• Kevin Brockway interviews John Clay, beat writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader, ahead of Florida’s game at Kentucky.

  • Pat reviews Florida’s loss at Ole Miss and discusses the men’s basketball team’s prospects for the season.

    • The most incompetent officiating is found in the women’s college game. A lack of knowledge of the rules, coupled with sometimes flagrant bias, is the norm!

    • A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about ”college officiating in basketball” and how they were going to call more fouls to ”clean up” the game. Make it more ”pure”, so to speak. I have seen the opposite; allowing muggings! Egor Koulechov gets thrown down to the court, much like a receiver getting thrown down by a D.B., and then ”nada” from the refs. Steve Russell once asked us on his radio show, ”what do we dislike about college sports?” Of course, I said, ”the REFS!” And lastly, Egbunu will be nice to have back, but I won’t expect much from him. He needs to stay healthy for the next chapter of his life, an NBA run! GO GATORS! BEAT ARKANSAS!

    • If Egbunu doesn’t play for the Gators and show some ability, the next chapter in his life is not the NBA but the Nigerian National League.

  • Kevin Brockway talks with Parrish Alford, college basketball beat writer for the Daily Journal in Tupelo, Mississippi, about the Gators’ upcoming SEC basketball game against Ole Miss.

  • Recruiting correspondent Graham Hall answered your questions during FaceBook Live earlier Thursday. Look for another session with Graham next Thursday.

    • How about Ventrel Miller?

    • Dan F and Ugator, they (including Miller) are going through process that Graham explained either in this video or the one with Robbie. Thought is that most will be allowed back on team after issues are addressed.

    • For sure Albert, you’re a bright guy, good command of the language, and a good football mind. Plus you’ve got the best screen name out there, just sayin’. So why ruin it with all the unwarranted trash talk? Need attention that bad? Come on, you’re obviously better than this.

  • Pat reviews the championship game between Alabama and Georgia, considers rankings for next year and looks at upcoming Gator basketball games.

    • Derick, you mean ”beat the best”, like U.F. did in 1996? Or was it when U.F. won it all, beating U.G.A., and ‘Bama in football and basketball, and oh, winning the National Championships in both basketball and football in the same year? And has ‘Bama and/or U.G.A. ~EVER~ accomplished that feat?
      Don’t think too hard, I’ll tell you, ”NO!”, that hasn’t been done by either ”Bama” or “U.G.A.”!

    • Just ’cause ONLY Gator fans can say it, ”Florida is the only school in NCAA Division I history to hold the men’s basketball and football championships during the same school year.” ~Wikipedia.
      Chomp-chomp! Been ”the best” at 2 popular sports, football & basketball, in the same year!
      P.S.- Time does NOT diminish the ”only school” part! Go Gators!

    • You called him Satan, DeWayne, instead of Saban. That was a typo, right?

    • If that kid develops over the off-season like Bama will probably develop him, those guys are going to be hot, hot, hot next year. Damnit. But did you notice the difference in sense of urgency between him and Hurts? Looked to me like the whole team suddenly picked up on it, and what a difference it made in the outcome (aside from the boneheaded referee calls and the incorrect adjustments Georgia made for the 2nd half). And right there is the most important intangible that goes with the QB position–leadership. That is a whole different animal than being a game “manager” like our quarterbacks were expected to be last year.

    • Good! Now I can agree with you bud.

    • Not so fast, Wally. Yes, Georgia has a great recruiting class for next year and will definitely ride it quite a way. And yes, Kirby Smart is a helluva coach. We knew that when he took the job, and I don’t think anybody on this forum would disagree but for a rabid few (and that would be just ‘cuz). But here’s the other side: The East is rebounding starting next year, and the evidence is real. The Gators are probably going to experience a major, dramatic turn around and will be knocking on the door in two or three years. Tenn just hired a really sturdy head coach, and the dysfunction in their athletic department will be straightened out for sure with the advent of Phil Fulmer back now. Mizzou seems to be straightening out all their dysfunction as well, despite their poor showing against Texas a few weeks ago–and it would be very hard to deny that once they turn it back around, they’ll still be putting up big numbers on offense and with a better defensive unit. Finally, USC really does seem on the verge of something significant (although it is still pretty subjective at this point). Vandy and UK? Who knows, not likely, but that changes nothing. Finally, with the level of competition that the East is likely to return to, it will make all teams better and I think especially the Gators. So Georgia is going to have to contend with all that plus. Sure, Georgia seems to have the edge right now, and they probably do. For right now. I’ve been following SEC football intently since 1960….and in particular being a Gator fan since before even then. One thing I’ve learned is that “long term” predictions don’t (a) often last for long, and (b) don’t last forever.

