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  • The 40th Melon Run featured one of the more surprising finishes in recent memory, with former Buchholz High School runner Calum McFetridge breaking the sub-16-minute mark.

    The race, held annually on […]

  • It’s no secret that the first recruiting class in a head coach’s tenure at a program sets the baseline of expectations, and Dan Mullen is no exception. And as June winds down and the dead period settles in, Mul […]

    • Just like in the past, people with money and influence will make it very difficult for UF to establish a pipeline to IMG.

      • Sly–As I said earlier this year, I’m beginning to believe you. Not that I doubted so much, just couldn’t quite put it together at first. Needs sunshine, the best disinfectant of all.

        • Gator-6 – Except sunshine in only mandatory for public companies and institutions.

          • True. Wonder why the media hasn’t looked into it. Then again, maybe they have….don’t get a lot of that type of journalism out here unless it involves the Big-12.

      • Explain that one to us

        • Billy Bob – IMG is a private for-profit company. They have the best coaches, facilities, nutrition….everything. Who can afford it vs who actually goes there? Follow the money.

    • Excellent points about the uphill battle and why…..frankly, I’m surprised, if not astonished actually, that we go into this year with the caliber of core players that we do have. But, we do have them despite all that, in addition some very fine new youngsters, and all are to be exposed to about the finest coaching staff that I can imagine putting together myself as a dream staff, if I even knew what I was doing in the first place. Feelings do have their place, and I “feel” something magnificent is about to happen. Used to call it a hope during those suffering years, but this is different…..kind of like faith, where the question, “But how do you know?” is best answered, “I don’t know how I know, but I do know”. I think a lot of Gators “feel” the same way without quite being able to put it into words.

      I’ll bet Mullen listens to the voices in his head about what he CAN do right now, and ignore those that tell him what he OUGHT do.

      • 6. There is something intangible the feels right. Mullen will still make some mistakes but we fans need to support him. I think he has this teams interest his#1 priority.

        • Having trouble containing myself, 65…..can’t wait until the season starts. I agree, there will be some ups and downs, but the overall trajectory I think will tell us that we are coming back from the edge. Sooner than a lot of us thought.

    • Good assessment, Todd. I confess not to know the ins and outs at that level of detail, but if I could only get one wish….it would be Trey Sanders. If I got two or three, I’d probably be doing the Snoopy Dance ’till I passed out! (or the Funky Chicken, whichever one I could remember first)

    • College football teams run in cycles as to recruiting and winning, that said there will be a changing of the guard in winning and recruiting. Look at recent history it’s going to happen mark my words…

      GO GATOR”S

  • With an important month on the recruiting trail ahead, Florida’s 2019 class started off July with a bang by landing a verbal commitment Sunday from an in-state linebacker formerly committed to Miami ( […]

    • This guys got talent and potential. There are two ways to look at this. Did Miami back away? Did we get a steal? Ultimately the commitment is verbal and subject to change as are commitments for most of the players until December. For those jonesing for the 4 and 5 stars I would expect a lot of these to jump on board before early signing day. Why? There are some teams with loads of players that will be too deep for some new recruits even 4’s and 5’s to want to sit behind. Plus the kind of season I feel is coming there will be some people jumping on board. Patience Gator fans good things are coming our way.

    • Link please

    • Hogtown, not Hogville.

    • Ed, glass half full, half empty kinda thing. I don’t know the % but a lot of guys change their minds. Of course I like it when it’s in our favor. Mullen gets to prove what he did with the recruiting resources at MS is real and that with our resources it will be worthy of Gator Nation. I understand some of the frustrations expressed by Tampa and others. we all want to get back to walking the walk and talking the talk.

    • Tampa, just for record nothing I ever say on this sight is ever meant as a personal attack. I like your pragmatic approach. If I say anything it is meant in humor.

    • Seems to me that Kerwin Bell and Alex Brown were two of many great Gators that played at smaller schools than Mt. Dora. I could also give you a list of many 5* players that were complete failures.

    • There was a guy Florida recruited a few short years ago named Will Greer who basically played flag football in high school. I think one of the teams on his high school schedule was the local Dairy Queen. I think West Virginia is pretty happy he transferred there and I know a few fans on this board were not happy he left. The test is how he ends up doing in college against college competition. The cold shower of reality will hit home his first day of practice at UF. It is not something that lasts 4 years. Bolles plays the toughest schedule in the state perhaps, and it helps them get to the playoffs every year, and usually a state championship. I can’t remember anyone other than Travis Carol who played at Fla and I can’t remember any of their players playing much pro ball. Can’t remember any college all Americans either. There are exceptions on both sides of that issue. The bottom line is the coaches liked what they saw; another major program did too; and I’m sure commentators on this message board are not the only ones who figured out he didn’t exactly play against Bama every week in high school. His star rating is still early . Many of these guys will be 4 stars before it is all said and done. Many of us put too much stock into this rating bullshit anyway. Sure, they are a valid barometer. But none of those ratings , or very few, are actually done by the coaches who recruit them or the NFL teams that draft them. I have yet to see an NFL draft that announces a player’s star freaking rating before he goes up the podium.

