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  • Remove the annual aspect of the upcoming Florida-Georgia showdown Oct. 27 in Jacksonville and the match-up fully comes into perspective.

    Although the Gators and ’Dawgs meet in the same week of every season, t […]

    • I don’t believe it does determine the season, Brian. Now, this is just me — others clearly see it differently regardless of any points they’re trying to make — but go back to where we started this year. What were our realistic goals for Season 1 of the Mullen era (or build if you prefer)? We can lose this game, and it doesn’t effect those at all. It was the same when we faced LSU — we weren’t supposed to win, but we did (see Gator65). We don’t have all the weight of a championship team realistically on our shoulders yet, expectation-wise, and we’ve got a lot of degrees of freedom to not go into this game ultra-uptight. We know how to win it, and I think we will. But if we don’t, does the world suddenly end somehow? Nope. That said, Go Gators and knock their little ding dongs in the dirt! ✔🐊👍

      What do you think?

      • 6 this is a winnable game. if the pressure doesn’t get to them and they exploit what they saw from LSU and the fact that they (up to this point) only played LSU as a highly ranked team. The dogs cruised to some easy wins and were not tested. This game is for the team that wants it the most. Chomp Chomp. We talked about W/L before the season. I said we could go 10-2. This wasn’t one of the 2. They can talk recruiting all they want but I think the Gators got some fight in them (hopefully without penalties)

      • The “be and end all” mentality is not the kind of mentality that will help any team win a game. It puts too much pressure on a team.That’s all this is about. These players and coaches aren’t one dimensional. Their season rests on this game because , among others, it is the next SEC game. And after we beat the Dawgs, the next do or die game will be the Mizzouri game. This is a pressure packed league.I don’t want our goal to be to rise above expectations. And I’m sure that is not
        Coach Mullen’s goal.That will be the consolation prize at the end of the season if we aren’t in the SEC Championship game and win it. That’s when you will hear about how everyone expected this but we accomplished that. The team has a lot to be proud of. This team has done some great things already and we have more to do. But you don’t win on paper, expectations or assumptions. Those things get tested every Saturday. Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, you try to mentally temper your expectations in order not to be let down and be able to sleep on Sat nights. Win or lose, no Gator player is jumping off a bridge Sunday morning.

    • Neither of those were quotes Brian used were from the coaches or players. That was the writer inserting his angle on the story and the statements do somewhat contradict each other. Luckily it doesn’t matter what the writer thinks because he is not the one preparing, practicing or on the the team. It only matters how the players and coaches are approaching the game and if the past is any indication, they will be right mentally.

    • Being a Gator in middle GA makes this an important game every year so we don’t have to listen to their crap. They don’t win OR lose very well. Not a lot of class among the pup fans. Just beat their ass and we don’t have any problem!

    • It’s great that we have an off-week before the Georgia game. There’s all the obvious reasons in rest and preparation. It also adds an additional week of anticipation for what is the most important game of the regular season when all factors are considered.

      • Georgia also has the week off, and to TampaGator, I will respectfully disagree with you ” this year ” about this game being a make or break year. I think most would agree before the year started, this would be a rebuilding year, thus, I don’t see it being make or break, I would probably put more of that on the FSU game

    • Jerry these players didn’t play well last year they are good players. There is a difference and Mullen recognized that. We have really good players already here though maybe not a perfect fit for the system he is aiming for he modifies his system to fit what he has to get the job done (win games). This is the mark of a true leader. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Recruiting is going to be there this year although we are getting no respect on that front either. I think we could win out. I don’t think that will happen as these guys are young and those that aren’t haven’t had the seasoning to handle the heat. We’ll have a let down game. I do see the potential to lose one more and finish 10-2. That would change some things on the recruiting trail. I agree with the SEC game. I think we’d at least give them a run for their money.

      • You and I have discussed this at length, 65, and one of the things I’ve come to realize is your discernment in distinguishing possibilities versus probabilities…..I think a 10-2 season fits right in there too, and I can see that as well. My only disagreement is that I don’t think it would diminish recruiting at all, particularly in the context of 4-7 last year and no bowl game. Now, other ears shouldn’t hear me say that I want this or believe this is going to be our final standing at all — but I still think even an 8-4 finish and a decent bowl game will get similar results as well.

        So say we finish 10-2 but our second loss is Georgia. At this point in time, regrettable as it may be, that has less to do with somehow comprehending a rivalry as it does more to do with an indication of where this team is at in terms of its first of 2, 3, or 4 building years under a new coach…..just the same as other key games this year have informed us as to progress. But what if, nonetheless? Or what if we actually go 9-3 in Mullen’s first season? Do we run Dan Mullen and staff out of the Swamp? Oh hell no, but what we are doing is maybe prematurely forgetting where we started from, where we want to realistically be in ___ years, and what we realistically said it would take to get there. In context, we play Georgia to a tight, competitive game where we leave nothing on the field, and even if we do lose in the end, we have actually gained something important in this first season. Me, I think we win it regardless….but it sure isn’t the end of the damn world if we don’t. We are blessed any way you slice it.

        • 6 miss worded that about recruiting. We are in good position now no matter how the year goes from here. Better with each win. I didn’t clarify my recruiting comment as I was listening to a radio program and again we didn’t get mentioned. Go 10-2 I think we’d have some converts. Any recruit that gets ask invite should consider the Gators. I would expect some to commit here and decommit from some top programs. Scenario. Young recruit sees players that were “no good” go 6-1 and beat #5. If you’re a young 4-5* you’d wonder if he can do that with 3-4* in one year he could push me through the roof and well into the NFL.

    • Hey, great comments Brian… covered the bases all around. I don’t mean to diminish the rivalry aspect at all — my first one was in 1960 as a kid — and you’re absolutely right: This game matters more than the rest. It’s just that this year, even tho we’re on a helluva roll, we’ve got more degrees of freedom and actually less pressure in this game than we’ll probably ever have again. Yet another reason why I think we win it!

    • Daz can’t say I haven’t thought along those lines. Trying not to because that could turn to expectation and we have improved so much I’m worried about looking ahead instead of the next game. Of course I’m thinking of the players and how many teams have fallen looking ahead. Or how many fans hopes have been crushed by teams that did. This has been a great ride this season. Hope to finish strong.

    • I really like that train of thought, just adding that it’s still one-game-at-a-time and preparing for each one as though they could beat the socks off us if we give them the chance — well, for the SEC teams anyway, and probably FSU too.

    • I think FSU has practical importance in terms of influencing which bowl game we go to, possibly……but that’s about it except for recruiting implications as NC Greenbeard said (how could you argue with that regardless of your agenda?). But in terms of emotional importance? Boy, is it loaded!

