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  • Florida’s 2018 class landed a second offensive lineman Friday in Richard Gouraige, a four-star prospect out of Cambridge Christian School in Tampa.

    Gators coach Jim McElwain confirmed Gouraige’s com […]

    • Don’t pay any attention to the sour grapes. They have no class.

      Welcome to the family Richard. Make us proud young man!

    • Now, young man, go and speak with every great Floridian, high school football player, like yourself, who may be going out of state, and then encourage them to BE GATORS also! We’re DUE in the ORANGE & BLUE! And… ”IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!” ~Field of Dreams. -Go Gators!

  • On Saturday, Iverson Clement took what might have been his final visit, and it only re-affirmed his commitment to enroll in January at the University of Florida.

    Clement, a highly recruited running back in the […]

    • It’s good to read the young man’s excitement of becoming a Gator. It looks like we beat out some tough competition for his services. I definitely would like to hear some commitments to to the DL,LB and OL lines as high as this class is ranked I think it has a chance to be even better if we can shore up those areas

    • What a breath of fresh air. Seems like an articulate and smart young man – who rips it on the grid iron. Welcome to Gator Nation!

    • Micheal it always comes down to players regardless of scheme. We have some not enough. Lamar Jackson most exciting spread guy in college football but he doesn’t have enough help. It looks like our recruiting classes are improving. The top teams play both styles. I agree that better play calling could help some but ultimatly you have to run the rock at a high level, stop the run, and play solid special teams. I believe if they play football for another 100 years that recipe will still work. Do we as fans have enough patience while recruiting is trending is yet to be determined. Go Gators

    • I’m -personally- sick of being told to ”be patient”! While we, Gator fans, have been ”patiently waiting” since Urban Meyer’s last year at U.F., back when he said, ”Florida’s program is broken.” That was in 2010; that was 84 months ago! ”Things that make you go, hhmm!”

  • When the play call came in, Dre Massey and his Florida teammates knew his moment had finally arrived. After an arduous journey, Massey finally looked in prime position to reach the end zone.

    Massey’s first […]

    • gatorgi70x7 it’s daunting task for sure, but let me understand. You want team’s players not believe when it’s mathematically possible however unlikely. I don’t understand that point of view at all. Once they are if eliminated you ask them to embrace the spoiler roll. What you never due is say awe it’s to hard so lets just tank it. You do what you can to keep your team focused and moticated on the challenges. You never tell them to quit nor do you quit trying as a coach to use anything at their disposal motivate your players as long as its moral. And the last thing you worry about is the disapointment of your faithful fan base when they preach quiting or that they shouldn’t try motivate their players because of your delicate sensitivity

      • My ”delicate sensitivity”? Wow! I will bet you 100 DOLLARS right now, with no points, straight-up, that Florida doesn’t win the SEC EAST! The RIGHT MOTIVATION, and the right reasoning behind it, was my point! So, please, the next time you want to ”call someone out like me”, whom you don’t even KNOW, other than by a few of my written PARAGRAPHS, well, put up or shut up! A 100 DOLLAR BET? And b.t.w., I have NO SENSITIVITIES to these players today, besides their injuries.

        • You bashed a player “Dre Massey” for his comments of believing in his team, so I decided to bash back. I openly admit we are not a very good team at this point. I probably should have left the remark about sensitivities out. I should have not made it personal. As for your offer of taking your bet I’m Gator Fan not a fool. I apologize publicly for making it personal that shouldn’t be done we are all frustrated members of Gator Nation and tempers are high.
          As for my philosophy coaching players to believe in their team despite unfavorable circumstances is a good thing i won’t back down from. I try to be careful with what I say because I don’t use an alias. It’s obvious by your reaction I wasn’t careful enough. Hopefully when people read our discourse they get some idea what our players go through on a daily basis.
          On a final note I apologize to you hopefully you’ll accept it.

          • Glen Fender, I am not ashamed of my alias, but some know that my ”gatorgi70x7” is for gator, G.I., (my actual name: Greg Ines), and the ”70×7” is indicative of ”God’s eternal forgiveness”. As I openly and unashamedly display my faith in Jesus Christ by using His ”70×7” saying about ”unlimited forgiveness’.
            So, not only do I accept your apology, as a Christian, I apologize to you as well. However, your ”personal attack” by saying I have a ”delicate sensitivity” did bother me, way too much, perhaps. But this new and inter-active comment and writing opportunities for us fans, which this website, ”” offers us is special to me.
            I do try to avoid personally attacking any one. Lastly, I wasn’t trying to attack Dre Massy. I was just taken back by his comment (which could become a ”team belief”) that the Gators have a ”chance still at the SEC East title”. As I know in my heart of hearts that their chances are slim to none. I just want to read that their ”motivations” are ”just win, baby!” Like the famous, and former Raiders owner, Al Davis, famously said. And let the orange and blue chips fall where they may. This ’17 season is, unfortunately, likely going to be one of ruining U.G.A. and F.S.U.’s seasons, with loses to U.F., hopefully! It is the best way to get the former Florida ”swag” back heading into the next season. I do admire Dre Massey, and sincerely wish him nothing but the best for the rest of the season. Go Gators!