    • Kirby Smart may just well be the best thing to happen to the SEC since canned beer, peanut butter, and Gatoraide. Then again, he just may be another good SEC coach who will earn tenure and have his fair share of ups and downs. He may, or may not, win a national championship. Good for him if he does, too bad if he doesn’t. He’ll probably have many great seasons regardless. Thing is, he puts his socks on one foot at a time just like the rest of the mere mortal SEC coaches, except for maybe Saint Nick.

      Secondly, the majority of Power-5 and Group of 5 programs do not contain “elite” players, even at the 3* rating level. That is to say, while a 5* rating is “probably” better, the margin of difference is not that great given that both are considered elite. Were I a head coach, sure, I’d no doubt be proud as hell if I recruited a class full of 5* players. As long as I could be confident that their ratings were accurate, that I could develop them properly, and that they fit my system. Bottom line, we hired Mullen for a reason, I suggest we stop second guessing him and trust his judgement. 5*’s, our fair share, will come. But I have more faith in Dan Mullen, frankly, than all the 5* athletes in the pool. Just sayin’. PAID FOR BY THE GATOR-6 FOR POPE COMMITTEE.

      • Well said 6. I think we are going to be just fine and if the players have relit the fire in their bellies and Mullen manages that well we’re going to be better than 8 wins. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK 60 some days to game day.

        • I’m saying 9-3 plus a decent bowl win. Now that I’ve got my blood pressure meds adjusted, I think, I can see that more clearly than ever. 59 and a wake up.

    • UGA is the hot commodity at the moment. Recent past history was a above avg. team that couldn’t get over the hurdle to elite. They have two good seasons and yes the recruits are jumping on board. I have said this before Smart got a loaded shelf when he got there and yes he has done well. A lot of people are looking at this like it is a dynasty already. One great year could be a fluke. Do I think it was a fluke ? No. Do I think they are great? Ask me that in 6 or 7 years. We were on the road to becoming a great team when Meyer had his melt down. Not a Bama fan but they have followed Saban’s lead and built a great team (kills me to say that.) If I am wrong I am sure there are some that will be letting me know but I have this feeling that Mullen’s plan is solid and we are on the right path. As for the * rankings I look at it like a 5* has according to those providing them has a greater chance to succeed based on the metrics used. Having great physical prowess doesn’t mean greatness. Tampa was talking about the image of the program and the coach. Zook recruited well (image) but didn’t coach as well (by our standard). Meyer came into talent and had a great staff (recruits followed). Muschamp, Mac weren’t a good fit for us. I was watching the news one day and they were talking about recognizable college mascots. There is only one Gator. (image) Mullen understands this. Someone wrote there are 40-50k HS players with a % looking to play in college. Some will go DI DII etc. The top 500 out of that many (not a perfect system as has been discussed) are elite athletes. Still that talent needs coaching to be successful. Muschamp had a top ranked class that didn’t preform as expected. I am curious what our class rankings where the year Leach and Tebow came in. Point a roster stacked with 3* talent that is coached well and wants to be coached (hungry) is a dangerous and formidable foe to any team they play.

    • Gator, facts are facts. Analysis and conclusions from using facts may vary. That is what sportswriters do everyday. Sometimes hero sometimes zero. Taking those facts out of context or placing too much weight on the wrong facts usually makes someone right or wrong. Tampa is very factual (I checked a few times on things I thought were different and was wrong). Making assumptions based on facts are how most people operate basing assumptions based on data not factual or spinning it in ones favor may win popularity but not where it counts.
      Human Element. There was a TV commercial about this and this is the one component that in any group setting is human. Everyone reacts differently to input. A team must react cohesively to be a team. On this forum we all react differently to comments made by others right or wrong. But while Tampa and I have had different opinions his stated facts are indeed that fact.

    • So true, CO….a crap shoot by any other name….. and yet (couldn’t resist either, it’s narcotic)…. is still a crap shoot. Which more or less validates my (dare I say it) opinion that in the so called elite ranks, there aren’t overwhelming degrees of separation between a 3*, a 4*, and a 5*. There is, of course, separation by convention and consensus, but I would hate to be the one to come up with a valid proof for all that jazz. We tend to treat these things like they are based on normal, or bell curved, distribution–while there are probably more 3*s than 4*s, and less 5*s than either, the similarity ends there. Is it a good yardstick? Sure, unless we make too much of it or even worse, too little of it. It has its place, which is about all there is to say about it.