      • Yeah good points. Not sure how it could be truly “meaningless.” It’s means something to me for 3 reasons:
        1. I hate them
        2. Should their school catch on fire I wouldn’t waste one drop of urine trying to put it out.
        3. I hate them

        Oh, and I heard a statistic that stated the winner has had the higher ranked / rated recruiting class that year. That’s certainly meaningful, to me at least.

      • Wow Dallas….I finally found my long, lost, missing brother from whom I was separated at birth ___ years apart (fill in the blank)! I’ve always just wished all their legs would grow together, and that their crotches be infested with the fleas of a thousand syphlitic camels. You’ve taken it to new levels now!

        But I’ve got to axe… do you really feel? 😁

    • I’ll keep my eyes open for those indicators, Gator1…..good call.

    • In that context, can’t really disagree at all.

    • NWIA, how about the logic applied by THBC. The Gators primary goal is to win the SEC. That’s first and foremost. Whether or not we beat f$u has no bearing on that whatsoever.

    • exactly!

    • Um, we almost lost to Vandy. So though we could win out, we could also have some spaze outs.

      • Probably a quibble, and your history of solid posts sure doesn’t merit being argumentative, but I say that had the Vandy game only been 30 minutes long….yes, you’re right, Gelco. But from the time we got our heads out of that particular point of contact, I don’t think the outcome was ever in doubt.

        Now, as far as us having some spaz outs down the road — very possible and I sure hope not because next time we might be playing a team with a little more depth than Vandy. Really, my worst fear.

        • 6 it was almost the let down game. I think the Vandy game was the end of a stressful ruin for a team just finding their legs. To be expected coming from where we’ve been. Still have a long way to go. One for in front of the other.

        • 6, I understand you, all I’m saying is Vandy is not a good team, and we could have lost it. Considering that, I’d not guarantee any game from here out except Idaho.

        • I’m with you Gelco….take nothing for granted! Oh well, I’m sure my fingernails will grow back by this time next season….

    • At the risk of appearing redundant, exactly!

    • Spoken like a true, dyed in the wool, honest and genuine Gator life long fan. We may forget to pick up a carton of milk on the way home from work, but by God, bring up distant, past seasons and we have a photographic memory!

    • Daz has a point but I disagree about UGA in the 90’s, that big rival(s) was clearly UT and FSU. But anyways, unless I’m mistaken, Steve Spurrier said he always enjoyed beating UGA the most because they beat him his Heisman year and stopped us from winning the SEC and probable National title.

      To most Gator fans, UT, UGA and FSU are the three headed monster rivals. BUT, that doesn’t make you any less of a Gator if you don’t agree. In Daz’s defense, I don’t believe that was his intent…at least I hope not.

    • I like it. The only thing I would add is the perfect timing and call of the “trick” or “gadget” plays. He’s so far been remarkable at calling the perfect play at the perfect time. I’m not sure we would be sitting at 6 wins without them. It feels like we have had one in each competitive win (not CSU or CS) that has put us over the top.

      IMO they’ve been the difference between a win and loss. If we need one for UGA and they sniff it out and stop us it may be a bad day.

    • I used to refer to Graham (affectionately) as “Jimmy Olson, Cub Reporter”…… but that’s been a while now. I look forward to his writing every time he appears.

  • Florida entered the bye week in an unlikely spot: ranked No. 11 in the Associated Press poll with a 6-1 record, and an opportunity to gain some significant ground in the SEC Eastern Division when the Gators meet […]

    • Stay safe, don’t get into trouble, decompress, biggest game of year is coming. Remember you guys are Gators with a standard to live by.

    • I have been a gator fan all my life. I am a heart and kidney patient. I do dialysis 3 times a week and there is this guy in my dialysis center that is a Georgia Bulldog fan. Every time I go into the treatment center this guy barks at me. I chomp back at him but he really irritates me. Please Please Please beat Georgia, if you dont I will die(just Kidding) but it would mean so much to me for a Gator victory over the Pups. Get lots of rest, stay out of trouble, and GO GATORS!!!!!!!!

      • Hang in there BD my gut has been telling me all year we are better than the stats show. That by itself is no indicator of our performance. While I agree with everyone the stats comparison with UGA show some mismatch I think the Gators are coming along faster than expected. They will still make mistakes but I hope to see the exodus of UGA fans leaving the game in the 3rd qtr. GO GATORS!!🐊

        • Gator65 – Your gut has been robust, uh, ahem, I mean pretty accurate all year. Hope you’re right again.

          • I’ve been following 65 ever since he first started on here Sly…..he has a knack for these things that’s hard to dispute. I don’t know if it’s a spiritual gift or what, but if ever teams up with Daz Wazlle and starts laying bets, I want a piece of it too!

            • Sly, 6, In going to the games I did during the Muschamp and Mac era’s I never doubted the talent but I often did the calls or the coaching and later the S&C. Maybe the chosen talent was a bit of a question but I am not getting paid the big bucks. When Mac was fired and all the hype was on who we were going to hire my first choice (mine doesn’t count) was Mullen. He gets it and has been there done that. Maybe not at MST but the record shows he understands the SEC. Bringing him in was what I felt we needed to get to where we all want to be. The players buying in was the next step and with the transfers we know some that didn’t. So my gut was happy with coaching and talent with the variable of how fast they would start to get it. I know a lot of guys laughed at the spring game but the changes in attitude were palpable and that is where I got to see how they reacted to things again much different. What I saw was when players came off the filed they were addressed by staff right then and there (they used to get none of this before). I saw Mullen grab a player by the pads who was trying to avoid him when he came off the field. He let him know what he did wrong and how to correct it but moved on. (Muschamp couldn’t move on). Long winded I know. We are going to lose games. But this team with these coaches won’t get beat by lack of effort. Don’t back down. Tom Petty.

            • Gator65 – Now that is a robust reply. I knew your gut is filled with more than just hot air.

          • Depending on who you ask it’s been getting rounder that I guess is robust too.

        • thank u 65, and I sure hope your gut is right

    • I have to keep my expectations reasonable still. It has been awesome to see the progress week-to-week this year. As long as these guys continue to make this kind of progress under coach Mullen I will be very happy with the entire season however it plays out. Extremely proud of the entire football program and also all of the other sports as well. Go Gators forever!

  • Aside from the team’s three freshmen, there was a fresh face at Florida’s first practice of preseason camp.

    Al Pinkins, UF’s new associate head coach, joined the program in May following Florida’s Round o […]

    • I’m with you fellas

    • Hayes “production” may have declined last season but I thought he was a much better player and helped the team more last year than the year before. Can he improve, sure. I guess that is why coaches rely on more that just stats. Go Gators!