            • Well if you do not accept thats your perogative. I was in the USN and my faith is my own. I agree nothing would be sweeter at this point than beating UGA and FSU. So we may have found common ground. Go Gators

          • ”So, not only do I accept your apology, as a Christian, I apologize to you as well.” Is what I said above… so I am not quite sure what you mean about ”not accepting your apology”. Perhaps you’re just not understanding my writings.
            But we do, in fact, have a ”common ground” about beating U.G.A. and F.S.U. As that would be a great ending to this mediocre U.F. Football season on a high note. Lastly, a very wise Christian man once said, ”Faith is personal, but it is never private”. So, that is my motto, too. Go Gators!

    • Yeah it difficult especially on a struggling team. My experience tells me if you don’t believe you can then you can’t. The issues on this team are well documented poor play calling, poor special teams, and limited roster. Those things can be rectified that why I look at are the kids playing hard are they presenting a unified front, do they feel they can still impact their season in a positive way. If you don’t see those indicators then it’s a sign a coach has lost the locker room and you don’t comeback from that. I do not see those indicators and our recruiting looks lie we will be consistenlty in the top ten again. If you look at college football it is the number one indicator for success. The better coaches tend to consistently finish in the top 10 recruiting.

    • Who…?

  • If any of these happen, talk about a lot of money in buy-outs!

  • Richard Gouraige, a four-star offensive lineman in the 2018 class out of Cambridge Christian School in Tampa, has narrowed his top 2 college choices to the University of Florida and Clemson University. Gouraige was on campus for Florida vs. LSU and the Gators have heavily recruited him this cycle. No timetable on his commitment but I think the…[Read more]

  • With less than a minute remaining in regulation, Florida looked to set up a drive that would at least put Eddy Pineiro in position to kick a game-winning field goal.

    It was a scenario that UF has been in before […]

    • I’ve seen too many QBs stink here only to go on to other schools and do just fine.

      It’s the coaching (or lack thereof)

    • I got two words…Fire Nuss!

    • Yes to almost every comment I have read here. It’s time for Malik Zaire. The coaching staff has to see what he can do despite being thrust into a difficult situation in the Michigan game. Franks has essentially failed his audition to be a viable starter for the Gators going forward and despite his experience has shown that in an ideal situation he may not even be qualified to be the number 2, despite the big arm. Now for better or worse we will be going into 2018 with no experienced QB except Franks. If Mac does not play Zaire he is sending a message to potential graduate transfers that they may end up riding the pine. Then why would they transfer to UF?

    • He told Grier he would NOT guarantee him the starting job when he came back, so he left where WVU guaranteed him to start. Now he’s throwing for 350 yds. a game and 5 TDs for WVU.

    • Lack of offense. Where have I heard that before. Once again, the defense is rounding into form, Holding its last 2 opponents to 17 pts. and 19 pts. That should be good enough to win if you have an offense. I don’t know how this will play out but Coach Mac will be on the hot seat next year. His best possible finish this year is 7-4, could be 6-5 and likely will be 5-6. (for sure a loss at Georgia, probably S. Carolina and a weak FSU will score 17 pts and win). This willl not sit well with the Gator nation, alumni nor I.

    • He is in over his head at this point in his development. OF not helping him with play calling. I admire his courage he exhibits when talking to the media. He owns his body of work and doesn’t blame anyone for his performance. So if there are any cowards sending this young man hate mail you stick it where the sun rarely shines!

  • After Texas A&M won the coin toss and received the ball to begin the game, the Gators had an opportunity to score first in the second half and regain momentum. Instead, the UF offense went nowhere and the defense […]

    • “‘I feel like the defense always does enough,” Jefferson said. “I’m a defensive player, so that’s just how I feel.”
      Well, I feel like that FRESHMAN Q.B. for A&M made you all ”look like fools” when he dropped back to pass, saw you all were just ”doing enough”, and then allowed him to strut right into the end zone for an EASY TEXAS A&M score last night! So chew on that in the film room today!

    • Time to fire MediocreWain and bring “The Mayor of Gainesville” – Charlie Strong, home.