      What we do know as “fact” are two things: (1) the 2018 football team is put together with all of it’s wart and all of its delights—time now to support Dan Mullen and let him show us what he can do with it; and (2) the 2019 class won’t sign for good for several more months, there’s plenty of time, and as Junior Samples used to say (or was it Dan Cook?)…..”the opree ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”.

      Now that’s a fact, jack! Go Gators.

    • That’s correct, Gator…but you didn’t need me to tell you that since you obviously know what you’re talking about. Data has no intrinsic scientific value of and by itself, of course, it merely “is”, and then collected and submitted to hypothesis testing, null actually, but motivated as the primary means. By the same token, a “theory” can’t be proven, only disproven. But at the end of the day, of course, it only means one thing of any consequence, and that is GO GATORS!

    • You’re welcome. I think.

    • You’re welcome, again. I think. I don’t know what exactly you just said–suspect that I agree–but regardless, I support your right to say it. That’s either an opinion or fact, I do know that much.

    • Nicely done Tampa. Human Element, injuries, heart. We have a solid coaching staff. I’d say great but that would be opinion. Joke intended. Talent I agree is better than assessed. Go Gators.

    • Oh. Well whack my pee pee.

    • Well, I did go away for a while, but it had nothing to do with you……sorry…..only to try to readjust my medications and try to help a son. Very harmless, I think you’ll agree. But thank you for your interest anyway. Let me get this straight tho. I’m supposed to stop posting now, right? Need more guidance.

    • I think you seriously misunderstood me, old chap. I wasn’t at all questioning your authority to issue a directive such as that, far be it from the likes of me, but merely seeking guidance on on how to implement such an order.

      • Let me butt in here, Gator-6, and let you in on something. Basically Tampa said “Shut the hell up and go away!” You should know by now that it’s Tampa’s way or the highway. The rest of us have no opinions that he/she wants to hear, err, read.

        • Oh, you don’t mean it. What a kidder.

        • Have had time now to go back and research all of my posts back to January 2018…..impressed most with myself that a few even made sense…..but nope, not once have I ever used the phrase, “shut the hell up”. Not even our old pal TebowCurse evoked that response out of me. Just to set the record straight, you know.

          Now I did come across “scum sucking wad of spit” a few times, the principle variants of that term of affection being, “dirty rotten”, “sidewindin'”, or “low down”….so I will gladly own the attribution for that. If I had a better drill sergeant in BCT lo those many years ago, God rest his scum sucking….err, I mean….his mortal soul, perhaps I would have a better vocabulary after all.

    • Chalk it up to poor upbringing and a lack of decent education.

      In brillig slyvy toves gyre. (Think that’s Latin for whack my pee pee)


    • Well Sir….understanding that my Serbo-Croatian is a little rusty…..especially with that soft Albanian dialect I seem to be picking up on……oh what the hell…..I’ll take a stab at it anyway:

      “Yo mamma wears combat boots”.

      If I got it wrong, at least I can say I’ve been told off now in at least two different languages!

    • Naw….I have enough trouble with English. I think all Gall is divided into three parts, or something to that effect. I did take Latin for two years in high school, but that was only because I thought chicks dug it. Sorry to let you down, but like I said, there’s a lot less to me than meets the eye.

  • He’s part of the 2018 class, had a chance to catch up with him after his official visit if you’re interested.

  • It’s commonplace for a program — especially one under new leadership — to reassess the roster following the team’s first camp.

    And such is the case for Gators coach Dan Mullen, who has received two com […]

    • What else is there to say?

    • Maybe Tampa, Mveal, Gator6 has an answer here. I counted 18 OL listed on the roster. Some of the names I know. Are the depth players that bad that they are reliable? Obviously some have never hit the field. I would think out of 18 we could come up with a 1st and 2nd string that would at worst be adequate. This may seem naïve but that’s a lot of 300 pounders to fill gaps and block.

    • You’ve certainly got a journalism pedigree that would make the legendary Tampa Tribune sports writers blush….I mean, the old ones…..and even throw in old Salty Sol to boot! I got my journalism schooling from an old guy named Herschall Cribb at the University of Tampa, but never pursued it because breaking and blowing things up in the Army was more fun.

    • Did Hugh Cunningham ever insist on spelling names correctly?

    • Tampa…I agree with many of your sentiments but I think Joe has captured my thoughts exactly.

      I’d only add that yes, last year’s 4-7 record wasn’t reflective of the talent on the roster but I’d submit that the back to back SEC East championships were done with Chump’s Defense and smoke and mirrors. There has NOT been much offensive talent on this roster in years….yes a few here and there but overall the offensive roster has been weak.

      Again, what Mullen inherited and what Smart inherited were two different things. Dan will need time and patience to get this program to where we’d all like to see it. It will happen.

    • Well, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger there, Tampa. I loved every minute of my time in uniform–some obviously more than others–but now that I’m older I sometimes go back over it all too, and wonder what if I had followed an earlier passion instead. Not about the money, hell, there’s never been any money in the things I’m interested in…..but maybe I would have followed in the foot steps of old Tom McEwen right there in Tampa. Who knows? What I do know is, GO GATORS!