    • This hopefully will fill a void that much needed filling. It seemed to me that we got man-handled/pushed around down in the low court. Hopefully Pinkins will toughen and ‘smarten’ our bigs up so we can control things around the basket.

    • The seniors have some promising talented younger teammates to contribute with them. They will all need to play at a high level with the very tough schedule they face this season.

  • Like many Gators fans, former University of Florida quarterback Danny Wuerffel will be in Jacksonville prior to UF’s annual showdown with Georgia.

    Instead of spending the week fixated on the Oct. 27 s […]

  • Ultimately, Saturday’s 37-27 win at Vanderbilt wasn’t pretty, nor was it anything to write home about.

    Yet the win over the Commodores, which gave the Gators a 6-1 record heading into a much-needed open wee […]

    • I agree with this. One of the things about the performance of Franks that struck me was his ability to get the ball out more quickly and (usually) on time. The TD pass to Jefferson was put where it needed to be, when it needed to be there, I would say. And this timing was more the rule than the exception. Franks is improving significantly over the course of this season, a sign of very good coaching.

      • Rog replied 1 week ago

        And a sign of a coach-able and willing player……

    • Tempo is great when it works but awful when it doesn’t. Still any time you put it on film that it’s a weapon you have it’s a good thing. I hope we can see more of it and we will need it in some of the big games.

    • If we didn’t spot them a 21-13 first half it would have been a great game. But there are things to take home. We were behind and we didn’t give up and kept fighting. I think someone said it about being emotionally drained and maybe that was it and they came in soft off a bad week of practice after taking down LSU. The offense seems to be finding their mojo. They need to be able to hit the ground running from the gun and keep the pedal down. LT there is no denying Mac got us to the SEC game twice. And Twice we looked like we had no business being there. I was at those games on the 45 about 20 rows from the field. We came out of the half with NOTHING! A coach that had this UHH DUHH look and no plan of how to regain the lead. So yes he got us there on Muschamp recruits who’s skills were diminishing by the day. Look at the players that are here now that he recruited and look at their performance. I see night and day differences. Oh and after that KY win went 2-8 on the season 1-4 with Mac. He was not a good leader, not a good speaker (still scratching my head trying to figure what he was saying at times) and the coaching team he assembled was falling apart. I was at the Michigan game in Orlando final was 41-14 not us and again he had no plan. I am not saying Mullen is great though I think the potential is there but I am saying he will have a plan, a plan b, c,d,etc. I am also not saying we will win every game but I think Mullen believes he can win every game and if our players believe we will always be in the game.

    • Rog replied 1 week ago

      Not sure this is worthy of a response but we’ll give it a go anyway….If you are going to try and make your point using the Kentucky game last year (and I don’t think any other game would even come close to supporting your argument) then you need to remember that Kentucky basically gift wrapped that win by defensive lapses where they forgot to cover receivers…twice. Kentucky should’ve won that game last year.

      And credit for the 2015 and 2016’s East Championships should go to Muschamp’s defense, not anything the Mac and his staff did. Mac and Nuss, the offensive gurus were anything but and did a great deal to keep this program down.

      But feel free to go right ahead in believing that Mac and Mullen are coaching equals. I’d say 98% of Gator Nation would disagree with you.

    • David replied 1 week ago

      It is fun to be a Gator fan again. It is good that when we are in a hole, it doesn’t feel hopeless. Yeah, we might not win the East (it is possible though) but at least we did not devolve into Tennessee. Go Gators, whup the Dawgs!

    • Adapt, improvise, overcome. Exactly. Character matters, and team character matters most. That’s my biggest take-away this season, aside from the excellent coaching of Dan Mullen.

    • I’m with you LT.

      Tampa – I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t flip. I still believe criticism of McElwain is vastly unfair and shows lack of appreciation for what he was able to accomplish with the hand that he was dealt. He exceeded expectations both full seasons he was at the helm albeit not with a sexy offense. Was he perfect? No one is. Did he make mistakes? Everyone does. Was he the best fit for the job? Probably not. Every fan is entitled to an opinion but when the vitriol boils over to incessant criticism and name calling, that’s over the top. It deserves a rebuttal, if not a rebuke. I do think everyone, present company included, need to move on from the unpleasant past. I have always been supportive of Mullen while taking the wait and see mode. He’s done and said all the right things since he’s been here so I like him. The person I have been critical of is Stricklin because he (1) fired McElwain midseason pulling the rug out from under the team who had worked so hard to overcome the adversity of losing many of their teammates due to suspensions (2) tried to weasel out of the contractually binding payout on a technicality (3) pursued a coach who was slapped with a show cause disregarding UF’s culture of “winning with integrity” and (4) delayed building a much needed stand alone football facility by a few years in favor of first funding the baseball and softball projects.

      • Smith – Thanks man. I can agree with that. While McElwain was dealt a bad hand, it seemed everyone else in the division also hand bad hands. Sometimes it just takes the high card or a pair of deuces to win. As for the resident troll, he’s always been about negative recruiting. He jumped at every opportunity to criticize McElwain, Shannon, and the direction of the program as a whole. I don’t see that theme with LT. It’s been refreshing to not have to read the troll’s posting daily since Fisher left FSU or so it seems.

      • LT – Again, I’m with you. I already know how the fan base will react if Mullen loses games he shouldn’t have or loses to our rivals (UT, UGA, FSU, LSU) in 3 consecutive years. As I have done with McElwain, I will be here defending Mullen when that happens. I’m all about maintaining continuity and allowing the coaches time to fix the problems.

    • Daz, would it be nice to go undefeated forever? Of course but that is not the reality in football. But “always being in the game” is what makes great teams great and great coaches great. Getting beat by someone in a hard fought game you were in it to the end is what makes football fun and keeps us wanting a rematch.

    • LT yes guys teams looked dominant. Let word looked. Watch the SEC game in Atlanta. Showed the east was weak. Also showed Muschamp was a decent recruiter. Fully exposed a lack of coaching ability. By year 3 we were losing it. Individual production down, team production followed. S&C problem surfaced. People compare people to people that is human nature. The thing that really does some of the weaknesses we had are the improvement in the eastern division. Too many close games yes we won some but as in the classic title For Whom the Bell Tolls time was up. As in everything time will tell who was better. If in two years we’re here having this discussion enough time would have passed to say who’s better.