  • Gators wide receiver Freddie Swain wasn’t looking to admit the offense struggled against LSU without its top two deep threats.

    But after Florida couldn’t create any explosive plays downfield, resulting in jus […]

    • Wish we could fire self proclaimed Gator fans or are you a troll? Anyways, I thought I would throw out this trendy stat just in case you really root for the team to the west….

      Florida State ACC Conference Record and Standings:
      2014 / 8-0 / 1st (Atlantic)
      2015 / 6-2 / 2nd(Atlantic)
      2016 / 5-3 / 3rd(Atlantic)
      2017 / 1-2 / 4th(Atlantic)

  • With No. 16 Florida State in town for the Sunshine Showdown, the No. 10-ranked Florida soccer team looked to avoid another lackadaisical start. But the Gators didn’t take long before resorting to their old w […]

  • As Florida looked to drive the field with just over four minutes remaining in regulation Saturday, the offense appeared prepared to use as much time as necessary.

    But when the drive stalled out and Florida […]

    • Obviously the coaching staff has been working with Franks in practice sessions. Maybe it appears that he understands the playbook a little better each week and maybe he is learning to go through the progressions in practice. But in practice part of the concern is to not get anyone hurt, therefore practice during the week cannot mimic the speed of the game, the brutality of the hits, the pressure of expectations, the crowd, essentially ninety percent of it. So often the progress made in practice is a mirage when some QBs actually take the field against an SEC level defense. Is Franks one of these guys? If Del Rio hadn’t been injured would Franks have ever seen the field again this season? Does Malik Zaire disappoint the coaches in practice? Is that why he sits? There’s many questions to be answered here but I don’t think Coach Mac will give us the answers.

    • Crappy recruiting? Last I checked Franks was one of the most highly rated QB’s in the country. Big, strong, prototype QB size. Don’t lie…didn’t you think after the famous ‘Cleveland Steamer’ that beat Tenn you thought we had finally found the QB we’ve been looking for?

    • Yes, now that we have some more games to evaluate with it does seem he has a ways to go in the learning process. But to say that landing Franks was ‘crappy recruiting’ is stupid. And how do you know Mac didn’t try to convince Grier to stay? That’s just what you conjured up to fit your narrative. I admit, not panning out the way I would have wanted but goodness man, ‘dumb as a box of hammers’?

  • As Florida kicker Eddy Piñeiro trotted out for what looked like a routine extra-point attempt, the home crowd erupted with chants of “Ed-dy, Ed-dy”. It was attempt No. 47 for Piñeiro, and he was looking to keep […]

  • A lot of top recruits in town for the game today, who do you want to see UF land? Any score predictions for today? I’m going 27-13, Florida

  • As Gabby Seiler sprinted down the left flank with the ball, looking to put Florida in front early, she watched as fellow midfielder Parker Roberts overlapped and called for a pass inside the box. Seiler provided […]

  • Cameron Newbauer spent the past six months preparing for Tuesday, but he still seemed shocked the day had finally arrived.

    Speaking at the University of Florida women’s basketball team’s first media session of […]

  • Hey everyone, I know football season is in full swing and the primary focus around here, but the basketball teams are getting back into full swing. The men’s team is coming off an Elite Eight appearance (who can forget the Chiozza heave??” and the women’s team has a promising new coach in Cameron Newbauer, who helped lead Belmont to 27 wins last…[Read more]

  • Moral Stephens leaped forward with the ball extended over the pylon, his first collegiate touchdown a mere inches away. Ultimately, the replay booth ruled Stephens down inside the one-yard line, but the play was a […]

    • Tight ends have not been used well by this staff, with so many who should have talent I wonder at the coaching and game planning. Other teams get their players open through design we either don’t or our QBs don’t see them. Only game film would tell. Sure would be nice to have a great blocking and pass catching tight end in the game.

  • As Florida quarterback Luke Del Rio picked himself up and off the field, he reached for his collarbone before slowly making his way to the sidelines.

    An X-ray confirmed Del Rio’s fear: his left collarbone w […]

  • Considering the praise surrounding Florida’s youth-laden defense, it’s easy to forget about the veteran talent playing critical roles this season.

    Defensive end Jordan Sherit is a prime example.

    Sherit, a r […]

  • Update, Sept. 29: Davis remains hospitalized Friday. Coach Jim McElwain will address Davis’ condition after Saturday’s 12 p.m. game vs. Vanderbilt. The original story appears below.

    Florida defensive end […]

  • Yes I believe the legal aspect comes first, and that will determine whether administration action is taken or not. The 9 students are still in school because they’re still allegations at this point – that would change if the State Attorney’s office presses charges.

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