    • You have been saying that for months, Tim, and now you’ve even got TampaGator saying it too! Geesh, never thought I’d see the day that you two agreed on anything. Well, like they say here in Texas when asked what to do about a New York City boy, “Get a rope!”.

      Y’all are both wrong as a left shoe, but I have to admit that I sure do enjoy you guys going on about it. Go Gators, bud.

    • Uh oh.

    • OK, now I get it. Anglo–gator. Blimey!!!!

    • Tim, FSU may have had a few chose them over us. Taggart came into to a club that has had a few solid years. I have a gut feeling there is going to be a decline in their performance. But if you want to talk coaching performance he’s was one game below 50% @ USF, he did have a winning record on 12 games at Oregon. The smoke is not bug enough to statisticly say he is great. Could be a lucky year. He didn’t recruit most of the players. Mullen was 66.6% winning at a program in the middle of the toughest division to coach in. Neither have coached a game at their new location. If anything FSU is in a better position because they had better recruiting with their previous HC. If you are comparing how the upcoming season looks the ACC isn’t the road the SEC is. Clemson, Miami. Like Tampa or someone here said alot of the guys already had interest in the programs they joined coming to the new coach. SEC country showed he’s on par with other first year coaches. I’d say Mullen did excellent recruiting in MST given the competition. I’d bet some of these commits are going to jump ship before signing day. We are already light years ahead as far as coaching and fitness. So if my Mullen is on par with first year HCs a winning record I’m comfortable with where E are now knowing they are working hard at recruiting. There is no reason to pop smoke and say were in trouble.

    • Hello, Is this the TampaGator forum?

    • I’m in no way an insider, just an arm-chair QB, but I do not for one second believe Mullen was Stricklin’s third choice. Stricklin had to do his due diligence and kick the tires on more than one candidate and to his credit, he was looking at the top coaches in last year’s market. Had Frost been interested, it “could’ve” been a different story but I believe that Mullen was Stricklin’s guy and he got his man.

      I think Kelly was vetted and interviewed but not offered. I’m glad it worked out the way it did. Mullen will be an all-time great Gator coach.

      • I agree Rog. Kelly was played with to an extent, but his arrogance probably killed anything meaningful when things got more serious. In the end, we didn’t offer him, regardless of what the sports media said at the time. Frost was the “hot” young guy dejour that everyone wanted, but he was always a Nebraska guy just like Spurrier was always a Florida guy…..and besides, there was a chance that he was a “one trick pony” anyway (I don’t think he will turn out to be that myself, it’s more likely that he’ll do the same at Nebraska as SOS did for Florida). Oh, and another thing about Frost, despite being hailed as a bright YOUNG star, which he was, HE WAS ONLY 3 YEARS YOUNGER THAN DAN MULLEN.

        Which brings us to Dan Mullen, who can’t even be considered a “one trick pony” in the least, who made his bones at Florida and in the SEC as a head coach (sorry AAC, you’re a good conference, but you’re not the SEC),
        and is still a young man with plenty of longevity left. He’s always been one of us, he really is an offensive mind instead of just calling himself one, and I somehow “knew”, like you did, that when Stricklin came aboard that Mullen would follow somehow, sooner or later. I cannot think of anyone I would rather have right now than Dan Mullen, including Charlie Strong, who I admire greatly.

        Keep your eye on them Vols up there, Rog….especially in August!

        • Well said!!!!!

          p.s. the mood in Knoxville is glum. Not many are expecting great things this year. As a Gator……that makes me smile 🙂

        • Boy, they should expect better things, Rog. I think Fulmer will definitely straighten out that dysfunctional athletic department, and Pruitt was definitely a class hire. I’m like you tho, I smile at their unfortunate circumstances and probable lack of patience….but I would still like to see the East get stronger and reverse this polarity of divisions (to where it used to be). If that means the Gators face off against a tougher Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia, and at least an improved Kentucky and Vandy, so be it. I’m sure we’ll more than hold our own with Mullen at the helm, and the competition at a higher level will only make us better (or great again, not to ruffle any political feathers or sensitivities).

          I know there’s another team in the East, but damned if I can remember what it is. I think they really belong in the BIG10, whoever it is. (and if I knew how to put that little smiling icon thingy on, I’d put it right here so people will know I’m joking)

        • Hey 6…. type this all together (I’m spacing it out, but don’t put spaces) : – )

        • Oh Lord, I havn’t started doing that, have I? It’s later than I thought if I am. I’ve got to get a life, Rog…….

    • Oh hell, Tampa, lighten up! I was kidding for God’s sake….it was a freakin’ joke! Life ain’t always that serious–OK, the part about Gator football is–but the rest of it isn’t, so come on.