    • It’s about time you followed up, LT — I wasn’t sure about you and neither were a lot of folks, even those who don’t come to hasty conclusions replete with name calling. Sly has felt the same way, probably for different but similar reasons, and he has articulated that point for several months now. I can see both sides of the argument but I will say two things: (a) Mac bashing (and Muschamp for that matter) is getting old and we all need to move on from previous coaches; and (b) aside from the surface similarities there are major, distinct differences between Dan Mullen and previous coaches since 2011. Will he be successful? Meaning, will he be able to restore Gator football to an elite, nationally relevant program? Personally, I think he will. But not having a crystal ball, I can’t really predict the future better than anyone else can.

      But now that you’ve identified yourself as a Gator, just one thing: Most guys on here, Joe, Gator1, et al, are not your enemies. Just sayin’. Post often — we sure as hell don’t need group think on here.

      • I’ve agreed with you in the past and I’ve disagreed with you too — but I don’t think I ever called you a troll. Wasn’t sure sometimes, but you’ve never followed up like you did today either. I’m glad you did.

        I know the oxygen gets sucked out of this room frequently, but as for myself I’d like to encourage you to post more often. On the main, a great group of guys — like Sly, Joe Shiver, CO, Rog, Smith, Gator65 and on and on — you won’t be called out by them and most others for saying anything as long as you explain yourself like you just did.
        Looking forward to better dialogue!

    • Yeah, but Redondo has a good point about joints just the same… long as they’re Romeo & Juliettas or better!

    • I think Mullen inherited a pretty good situation, better than at UCLA and Nebraska. Chip Kelly and Scott Frost aren’t as lucky. Not saying Mullen is a bad coach. Just saying that the other coaches who most Gator fans thought of at least as highly as Mullen not too long ago haven’t had as much success. The only explanation I can come up with points to what each inherited, not their coaching ability. I think UCLA and Nebraska will make some noise once Kelly and Frost puts their programs in place. We give coaches too much credit (or discredit) depending on how their team is doing presently when the formula is much more complex than just the coach.

    • Over the long term, I would agree with you. For the short term, you could put Saban or Meyer in Nebraska or UCLA and I doubt they would have much success.

    • I think Sly was more pointing out the complexities in modern day football, as opposed to over-focus on just one component (in this case the coach). But you are spot on, Gator1 — good leaders are usually good managers too, but a good manager is not necessarily a good leader. That’s because a leader by definition influences the action about him, often employing such intangibles as inspiration, motivation, and frequently sheer force of personality to get people to do more than they simply have to by job description. And I agree too — college football is an excellent example of the basic principles you refer too.

    • I think you and Daz share that opinion about stubbornness, 84. We’ll all go with who Mullen picks, I don’t think that’s in question at all, but I’d sure like to get a little more than a glimpse of Trask as well too. Guess that’s why my lifetime earnings probably fall a little short of what a top notch head coach in the SEC makes in a year! 😜

    • Wow, that’s funny, I never thought about us making those td’s if the db had showed up. Like others I have read from, I Assumed we would not have made them. Thanks for the input

  • Live blog from the No. 14 Florida at Vanderbilt college football game in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday:

    First quarter

    Vanderbilt capped a 98-yard drive with a 1-yard TD pass from QB Kyle Shurmur to tight end […]

    • Moving the ball well. Got to cute on the goal line which led to the int. Did the defense stay in Gainesville?

    • Vandy has 14 points off turnovers. We are running the ball effectively, sometimes being simple is the best solution. Defense is getting steamrolled. We desperately need a score before the half.

    • Agreed!

    • Need to keep running the ball right now. It’s working.

    • The offensive juggernaut is, offensive.

    • Jefferson handles success professionally.

    • Mullen leaning on the run game paying off in the 4Q. So far Mullen has ran 55 times versus 29 pass. Vandy’s defense is gassed from lack of depth, Gators going tempo, and lopsided time of possession and number of offensive plays. Gators have ran 84 plays versus 45 plays for Vandy.

      • Key Final stats:
        Time of possession – 37 min UF vs 23 min Vandy
        Total snaps – 92 UF vs 58 Vandy
        UF offense – 63 rush vs 29 pass

    • This is still a test. Defense shaky. No breaks. Bad refs.

    • Game ball goes to the offensive line!

    • Glad to see more gator vans than vandy fans in their stadium.
      Tough win. Offense won it. And special teams if course. That’s a good thing

    • ADVERSITY. What went wrong, what went right, what could have happened, what should have happened, what didn’t happen, what did happen — Y’all can fill in all that stuff as well as any sports writer, maybe even better since I take your opinions more seriously. To me, this game was all about one cardinal thing: CHARACTER. Call it gumption, call it will to win, call it drive, call it anything but late to dinner. CHARACTER. This team turned a third corner. GO GATORS.

    • And the game wasn’t even over before you gave up?

    • Probably not.

    • To restore normal sinus cadence, I strongly recommend one each 6.5×60 La Flor Dominica Double Ligero. Or a good Monte will do just fine! 😎

    • Exactly. Smart strategy. When your team is deeper and more talented, you try to wear down the opponent with tempo and lean on the run. Fortunately, we didn’t have too many three and outs that could backfire. Offense should be more balanced against UGA.

    • Sometimes things just want to keep going wrong. And in those cases you must be cautious imo. But there is opportunity in those situations if you can tough it out. life has tons of trial and error. Obviously you can do tried and true which works often but not always. And to keep trying what doesn’t work isn’t good either. However a situation like this makes you try things and if they work you are better than just a routine win. I like today even though I did throw a package of crackers on the ground in fury when vandy scored on a play when we missed a few tackles.

    • OT – Tennessee beats Auburn. Shocker!!! Makes the SEC East look much better.

    • Leg-humpers – 0, LSU -13 so far today. You may want to revise your prediction.

    • Is chess a sport?

    • TampaxGator – Forgot to add, loved the all white uni’s… one fo my fave!

    • Vanderbilt and Nashville can be a “Bermuda Triangle” of sorts for the Gators. Very happy to get out of there with the win today. Go Gators!

    • I wasn’t too worried. We were moving the ball pretty well. Just ran into a bit of back luck with turnovers. We would have blown them out if it weren’t for the miscues.

    • So, 19-29 for 284 yards, two touchdowns and one interception (off of a tipped pass) is horrible? I’m guessing you’ll never support Franks.

    • Absolutely right! That game reminded me of all of the times Muschamp’s Gators came back from an 18-point deficit. Oh wait . . . .

    • The kool aid tastes good. You ought to give it a try.

    • Well said, TampaGator.

    • LSU 13 Gawga 0. Gawga is good but for from great. The Gators got off to a slow start, never lost composure, and stayed focus. That’s the sign of a well coached team. Nobody is going to kill the Gators this year. Will we win them all? Wait and see. But if you have confidence in CDM you know that we are never out of a ballgame. And, REALLY, you took down your flag in the 3rd quarter? For the sake of Gator Nation please keep it in your garage the rest of the season. You are our good luck charm!

