. Foley did great things for UF athletics but his back-to-back hires of Champ and Mac rocketed this football program back to 1986. At least in 1986, we won 6 games and went to a bowl. I think Mullen will pull us back up but the reality is setting in that it will not be a quick fix.

    • How was Mr.Tay Bang able to rent cars to these players? Don’t you have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car from a rental company? If Mr. Bang is still employed at Enterprise? If so, and he did rent cars to underage players, should he not be fired?

    • It is becoming more apparent every day at the quality (as in lack of) of players Mac recruited. I really hope that Coach Mullen will draw a firm line in the sand and tell these guys.. “if you cross it, you are gone, no matter where you are on the depth chart”. I would support that 100%! Quality of Character should be just as important as athletic ability or filling out a roster. Come on Coach, let’s field a team that Gator Nation can be proud of and this doesn’t just mean wins and losses.

    • Rick Wells aint even good!!! Time to cut loose!!!!

    • Hate to say it as a long time Gator fan but it’s time to stop the nonsense. All of these guys need to be gone no matter how bad it hurts the program, a precedent has to be set! Doesn’t matter if guilty or not just them being associated with these types is enough! When you lay with dogs you’re going to get fleas. This black eye on our University and athletics has gone on to long enough.

    • If this stuff happened (it has happened) at FSU, what would be (was) the penalty? Close your eyes and what do you see? NOTHING!

    • Are you sure there aren’t secret messages that require the use of a decoder ring?

      And all this time I’ve thought you were either away or not interested.

    • You have to keep a low profile around Maxine, don’t give her the chance! But I think the problem lies in something Arnold mentioned a couple of weeks ago — the “new” software or program to reduce “trolls”. I’m all for it to a degree, but as with anything else, you’re going to get some friendly casualties too in the collateral radius of damage. This is what I mean by “fratricide” when we sling around the troll label, only meaning that we don’t like what the person said.

      I’ve had a couple of posts mysteriously deleted too, and I’m not sure why. I can prove it however, since I can go back under “Members” and retrieve the post, but if it doesn’t appear in “view conversation”, then I know it was deleted by the administrator.

  • Coach Dan Mullen and three plays spoke with members of the media in Atlanta on Tuesday.

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  • Kentucky, LSU and Texas A&M are featured.

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  • The Eastern League All-Star Double-A baseball game was held Wednesday in Trenton, N.J.
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  • The Pouncey Football Camp was held at Bryant Stadium in Lakeland. The former Florida Gators, Mike Pouncey and Maurkice Pouncey, are hosting their annual football camp at Bryant Stadium.

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  • Florida held off Texas Tech 9-6 to advance to the finals bracket.

  • It took 11 innings and more than three hours of tense baseball Monday for Florida to ensure its fourth consecutive trip to the College World Series.

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  • By Doug Fernandes
    GateHouse Media

    You may remember Trey Burton from that nifty 1-yard touchdown pass he completed to Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles in Philadelphia’s victory over the New England Patriots in […]

    • I for one do make a big deal out of fans jacking around during the anthem, Sparky. Not to get into a fight or anything, but I certainly point it out to them. That said, I agree c David vis-a-vis player protests on the field, even tho it pains me to no end.

    • Have to basically agree, David, although I’m not sure about the “life happens” part. A man has to stand for something, after all. But anyway you slice it, the thing we all stand for is GO GATORS! Huah?

    • Sorry….I meant Gator.

    • 2 of the 10 (1/5) highest paid T.E.s in the NFL (”Not For Long”) were Gators. And in offenses that many in the local media said ”had no weapons.” Oh how I hope the Coach Dan Mullen of ’05 thru ’08 RECOGNIZES the true talent that Florida has now, and more importantly, UTILIZES IT!
      GO GATORS! And Congrats to Trey Burton, too!

    • What a great man. Proud to have had him at UF. Another example of how Will Muschamp does not have a clue how to select and use talent on the offensive side of the ball. Truly a blessing to see someone finally get to use their God given talents. Go Trey! Go GATORS!

  • Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley interviews Gator alum and professional golfer Billy Horschel Tuesday ahead of the The Players Championship.

  • Pat also discusses the Daily Football Fix; catches you up on UF baseball, softball and lacrosse; interviews Peter Burns of the SEC Network; and delivers Three Things.

    Breaking down the podcast:

    04:04 […]

    • Pat, those 2 S.E.C. East titles for Mac were due to those great Gator ‘D’s! And for Coach Mac’s bill of sale, well, Mac was NOT exactly the offensive juggernaut we paid for.
      And for the record: Coach Charley Pell may have paid some illegal ”child-support” payments for a player (how selfish… not!), but as someone who was alive then as a young Gator fan (who got tired of being thumped by U.G.A. throughout the early 80’s), Coach ”Give ’em hell, Pell” and Coach Galen Hall gave me some great Gator Football memories: Neal Anderson, John L. Williams, Lorenzo Hampton, Peace, Bell, Nattiel, Wilbur, etc… in the Orange & Blue (and they ALL will be remembered fondly by this born and raised Gator fan).

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