      Actually it was nice to see you (apparently) at least agree c Tim on something (at least in basic principle) without calling him a troll, but mea culpa anyway (or whatever the hell it is the Pope is always saying).

    • I get it now, you’re a Vulcan!

      (That was called a joke; we earthlings do that sometimes)

      Go Gators.

    • Clyde, I’m new here. Well said. We can be disappointed, disagree, but from what I’ve read we are all (except for the told) Gator fans.

    • Hey…welcome back, Clyde. We’ve got a couple of new members this month, Gator65 really stands out and now with you back on board things should improve again. By the way, I totally concur with everything you just said, strongly, and with great conviction.

      Now if you want to talk about fat fingers….oye….don’t get me started.

  • To say Wednesday was a significant day on the recruiting trail for Florida might be considered an understatement.

    The Gators landed a commitment late in the afternoon from Riley Simonds, a 6-foot-3 offensive […]

  • With the month-long dead period commencing in five days, the Gators and coach Dan Mullen continue to pick up commitments on the recruiting trail.

    Riley Simonds, ranked the No. 17 offensive guard in the 2019 […]

    • Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Offensive lineman, all 320 # of him, and highly ranked besides. If we can just keep him, this gets better each day.

    • Take your politics to We come here to escape that garbage.

    • As I’ve said in the past…. 5* recruits aren’t gonna come running until we do something. Coach Mullen is gonna have to pull a rabbit out of the hat and win some games he’s not supposed to, to turn the tide (no pun). This was a multi-year destruction project…’s gonna be a multi-year rebuild. It starts on the field.

    • Can always count on you to do the research, Tampa. And, I get you on the 5* recruits–like Rog says, (I’m paraphrasing), “If you build it, they will come (again)”. We’ve got to turn in a couple of good seasons first, naturally, so I’m trying to temper my excitement c that in mind.

      Here’s my philosophy about star ratings, tho, and I expect that it’s not too different than your own, save for a few differences. First of all, to be rated with one or another star level, we are talking about “elite” players. So how elite is he (or anyone, for that matter)? 3*, by convention, is the lowest level of “elite”….but it’s still elite. 4* is estimated a level above that as far as elite status goes, and 5* is the tops among “elite”. So I’m not ashamed to have any 3* kid at all….and I grant you that 4 & 5 star is (probably) better…..but a 3* is no slouch and certainly above average out of the gate. Converts to something like B+, A-, and A+. Besides, this kid is a monster and he’ll certainly get good coaching now at UF.

      What do you think?

    • Different way of looking at this. I’ve seen leaders in a different job take lower ranked people that may have done better with better coaching /training and turn them into stars. Mullen took the best recruits he could get and got to#1 if only briefly. Still think there is a lot of talent on team. And though depth may become an issue in some positions his group had been adept at adjusting to what they have. As all these discussions are speculative I feel better at this point than the last few years. For Young recruits it is hard to take a chance on a new staff when there are established staffs out there. Winning draws desire. Rog said we need wings to draw. To a point this is true but i think s time gets closer some of these verbal commits are going to change their minds. They’re kids. I also think Tampa was right that a few will have grade issues. I read somewhere of a2017 recruit going juco because he didn’t get the grades. UF standards are higher and that is going to make it even harder to get more of the top picks. Muschamp was a good recruiter but couldn’t coach a program this size, Mac was over his head. Mullen is different. The whole thing feels different. I’m / we are jonesing for better. Have a feeling we’re going to be better than many think this year. That I feel will get some of the verbal commits to come to the swamp. Beat LSU, beat or stay with GA, and FSU.

    • I agree with everything Tampa Gator said . We get these feel good stories about recruits coming in and just before they laeve they go off saying I love this or that coach and the vibe is great. It’s time to pick the fruit….

    • Yes and amen!

    • If you mean me, I didn’t do much homework but I got pretty excited anyway. Like I said, the kid is a monster and at at his position, he’s nearly about the best there is.

      If you mean TampaGator, one thing you can never accuse him of is not doing his homework. He just came to a different conclusion is all.

      I’m with you, GatorBites, but I do think stars mean something. That said, they’re just a recruiting tool to help in the assessment process–estimates of “elite” status, if you will, or a yardstick. The trouble is, we often make too much of them, or sometimes worse, too little.

    • It’s not a perfect argument I admit. But….as I’ve said before, Richt left the cupboard stocked and the roster Kirby won with last year was NOT the roster he recruited. So with better coaching (and Richt’s coaching wasn’t bad…just not top shelf) Kirby was able to win and that gets noticed by recruits.

      Florida’s cupboard on the other hand……we haven’t been a great team since Urban (and Mullen) left 10+ years ago. Yeah, we got to Atlanta several times but does anyone really believe we belonged there playing against Bama? I thought not. Top recruits want to go to a winning program. Top recruits want shiny facilities and bling. Top recruits want a clear path to the NFL. NONE of which UF has offered the past 10 years. (yes we’ve sent defensive guys to the NFL but offense…..).