    • He’s obviously a very bored troll who came out of his Mother’s basement to get a grape soda and some animal crackers.

    • It is not easy to overcome three turnovers, especially on the road. The Gators took a big step forward today, continuing to work hard even when everything seemed to be going against them and finally pulling out a win. Franks showed poise in the second half, and the offensive line began to assert itself. The defense also deserves some credit for finally stepping up after a below-average first half. There is good reason to think that these Gators are on the way to becoming a very good team.

    • From the comments, especially in the 1st half, a lot of people here are former Div. I or NFL coaches. A lot of complaints about the coaching. Hmm. Did a coach every win a game, or was it the players?

    • I’m not sure what the feelings of many people prove. But thank you for making the point that there is a certain contingent that will apparently never support Franks. He has the confidence of his teammates and his coach. I’m more inclined to trust them than “many people.”

    • Well, honestly? I was, for sure — but it had a different “feel” to it than in previous years, and then I remembered something Rog said at the start of the season — “This just feels different this year, I don’t know why, but it does”. (0r words to that effect)

      Guess what? It is.

    • Good strategy.

    • Will: The 2003 Gators trailed by 18 points at Kentucky and won, 24-21, behind first-year freshman quarterback Chris Leak.
      Today matched the largest deficit overcome in a road game in school history; the Gators had lost 26 consecutive
      games when trailing by 18 or more points.
      This was also Florida’s third win when trailing by more than 14 points since 2002, with the others being the
      aforementioned comeback win at Kentucky, and a 54-32 win over Furman on Nov. 19, 2011, during which it trailed 22-7
      after the first quarter.

    • I’ve been out of the loop all day but just finally got to watch the game. My thoughts are, I never felt like the Gators were out of the game, even at 21-3. The first drives showed an offense that could move and a defense that could stop. The interception (and then the fumble) took the wind out of their sails.

      The first half had a lot of adversity and I’d say that any Gator team of the past three or more years would’ve folded the tent right there. They certainly did last year, several times. The defense had mental mistakes in the first half and poor gap control. Losing Joseph hurt as he has been on a tear the past few games. But the defense as a whole, played hard and never gave up, even when they gave up big plays. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson continues to lead and his tackling has really improved.

      Franks is obviously still a work in progress. Fortunately, he has the perfect coach to nurture him along. And he seems to have bought in to every single thing Coach has been teaching and preaching. I don’t think he’s Dan’s prototype QB but he’s what we have and Dan is making him be the best he can be. The kid has a great attitude.

      Lamical Perine has always been a favorite of mine and he just keeps delivering. This guy just knows how to play and seems to be a great team player. Scarlett had a monster day and Pierce shows lots of great promise. It was nice to see Van Jefferson and the other WR’s get touches and make meaningful contributions. The play calling continues to be creative and tailor made for each game. Coach knows how to game plan. The fake punt was a perfect call at a perfect time!

      The DB’s continue to grow each game. This unit will be a team strength next year and I expect them to continue to improve each week.

      All in all, my take is, this team won a game that they would’ve lost in the past few years. Their composure and character was tested and they responded with a win. Did they play perfectly? No. Does anyone else not named Bama? In my humble opinion, this coaching staff showed their mettle again today and even with a less than perfect game, they WON THE GAME and now this team is 6-1. How many of you on this forum expected that? I didn’t. Still lots of football to play but I’m a lot more optimistic heading into Jacksonville in two weeks…..especially after UGA’s game today 🙂

    • And absolutely well said too Patrick. Your last line sums it up for me…..

    • He’s obviously the best they have or he wouldn’t be playing.

  • There was a noticeable difference when Florida took the court Sept. 25 for the start of preseason camp.
    Gone was senior point guard Chris Chiozza, the Gators’ leader on and off the court, in addition to center J […]

    • Really looking forward to seeing Stokes play. We sorely missed having a 240+ lb unmovable presence inside last year. Hayes is a good blocker but lacked the girth and consequently got pushed around a bit. Stone is anything but a stonewall but Stonewall Stokes has a nice ring to it. I think Stokes is around 260 lbs so won’t get backed down as easily with a power move. I feel good about the other four spots on the court.

    • Also picked ahead of Fla: FSU, South Carolina. Sorry, I forgot.

    • None of the “experts” pre-season polls even mention Florida. Here is who “they” have picked ahead of Fla.: Tennessee, Kentucky, LSU, Auburn, Alabama./ Good. I hope this is like the 05-06 Gators who were picked to finish 11th in the -then 12 team league. To show how much the “experts” know, the just pick the usual suspects: Kentucky, Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Villanova, Kansas. I actually like this Gator team better than last year’s, especially if Hudson takes up defense and rebounding (the 2 things the scouts told him he did not have for the NBA).

    • True. Nobody is like the Old Ball Coach. He told it like he saw it.

  • Dan Mullen’s attention quickly turned to his quarterback, Feleipe Franks, after Saturday’s 27-19 win over LSU.

    Franks had turned in a just-good-enough performance, albeit against a stout Tigers defense, but had […]

    • It would be so nice if this game was over before the half. I can’t help but think the defense is going to explode on the Commodores. I hope we more Toney and Pierce. Go Gatah

      • nopriors
        Well said. I would love to see Toney and Pierce get 16 touches combined. Run or pass. Doesn’t matter. They are game breakers.

    • you could argue all day about the offense scoring needless points, if they are worth it, or is the goal time management and making the crucial plays on offense, which i think this whole confidence discussion is about. i defer to the coaches calls mostly on this, of course the fans love scoring. however, during games like georgia and south carolina, i will want to run up the score. every time. right or wrong.

    • Vandy has usually played the Gators with intensity, which the Gators have not matched. Close games are common when these two teams get together. I am not expecting a blowout, and will be satisfied with a win. Each game is a thing to itself and means little for games to come.

    • Tebow had 5 star talent on the O line and also Percy Harvin who was a beast. Franks is only a sophomore and is still developing, give him some time. I know we want Florida to be back to a national powerhouse, but we’re not yet. We have to support Franks despite his mental flaws at times. I actually like Franks!

  • Nick Buchanan’s 2018 season was supposed to be a trial by fire in a sense.

    Buchanan, a 6-foot-3 redshirt junior offensive lineman out of Dunwoody, Georgia, emerged as Florida’s starting center in the off […]

    • These guys are starting to sound more and more like what you hear out of Bama. Like focusing on doing your job and not worrying so much about the opponent. Doing your job the best you can, EVERY play with relentless effort and the results will take care of themselves.