  • GateHouse Media sports editors and writers from around the country chime in on the National Championship Game.

  • By Marilyn Meyer
    GateHouse Media

    LAKELAND — Former state representative, Polk County commissioner, real estate developer and University of Florida quarterback Larry Libertore died Monday at age 78 after a v […]

  • By Jim Harvin

    So far, so good for the Florida volleyball team.

    UF, the No. 2 overall seed for the 2017 NCAA Tournament, advanced to the NCAA regional semifinals for the 24th time in 27 trips […]

  • By Jim Harvin,

    Earlier in the week, Florida coach Mary Wise was asked what it is that makes this year’s team so special.

    “This team is gritty,” she responded.

    Florida, the No. 2 overall see […]

  • By Jim Harvin,

    It took just over an hour for the third-ranked Florida volleyball team to win its NCAA Tournament opener Thursday.

    The Gators (26-1), the No. 2 overall seed, won their 12th […]

  • COLUMBIA, Mo. – The No. 3 Florida fought off a gritty Missouri squad to clinch a share of the program’s 23rd Southeastern Conference title. It is the second consecutive SEC title for the Gators.

    Florida’s 23 le […]

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    Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu discuss the Gators’ loss on the road to Missouri.

    • On it, thanks.

    • McElwain came in and ran everything Muschamp did. They are/were cut from the same cloth. One might be offensive and the other defensive but they have the same mindset except for the defense this year which I think is all Randy Shannon who I think will be lucky to get a coordinator job again. We relied 2 years on our defense. I think McElwain is a better game manager but he’s a much worse defensive coach and recruiter than Muschamp. He eeked out 1 more win in regular seasons than Muschamp did to get us to division title while dealing with some piss poor East teams(the most stable team was KENTUCKY!). For goodness sake, he had two 9-4 seasons. Zook’s worst season was 8 wins and he had to play Miami. There is a reason why all the defensive starters that had any chance of being drafted left. None of the guys that stayed had any chance of being drafted. Rats leaving a sinking ship. At least Muschamp tried different OCs even though his philosophy never changed on what he wanted his offense to look like. The QBs looked horrible, the WRs were nonexistent, and the TEs were supposed to be a big part of the offense yet would catch 1-2 passes a game. Remember when Weiss signed the 2 of the top 3 TEs in the Muschamp’s first class and both of them were done within 2 years.

      The next coach needs to gut the team, get rid of everything with a memory, and start over. Needs to totally crush the team the first year and rebuild it. If we have a great record next year, I’ll be worried unless our offense looks wide open. Great coaches never start out great unless they take over a very good team and this is not a very good team. I think it speaks volumes when fans think a 9-4 season is great in a woeful division. The whole atmosphere has dropped to the pre-Spurrier days. Really more like the 70s.

  • By Staff writer Robbie Andreu and Correspondent Graham Hall

    Who: Florida (3-4, 3-3 SEC) vs. Missouri (3-5, 0-4)

    When: 12 p.m. today

    Where: Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium, Columbia, Missouri

    TV: […]

    • I’d like to see the Gators mix it up a bit on ‘O’. They need to get bowl eligible, so here’s ”the storyline”, pray tell! Since, sadly, Malik Davis is out for the rest of year, I’d put Toney in the slot with Zaire (talk about a headache for the Mizzou D.C.) moving him around in motion, on different speed sweeps, etc.. then throw the ball (former Q.B.-Toney) out of some speed sweep later, too. I’d also pound Perine throughout the game, who was the only Gator R.B. to nearly rush for nearly 100 yds against U.G.A., at 93 yds. total (and i.m.o. one of only a few Gators who actually played/showed OLD SCHOOL ”Gator heart” against Georgia). Finally, ”BAM!” When the Gator ‘O’ has the Tigers really thinking, throw it long to the speedster who’s back, #89 Cleveland. Go Gators! ”Brunching with the Gators!”


    ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — No. 2-seeded Texas A&M defeated No. 3-seeded Florida in overtime 2-1 on Thursday.

    Freshman Rheagen Smith scored for Texas A&M (16-2-1) in the 69th minute, tying the game.

    Sarah […]

    • Oops, sorry RJW, we thought you were following along this week. When it comes to goals and SEC tournament at this time of the year, the sport can only be soccer.

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