    • You know, it’s interesting in that this conversation focuses a lot on what Kirby Smart is doing. So it would seem that UGA is projected to be the Alpha Dog of the SEC East for the foreseeable future with the rest of us just trying to get a win here and there. Kirby played at UGA. He recruited Georgia while at Bama. So he has deep rooted connections in the state. Georgia is a talent rich high school football state just like Florida, Texas, California, etc. So the table is set for UGA to be good for a long time.

      But….here is how I see it. Coach Mullen didn’t play at Florida but you would never know it. Orange and Blue bleeds through his veins and his enthusiasm shows it. He’ recruited the state and southeast so he has built the high school connections that a successful coach must have. He WILL start winning some battles for 5* guys. I get what your saying Tampa….but he will step it up. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but it certainly feels like he’s already getting more 4* guys that McElteeth did so I’m encouraged.

      And here’s the kicker. I believe that Coach Mullen is just as good, if not a better X and O’s coach than Kirby Smart. Even if that last statement is not 100% true, Coach Mullen is a BIG step up from McElteeth and a step up from Champ. So…. better coaching will lead to more wins, which will lead to better recruiting. Give it time Tampa.

      • Rog, You said something that I have been thinking on reading the posts that UGA is the newly anointed top team for the foreseeable future. Smart is a third year head coach. Yes he has had success but so did Mr. Yellow Teeth when he was here. Two fairly good years with recruits he didn’t sign. Yes he is an alum and there is something to that and yes he does appear to be a good coach. BUT he had Chub and Michelle and that was a big part of it. He has got some very good talent but now the nut cutting will determine if he can bring together the cohesive team Richt did. Mullen has ~10 years as a head coach in a division that is brutal to play in. I would love to see the East get to that level. Smart came from there are a assistant and has shown he has potential. Mullen has proven he has potential. With the exception of the DC that is relatively new to Mullens staff we have a group that has proven themselves. I think the recruits who passed on UF still have doubts. I think those that went elsewhere might regret not coming here when they wee what I feel is about to happen. I had the feeling when Meyer came here. I didn’t however see him leaving the way he did. I think Mullen will be here for the long haul and us in a position to be there year in and year out to compete for SEC championships, and NC.

      • Kirby Smart is a good coach, no doubt about it. He may be a great coach, in fact, but the sample size is way too small to know that yet. Were I a Georgia fan, would I be excited about him? You bet. Were I a UT fan, would I be equally excited to have Pruitt on board now? Ditto, and I’d say that Tennessee is probably on their way back to being a premier SEC team, finally, and the combination of Phil Fulmer at AD and Pruitt as HC is probably going to be tougher than hell in the out-years. (I’ll rely on Rog to assess that tho, since he has a ringside seat up there.)


        But don’t deify these guys just yet, and assume we are sucking hind tit again. We have the right coach, at the right time, with the right skills and the right attitude. We passed on Mr Big Shot Kelly for a reason, although the media would have you believe it was the other way around. So what? Dan Mullen is finally home, right where he belongs, and things are better before even a down has been played yet.

        Which is a long winded way of saying that Rog is 100% right.

        My name is NealyBob, and I endorse this message. Gator-6 Out.

    • My head hurts. Leland, where the hell are you when we need you?

    • You didn’t take any grief from this Gator, Tampa. I was with you all the way and still am on that count.

      Your sense of urgency is pointed in the right direction; just a little more patience is required now. You can’t turn an aircraft carrier on a dime, or so I’m told by my Navy buddies.

      • Correction: I am told now that the Chinese do have an aircraft carrier that can actually turn on a dime. Like the French Navy, but for a different reason, it is also equipped with a glass bottom–apparently so they can see where it is headed when they pull that maneuver.

        There’s wisdom in there; damned if I can remember what it was tho.

    • Probably good advice, Nick…..but we’ve been hungry for a long time and Mullen has opened the pantry door. Nobody has a crystal ball tho. But why not relax a little and stop second guessing the coach and his staff? I can’t think of a good reason not to, bud………..but we’ve been hungry so damn long……….

    • Hey Neil….I was just checking back on this topic to see if anything new had been added, and saw your excellent post. I don’t recall seeing a lot of posts from you, but you sure have my vote to feel free to post more often. Good points, one and all.

  • Florida landed a commitment from a 6-foot-8 tight end out of Jefferson College in Jefferson County, Missouri.
    Lucas Krull, who signed to play baseball with Arkansas in 2016, announced his decision Thursday night […]

  • It’s no secret Florida coach Dan Mullen faces a tall task when it comes to reviving UF’s offense. With uncertainty at the quarterback position in addition to an overhaul of the playbook, the Gators simply can […]

    • Good news on Davis; even better on Heggie. Anything that will increase the potentials of the OL this year is going to be a lynch pin. Lets hope everyone stays healthy!