      And the beautiful thing about what is happening in this program is, as they develop, physically, mentally, and in football intelligence, they can start working on the “little things”, the details that are needed to take the next step. Experience and paying attention to the little things do make the game slow down and build confidence and produce better results. The little things are the difference between 8 wins and 12 wins. Go Gators!

      • That sums it up very nicely, Rog. Leaders emerge, and so do skills. We are half way thru the season (can you believe it?) and just look at the players who are not the same from just 6 weeks ago. It has been a real treat this year to watch these guys, and this team. develop.

        • I told someone just a few minutes ago that very thing….that this has been a fun football season so far. It’s been a LONG time.

      • What’s nice is that they seem to actually pay attention and work on the “little things”. McElfraud always talked about working on the little details but it never ever showed in their play or development. It’s not just lip service anymore and the results PROVE it. Go Gators!

    • Successful line play on both sides are what drives championship football teams, especially in the SEC. And lines, especially the OL, are not built overnight. It’s nice to see the Gator OL showing improvement, week in and week out. It’s been a LONG time coming.

      It’s even nicer to see a head coach who calls it as he (and everyone else) sees it and doesn’t sugarcoat where the line is in its development. The OL did a good job against LSU and at the end of the game when they really needed the OL to step up… they did. They still have a ways to go (still too many false start penalties and missed assignments that get your QB killed) but they are finally making progress.

      And Buchanan has really started to step up and be a leader on this line. Great job Buch!!!

    • I’m a fan of three star players with upside which is this type of player but there are risks with that approach. Somehow Stevens the tight end did not lift the amount of weights or learn the toughness the game requires. Nick Buchanan definitely had to work around a talented but injured McCoy and it’s generally a tougher path for the 3:star and worse for some positions and some players. Still this guy has done the work and is developing into a good player so it’s working out but I concede the high rated player is important to bring on to sustain excellence in the program.

    • Yup,

      I love this quote, true in life for sure, “Because as soon as you get comfortable, somebody hits you right in the face.”

    • TA did Mac have a system?

      • Yeah…..for preparing BBQ sauce 🙂

        • Oh Yah I keep forgetting about that. How about the look he’d give with an answer to a question from the media after a loss. Q: What are we going to do to improve. A: We gotta get better. That may not be the exact quote but I about came unglued. Real answer was I don’t know what I’m doing but here have some BBQ sauce.

  • It all began to click for Jachai Polite in 2017, and former UF defensive tackle Taven Bryan seemingly deserves much of the credit.

    Bryan, who was selected in the first round of the NFL draft this year by the […]

    • I’ve griped too much about past coaches. In truth all of our defensive coaches for ten years have been top notch. So we have had good scouting and good coaching and good defensive calling.
      Most years it was something different. Either credit card or offensive line unable to handle the blitz or a hurricane or the Grier steroid thing.. some of it was going to happen. Maybe Mullen can hold this thing together when the old crazy ivan tries to change the course on us. I for one think he will. But in the meantime we have a special athletic talent with Mr polite so if any gator defensive assistant does not care about recruiting stars that goes double for me.

    • Polite is only polite to his teammates. I hope he hates commodores and bulldogs.

    • Tampa one of the reasons the taking systems has huge flaws. That aside Polite is a beast imagine if he’d had real coaches for the first two years. But Mr Polite keep the motor runnin and be ‘polite’ when you’re running over QB’s head up away from his chest on target, politely knock the ball from his hands as you politely take him to the ground. You could politely offer a hand to help his bruised and battered self on his feet. Politely say I’ll be back and trot to our side of the line of scrimmage. Good luck young man I’ve been watching your play improve. Stay on the right side of things and good luck. GO GATORS!

    • We are stacked at DE. Polite is good but I’m not sure he’s the best on the team. Who would go higher on the draft between Polite, Jefferson, and Zuniga?

    • This dude has been anything but “polite” to opposing O’s.

  • [Updated, 10-8-18, 12:05 p.m.] The deafening sound of the 90,000 fans in attendance Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium grew louder as safety Brad Stewart glided into the end zone for six, but linebacker Vosean […]

    • Such a great turn around for Vosean. It seemed like he struggled last year. If you haven’t seen his post game interview it’s great. Nice humble young man. Stewarts interview is great too. Go Gators

    • Kicking the ball in the stands was a bad move and could have hurt us badly, but get over it. We won and he played great. We would have been the ones worrying about a comeback if it weren’t for him.

    • LT, in memory of the late great Gainesville Rocker, Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers).
      ”You’re JAMMIN’ ME! …take back your losing streak. You’re JAMMING ME! …quit jammin’ me!”
      Nothing but love and respect for T.P.
      From just ”another born and raised Gainesvillian.”
      Go Gators! Chomp-on V.J.!

    • I think CDM was more concerned with Stewart not taking a knee to end the game:)

    • Rog replied 2 weeks ago

      I’ve wondered about him too.

      Also, I probably missed this, but does anyone know what’s going on with Richard Gouraige? Heard a lot about this 4* recruit during the recruiting cycle, but not much since.

    • I have to eat crow here on some thing. Earlier this year I expressed strong disagreemeny with hiring Christian Robinson as linebacker coach. I didn’t like on the job training. Plus the Georgia bulldog thing. Plus he wouldn’t stay if he got better. Why not pay more to get the best I said….
      I did use the caveat that I hoped I was wrong. But I thought it would cost us a couple of wins. And after Kentucky I didn’t gloat but I was so sure I was right that I thought we would do better teaching ourselves. I pretty much went judge Chamberlain Haller on him like it was my cousin Vinny..
      Now I have to say publicly to Christian Robinson: you are one hell of a linebacker coach. You now have a big supporter not that you need it. For any elite linebacker recruit…if you choose some other position coach you are doing so at your own risk. There was an elite lb prospect at the game…and he has seen it with his own eyes…hang around Robinson if he will take you
      And to CDM I say pay the man. He’s good and we need him here. But it proves CDM has an eye for coaching talent which is huge. That may have been champ’s undoing because other than Dan quinn he never did well picking assistants. Same for Mac.
      Now for Mr Joseph. You are a 3 star in the newspaper but better than any 5 star. We’ve had some great linebackers..keep this up and you will be in Wilbur Marshall territory. Plus I like you. I don’t care about your punting. And keep the game going so we can get another inception…that’s sorta like what the ole ball coach would do when he had the offense going.
      I’m sorry to all that I’ve annoyed here but Man we have a hell of a lot of fun going on

      • Takes one helluva man to say that, mveal.