      • Rog replied 1 month ago

        Yep, very good news. The OL needs all the help they can get. And if Malik comes close to what he hinted at last year then look out for this backfield.

        Are SEC Media Days here yet?????? 🙂

    • He is wanted by UF and that is all that matters, BUZZ OFF TROLL

    • You know, tuna, maybe the sun didn’t have to be quite so brittle over the Swamp for all those 7 years. I keep going back to TampaGator’s post the other day, amplified some by others who weighed in too, concerning the decisions at a certain point that actually started the Gator offensive free fall. Kind of haunts me, the more I think about it. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and the history happened the way it did. But, nevertheless, I feel your sentiment too and feel like the Florida sun is shining again. Go Gators!

    • Keep on posting, bud…’re welcome here anytime.

  • (function(d, s, id) {
    var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
    if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
    js = d.createElement(s); = id;
    js.src = […]

    • Thanks for the info, Graham, but you need to study up on the schedule! South Carolina game is in Gville.

  • It’s not often that a program coming off 4-7 record is in contention to land one of the top prospects in the ensuing recruiting class, but the Gators are in such a position with highly recruited defensive back C […]

  • Florida’s 2019 class landed a huge commitment Tuesday morning from a Peach State prospect who took an official visit to UF over the weekend.
    Jaelin Humphries, a 6-foot-4, 305-pound defensive tackle out of L […]

  • JUCO tight end Lucas Krull is close to making a decision on his football future, and Florida appears to be a considerable option for the 6-foot-7, 255-pound prospect.
    Krull, a former baseball prospect who […]

    • Just remember, if you ain’t a Gator, you’re Gator Bait!

    • Oddly enough, the thing I’ve noticed with the recruits sporting the ”Gator gear” is that FINALLY the AAU put the SAME LOGO on BOTH SIDES of those very cool white helmets. Thank God for that! That ‘F’ on one side, and script ‘Gators’ on the other was as strange as I have ever seen in my 50 years of Gator life.
      Those white helmets look ”tight” now with Gators on BOTH SIDES of helmet. GO GATORS!

      • You tell ’em GI….I thought I was the only person to notice that!

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I can stomach them now without the silly slant F on one side. Now if we could just get rid of the silly slant font on everything else…

    • That’s a rather serious accusation, especially these days when adolescents in general seem to display less ego controls and access to weapons appears unrestricted. Not sure this is the right place to voice your concerns.

    • I think we were going thru a “retro” period back then, or something similar, and seem to have repeated it a couple more times since. Personally, I don’t care for it either……the script GATORS on either side of the helmet signifies to me, at least, the Gators age of prominence. We should never deviate from it. I don’t care for same color pants and jerseys either, but I’ll admit that’s a minor nitpick.

    • No, I seriously doubt that too Brewski. It may or may not be true anyway; we have no way of knowing. As Tampa suggests, the kid has no way of defending his character from unsigned accusations.

    • That same top-same bottom looks so high school to me, I can’t remember who it was but some team showed up last season in total yellow……looked like a bunch of mutate bananas!

    • I love being an ORF; I’d love it a lot more if it weren’t for the age that goes with it, and a little thing called CRS syndrome! (Can’t Remember Shit)

    • This comment is not true. Both of my sons have attended Mill Valley. The same school as Lucas. My oldest son played football with/against him in the junior levels. Lucas was a senior when my younger son was a Freshman. My family has know him for years. He is a very nice, clean cut, and God devoted young man. In high school, he was massively larger than most of the other kids, especially under class-man. Because of that, he was intimidating to the smaller kids. He wasn’t a bully. He is confident in himself, and should be. The bad news is that I am a die hard Kansas State fan. I hope you guys never have to worry about it. lol GO CATS!!

  • With the summer quickly approaching, Florida’s recruiting is looking to build on the momentum from the spring.
    The Gators anticipating hosting five official visitors over the weekend, including a pair of highly r […]

    • I don’t think that was his intent, Dan, but I sure hear your frustration. I was thinking this afternoon about what a shame it is that the only 5* we might get on this team is a transfer from Ohio State for medical-family compassion reasons. But then, I had to remind myself to take the long view, and realize that it’s still very early in Mullen’s process. They will come again, just give it time.

    • That IS the truth of the matter, JM. A solid regular season–doesn’t have to be perfect–and a good bowl win should set the tone. That is fundamentally how it works, regardless of all the speculation pro and con.

      So we’ve all read the propaganda, we’ve all had it drilled into us night and day that Willie Taggart is the second coming of Christ personified (although his record doesn’t support it we’re told to look away), we know that the depth of their barely 7-6 team last year quite naturally translates to 15-0 next year and every year thereafter, and that they’re so good that they have to turn away 5* recruits. I’m just wondering….anyone care to speculate what their record will really be in 2018? Or are they above all that earthy nonsense now that Taggart is deified?

    • Oh I am too, believe me tunaboat. I’m just getting tired of the imbalance of sports media reporting, that’s all. Taggart this, Taggart that, FSU, FSU……I’ve never heard anyone yet give an honest appraisal of what their record will look like next fall. Personally, I think not only does Mullen beat them in his first season, they lose quite a few besides.

  • Florida’s Gator Grill-Out event sought to give prospects a more relaxed atmosphere than traditional recruiting events.

    And according to Plant High’s Will Putnam, Saturday’s event was a success.

    The four- […]

    • Good for him, it should be a process for the students and I hope that he has some criteria he wants in his school, not to mention his team.

  • St. Thomas Aquinas safety Jaden Davis got more than he bargained for Saturday.

    While attending the Gator Grill-Out, Florida coach Dan Mullen’s invite-only recruiting event, Davis and his South Florida Express t […]

    • Gator bait?

    • x

    • I seldom post here but after reading you continual negative narrative I felt I should ask, Why do you care? If I were you I’d be more worried about what’s going on in Tallacrappy. At least Mullen has a resume to back up the expectations of Gator fans. You may want to check the court dockets there to make sure your QB makes his court date. Why don’t you troll the “U” board they can relate to your foolishness.

    • Don’t forget the green olives, Puerto Rican style! Yummerkins.

    • He made a very foolish or stupid action on a dare. He would have to explain how he has grown from the experience, children are always taught about dares early in their lives. What might he do that is worse if someone dared him to do so. I also wonder if he would do the chomp at UM’s events, I bet not. If he does not want to be a Gator well you know the rest.

      • “No disrespect meant by it”. Lacking a fully consolidated frontal lobe, of course, a typical 17 year old would not recognize the disrespect embedded in such actions. If he decides he want to play football at UF and if he’s good enough, fine. If he does not want to play for UF, fine too.

        • A six year old knows enough to identify disrespect at this level, perhaps he is not at mentally developed as a six year old in my family. If they really are not developed they should be restrained from many activities.

          • You would think, vulcan. But don’t underestimate the power of a 17 year old mind playing to the imaginary audience!

    • I don’t recognize your view of my school, perhaps it exists on that Earth 2 that people talk about. It was stupid to take a “dare” at any time, and very stupid to do it at this event. I hope he learns from it no matter where he ends up.

    • What these guys did is not a big deal. And they manned up about it, which tells me they are seriously looking at us, otherwise they would not have cared and instead maybe criticized the people who reacted to it. If it is ok with the coaches, who were there with them and looking them in the eye, ok with me. At the end of the day, an asterisk at best.

    • I think it is you who needs to be careful.

  • It’s been an exciting couple of days for 2020 dual-threat quarterback Anthony Richardson. Richardson, the starting quarterback for local Eastside High, was back on UF’s campus on Saturday for the “Great Gator […]

  • Florida lacrosse is headed to the NCAA quarterfinals for the first time since 2014. And this time, despite a No. 6 ranking and an impressive resume, the Gators are playing free of expectation.

    When UF (17-3) […]

  • On Saturday, Florida coach Dan Mullen is prepared to start a new tradition in Florida: the “Great Gator Grill-Out” event.

    The invite-only cookout appears poised to draw some of Florida’s top recruiting targets […]

  • It’s become commonplace in NCAA Division I football for coaches to put a unique spin on the recruitment trail.

    Such is the case for Florida coach Dan Mullen.

    On Saturday, Mullen and the UF coaching staff w […]

    • Gary replied 2 months ago

      The program is badly broken, but now well on the road to repair. With a change at the top, and the timely announcements about facility upgrades, the recruiting will slowly come. It will take more time but the program will catch up

    • I’m taking an opinion similar to TA below, G………….we’re coming out of a big hole and these are impressionable youngsters we’re talking about. Your point is taken tho…not exactly hind tit, but not where we were accustomed to being either. If Mullen can pull this year off with mostly last year’s team and a bit of his own recruiting, we should start to ascend pretty quickly in rankings on the field. That’s what it’s going to take to get recruiting back up to Florida standards. Year by year, it won’t take eternity, and we’ll be on top again before you know it. Keep your chin up bud….but also keep your objectivity just like it is!

    • I don’t know….can you point out which post you see that in?

    • Give it a rest Al….no doubt you’ve got the coolest screen name on here, but you’re committing fratricide again.

    • Newton was also flunking out.

    • That season with Champ was also incredibly lucky, Wadeless. All the breaks went our way most of the time, we sure didn’t actually play up to that record as much as I hate to say it.

    • I’ll be tickled to death with 8-4 and a decent bowl win. We get the 2019 class studded up to at least Top 15, and the expectations really begin then. He’s up to it, no doubt.

    • Good for you buddy, you sound like a true sportsman. Post here anytime you want to, as far as I’m concerned.

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