        • and mr. Christian robinson has made me happy to say it! a lot of posters disagreed with me at the time and let me know, and I also appreciate the kinds words defending from you, #6! the original predictions of the team turned out to be right, I wasn’t on board with them. after Kentucky the pendulum went too far the other way, I stayed with the old 9 and 3 prediction. but now ive moved to 2 losses, these kids really deserve enthusiasm, so from here out I admit I’m a fan first, and not one to have a lot of skepticism. I also enjoy the conversation with everyone, it brings up so much good from the past, a happy time now, and a promise for the future. that’s not so easy to find these days. thanks again, and that also includes the newspaper guys too!

          • You know, we all — every one of us — said things before or immediately after Sep 1st that in retrospect we’d take back….if only we had had a crystal ball! In my case, I didn’t think this team would ever find its character, that they’d be stuck in 2017. Boy, was I off base!

    • Played homage to Spikes who did it 10 years ago. Good to keep the crowd in it. LT are your Noles going to win in November?

    • I really don’t know how you do not run it in. It just feels good.

    • CO, I think these great, emotional moments depend an awful lot on timing (just like comedy, come to think of it). More like walking an invisible tight wire — go one way, you’re a hero and all is good…..go the other way, you’re a zero and always remembered at “that guy”. Or, maybe Karma really does have something to do with it, since like you said, it all worked out in the end.

    • Gotcha. I hadn’t heard anything so I was curious. Thanks!

  • Florida honored its 2008 National Championship team prior to the Gators’ 27-19 win Saturday over No. 5 LSU, with many former Gators and staffers making the trip back to Gainesville for the special occasion.
    And t […]

    • What an amazing game and turn-around from the home loss to UK this season. I know we have a lot of sore players and hoarse fans today but it was a game to remember.

  • Florida tight end Lucas Krull had been awaiting an opportunity, but his enthusiasm hadn’t waned.

    Krull, who signed with Florida just three months ago prior to the Summer B semester, is often the largest p […]

    • ”That’s the thing, when you’re not on the field, you still have got to be the best teammate you could be, because those guys need you as much as I need them.” -Gator T.E., Krull.
      These Gators are learning, ”there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.” And Krull, and the other T.E.s are contributing, finally!
      Go Gators! Chomp-on Florida!

    • There are a lot of players on this team that have really conducted themselves in the best way imaginable..none more so than krull. Obviously he has proven himself to the coaches and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

    • You’ll sure hear it from me, Lakeland….and even before that pass at that. I wonder what the hold up is? His hands don’t look like their on backwards or anything!

  • Howdy readers, hope everyone’s doing well. We published a list Thursday of visitors in attendance today, but there’s a few additions to add. Keiondre Jones, cousin of QB Emory Jones is here in attendance unofficially, as well as recent UGA decommit JD Bertrand. And one of UF’s top RB targets, Nay’Quan Wright, arrived several hours ago. Send me any…[Read more]

  • This was a video from our FacebookLive segment with staffer Brad McClenny, left, and Sun correspondent Graham Hall done earlier today.

    Leave any questions you have for Graham in the comments section and he […]

    Graham Hall talking Gator recruiting LIVE.

    Posted by Gatorsports on Friday, October 5, 2018

  • All of those prospects except Thibodeaux are listed. I’ve been told it’s only 4 on official visits while the others will be here on unofficial visits. That certainly could change between now and Saturday, but as of now that’s where things stand.

  • You’re referring to Jadon Haselwood. It’s looking like Auburn, Miami and Georgia are his top choices right now. UF was on him a year ago but has been pursuing other targets after Haselwood committed to UGA.

  • The nine months following the 2017 season featured one of college football’s timeless traditions: analysts casting picks and predictions.

    And every year, countless teams exceed and subvert those expectations, o […]

    • “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
      -George Eliot.
      The Gators coulda’, shoulda’ beaten L.S.U. last year.
      So here’s hoping the fellas from Florida “leave no doubt” and spank the Tigers in “The Swamp.”

    • A very well written and constructed article, I think one that captures the essence of this game. Tomorrow is Friday and of course then next it’s game day — everyone has pretty much made their thoughts known by now, doubt anyone will change their mind, so now is probably the best time to start pulling together and support our team. Many roads are said to have led to Rome… Ed sustained, strange things have a habit of happening in the SEC…..keep the faith!

    • Indeed, Ed. And I just know that players sometimes think, ”they’re ranked 5th, how good, really, are they, etc..” But I also know they can and should be saying, ”heck, we shoulda’ won last year!” So, here’s hoping!
      Because the Gators are on the right track, win or lose. And I have more confidence in this year’s team than last season’s team, and after only 5 games. Go Gators!

    • Got a few problems with this article. While we are better than expected we are only 3 conference games in and 2-1 in that. Everyone here knows I have been on the high side of predictions but we have a long road a treacherous one at that to get to Atlanta. Can we? Yes, that is possible but the team has to get much better. They are improving week over week. As for being one of the nations best we have to beat the LSU’s, UGA’s, Mo’s this year and we can add that to the titles. One win at a time.
      Vegas was wrong on counting us out. I wish I would have put my money where my mouth was there. I have said all along we can win all of these games but don’t think we are there yet, though Mullen is building something special here.
      LSU has a history of beating us on trick plays. That is a hint to the defense and special teams. Keep the ball in front of you, stay with your man, watch for the deception.
      I hope they take the loss last year, the loss to KY and use that motivation but remain loose and stay with the fundamentals, routes and assignments and beat the crap out of the Bayou BUNGLES. Watching a few LSU games I saw some holes in their game a coach could exploit. May have been the competition they were playing but I am sure our coaches are on top of things. Biggest thing for DBU this weekend is to get the first INT on them this year.

    • we are so excited about the gators, that we have critiqued our team so well, that no we are critiquing the articles the newspapers write! I love it. ANd we critique our other commenters. this, well, I don’t care because the commenters are fun, they remember players from the past, and plays, and you get to relive some great times. but of course, some of the critiques are technically correct. doesn’t mean much, but we all feel better.

      theres no point in criticizing the newspaper for not correctly predicting the quality of LSU or Florida (expectations are a form of prediction). predicitions tend to be wrong universally. big deal. someone got a prediction wrong! So, here goes my prediction. Florida beats LSU 10-9. sure that’s not logical. but its the 6th game, LSU is close, either this week or next one, to an underperformance. we had ours against Kentucky, so our ninth game is a risk of a letdown by this logic. of course that could happen in the eighth, or the tenth or the fifth. but letdowns are coming. whoever gets let down, please don’t shoot their coach. Life is like that, one out of 7 usually doesn’t go right, predictions are hard, and keep your bad days from turning into bad periods of time. that bad period after a bad gam, just kinda happened to us when we hired champ, but I’m truly convinced we are on the right path now.

  • The 3:30 p.m. match-up with LSU marks the biggest home game for the Gators this season, meaning a heavy contingent of 2019 prospects will descend upon Gainesville this weekend.

    Florida and coach Dan Mullen are […]

    • On ESPN U radio this morning a 5* UGA commit at wide receiver de-committed and is looking at OK and UM. If there are no character issues we should be inviting him. Didn’t get the name but looks like he has right now potential. Patience my friends as we have discussed here many of these guys are going to change there commitments. The youth will go for the hot team at the moment. I also read that a lot of teams over recruit and there is no room on some teams. We have time. The key is good solid play and coaching and these guys will want to play here. I am with Tampa in I thought there would be more official visits. There are some missing names.

      • You’re referring to Jadon Haselwood. It’s looking like Auburn, Miami and Georgia are his top choices right now. UF was on him a year ago but has been pursuing other targets after Haselwood committed to UGA.

    • All of those prospects except Thibodeaux are listed. I’ve been told it’s only 4 on official visits while the others will be here on unofficial visits. That certainly could change between now and Saturday, but as of now that’s where things stand.

    • It’s a lost cause, Doug…….a lost cause for a lost art. I’m still waiting for a Pulitzer Prize for Sarcasm that’ll probably never arrive now, and all I did was piss everyone off. Try posting on the Arkansas boards, at least you’ll know for sure that you’re casting your pearls before swine!

    • Actually CO, I thought at first that it was a pretty good number, before I found out that I’m not supposed to be impressed. But it’s still a little premature on recruiting — you’ve said, yourself, that decent results on the field will be the factor above all that draws them back, and I believe that too. Overall, it will take more than one season, but to cast doubt on Mullen’s abilities in recruiting at this point is rather absurd. But it’ll raise its head again before December, of that I’m certain. I’m sure you are too.

    • He is still delayed in his flight to Tally.. trying to make connections back to So Cal

    • Bingo Daz — a recruiting target comes to a very competitive games that we wind up losing to the number 5 team in the nation, and all of a sudden the world ends and we’ll never get anything else but an occasional 3* again until the end of time. That’s called “all or nothing thinking”, a cardinal cognitive error, and we do it every day. Thankfully, so does everyone else.

    • Any word on EJ Smith? Heard he’s visiting

    • DISCLAIMER: The above rant was produced for entertainment value only, employing a 20th Century literary technique referred to as “sarcasm”. Children under the age of 18, or extremely sensitive adults exhibiting a tendency for concrete thinking styles, should not read it without proper supervision which may consist of a licensed psychotherapist or a properly ordained priest.

    • One look at Miami and the list they have for the fsu game you realize that we have some catching up to do in the dazzle department. Do here’s one more counterintuitive comment for everyone.
      The number one recruiting job for this program imo is keeping CDM. He’s an elite coach and jedi master of the spread which is about to be big money at the NFL level soon. He is a hell of a scout of talent. He can call plays as good as anyone. He has a good nose for finding good assistants. His only challenged area is he not the magnet of ahead of development 18 year olds that some people covet…which means nothing of course at the next level. If you have to have something to work on that’s probably the best one. Because soon he is going to get the NFL money even higher for his kids and that’s already a strength of UF at least for numbers of NFL players.
      He can always do what Kentucky did a few years back and tell his players they are unforgettable…the big flash evetyone else had to have went here or there, but the “want to” guys are at UF and they can perform at just as high of a level if they listen to the coaches.
      Sure I’d like to see a little more from the list in terms if offensive line and linebacker but the rest I don’t even count the stars on because we always have good athletes. Always.

  • Moral Stephens’ potential in Florida’s offense was seemingly revealed in Saturday’s decisive sequence.

    The redshirt senior hauled in UF’s lone touchdown of the night, a 20-yard grab on a trick play by Kadariu […]

    • I know people don’t care for the other line but when you add downfield blocking it’s really improved things.. because any play can add more to the end of it. That’s what the numbers say. With our defense that’s a good thing. This week we need that evenore since LSU will be looking to kill the fun we’ve been having

    • I mean offensive line. Not other line. Sorry

      I also just love this kid. True gator. From Perry. Like Kerwin was from mayo. No one thinks they can play because they ate from little towns but those guys are always good.

    • Mveal, that is one of the things I thinks skews the * system. There are some players ranked lower because they are not on the radar. 3* would have been 5* in a high profile location. Doesn’t matter this guys got heart and drive. Hope we see more of our offense this weekend. Solid OL play, TE block, release after block catching passes, RB Block, hitting holes, Making holes, catching out of the backfield, G and T making holes in defense, WR Blocking and catching, QB making good decisions, not committing turnovers, making first downs. Last week someone said we looked like a Muschamp offense. Well we did a little in grinding the ball. I think they were working on the clock offense scheme. Hell I don’t know anything about being a coach. But I think these players are liking playing for this coach.

      • Good catch 65…….somebody also said that this is basically last year’s team, and the fact that they are now playing for this coach, and liking the results, means everything. First of all, win or lose, it provides a basis to build on; secondly, it’s contagious and should start to pick up recruiting in the near term.

        Actually, you do know a lot about being a coach, maybe not a football coach per se, but you’ve done your fair share of it in other arenas. Leads to discernment and principles of leadership which apply no matter what the “game” is.

    • Got to agree with Pompano and especially JIM — when they turned the corner in attitude, and became aware of their actual physicality, remarkable things began to happen. It only gets better, and while I don’t know for sure what Savage makes, he probably ought to get a raise.

    • Roger that Bud…..and it certainly appears that Mullen’s group are not only talented coaches in their own right, but they have enormous loyalty to him and thus a level of cohesiveness that might be a good predictor of the future as well.

    • Hey Jaws — as we draw closer to game time, can we expect some scintillating prose from you? It’s getting to be a tradition late in the week……I’ve got an itch…..more cowbell won’t solve it……

      And by the way, where is Cody Alan?

    • La Flor Dominica, double ligero 6.5×60 ought to do the trick! We anxiously await the return of your passion. (I’m going to smoke the remnants of my own La Flor while my wife is at the grocery store, since she and my 12 year old doctor frown on it)

      • No such thing as a bad Monte Christo! Have you tried the 6×60 “Monte”? Really same-same the Romeo & Julietta Media Noche, just smoother.

        After a stroke in February, I had to give away all my puros and a thousand count humidor — wife went ballistic. But I still get a Serie V in occasionally when I’m with my buddies in Waco or the lovely Gator-3 is out shopping.

    • Our Kicking Game is one of the best in CFB. I think it will make the difference.

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