• Binghamton outfielder Tim Tebow was put on the disabled list Saturday with a right hand injury and is scheduled to see a specialist in New York on Monday, the team said.
    Tebow was injured in Friday’s game while p […]

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    UF softball assistant coach Jennifer Rocha has accepted the position of associate head coach with the University of Oklahoma, UF announced Wednesday.

    Rocha spent the last 13 […]

    • There was a twitter from Coach Walton that indicated she was choosing to be closer to family. I think that is the main reason for the lateral move.

  • By John Reid, GateHouse Media Services

    JACKSONVILLE — The Jaguars officially announced Wednesday that defensive end Taven Bryan signed his four-year rookie contract that includes a fifth-year team o […]

    • This kids going to be a beast for the jags. His first step needs to be quicker to make a real impact as an everydown DE. But, his work ethic has been well documented, he’s gonna put in the work.

  • By Pat Dooley and Robbie Andreu
    Staff writers
    This is the week when the assembled SEC media gets an opportunity to be bold and take chances.
    Or not.
    When the votes are tallied, we pretty much know the two […]

    • TAMU doesn’t come close to 2nd in the West, not this year anyway. 1-2-3 is probably just about right in the East, although I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 & 3 are reversed.

      In other sports news, at least judging by national sports media coverage, and but for this site and a few others similar, I would at this point in time be wondering again if Florida had dropped football.

    • I know you were being rather tongue-in-cheek there, Joe…..but could be anyway. I wouldn’t take a bet on Franks throwing for 4K yards and 30+ TD, but I would take it on the hugely improved part. Either way, he won’t be the same kid.

      I’m not sure Smart proves out to be Muschamp 2.0 — I’m willing to give the devil his due in this case. I actually think he’s a pretty good coach and the fact is, he’s assembled a pretty good roster on paper. Just that, as mveal says, games are played on the field and not in the newspaper. He has now got to prove he’s not a one trick pony, but more importantly, even if he is “great”…….thing is, there’s room in the SEC for a lot of “great” coaches. I give you Bear Bryant, Wally Butts, Bobby Dodd, Shug Jordan, and even Ray Graves……all co-existing at the same time in about the most competitive period of SEC history yet. It’s bound to happen again, and I for one think the stage is set. Dan Mullen’s future greatness depends on nobody else, but the environment in which he achieves it may well be the best the SEC has ever seen — Smart, Pruitt, Saban, Fisher, the little guy at Auburn who’s name I can never spell, even perhaps a mature Muschamp. We’ll see, I guess.

    • I like Tavorris’ thinking.
      And still, UGA beat Florida last year, and lost to UF the year before. Neither team is the “Beast of the East”, yet.
      Florida has a chance to be good. Possibly great this year, if they’re as hungry as they say they are.
      GO GATORS!

    • Delicious CO, in a word, delicious. You have accordingly removed all doubt from my military mind that your spiritual gift is sarcasm. Did I already use the word, delicious? Way to go, old boy.

    • If Kirby can really coach with all that new 5 star talent, UGa may take over the SEC from Nick at Alabama very soon. Florida looks to be 2-3 years away from seriously competing for the SEC title–too many question marks.

    • I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon and call Kirby Smart the 2nd coming of Nick Saban but I think calling him Muschamp 2.0 may be a little off-base. UGA will miss some guys who left but there is PLENTY of talent in the cupboard in Athens. The bar has been set in the East and it runs through Athens.

      • True, but the freight train runs thru G’ville. And as good as those guys may be, hell, a whole lot of teams beside them, the worst thing they can do is underestimate what Dan Mullen really puts on the field this year.

        • Let’s hope they do!!!

          I don’t think it’ll take Dan Mullen long to get the Gators back on top in the East and legitimately in Atlanta year after year.

    • I don’t see A&M finishing 2nd….that honor will go to Auburn. In fact, I’d say Miss State may finish ahead of A&M…at least this year.

      I’m probably overly optimistic but I see the Gators finishing 2nd in the East and Kentucky/South Carolina fighting over 3rd place.

    • I don’t think most are making excuses for this coaching staff, but heck, they’ve been on the job for 8 months and haven’t even played a game yet. The Gator football “brand” is very tarnished right now. These recruits were playing kick ball on the 2nd grade school playground the last time our program was relevant. Let’s see how recruiting goes after we start winning a few games and looking like a real program again.

  • Former Florida forward standout Devin Robinson has been one of the most impressive players in NBA Summer League play at Las Vegas by all accounts.

    Robinson is averaging 21.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game, […]

    • Maturity is a by-product of life experiences and is an ongoing process. I think most knew he would eventually realize his potential. I wish him the best!

    • Robinson playing harder now than he ever played at Florida. As for Jalen Hudson, if he plays 2018-19 the way he played last year, he’ll find a nice roster spot overseas in a D-league.

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    NEW YORK — The New York Mets have promoted outfielder Matt den Dekker, a former University of Florida standout, on Wednesday.

    Den Dekker hit .286 with 11 homers and 34 RBIs in 63 g […]

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    Mark your calendars, Gators fans: Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19. 
    The Florida football and volleyball teams have partnered to create a special weekend for fans to start the 2018 […]

  • Tim Tebow, one of the most productive and popular players in Florida football history, is joining the school’s all-time greats in UF’s Ring of Honor this fall, the school announced Wednesday.

    Tebow will be […]

    • Each of the inductees is a special Gator, and even more special with today’s announcement.

    • Congrats Tim Tebow #15! You deserve it! And I will ALWAYS remember you beating Herschel Walker’s
      ”S.E. C.’s All-time rushing T.D. record” in the FLORIDA/U.G.A. game. It was ”poetic justice.” CHOMP-CHOMP!
      Go Gators and congrats to Tim Tebow!

    • Duffy: Per UF, for a player or coach to merit consideration for induction into the Gators Football Ring of Honor, at least one of the following criteria must be met. In addition, the individual must have been departed from UF for at least five seasons, and he must be in good standing with the institution.

      Criteria to Merit Consideration
      Heisman Trophy Winners
      Former UF All-Americans Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame for Accomplishments as Players
      Former UF All-Americans Who Are NFL Career Category Leaders
      Collegiate Career Category Leaders
      Coaches with UF National Championships
      Coaches with at least 3 UF SEC Championships
      Players with 2 or more consensus All-American honors (AP, Walter Camp, Sporting News, AFCA, FWAA, UPI) who have also been named National Offensive/Defensive Players of Year (AP, Walter Camp, Sporting News, ABC, AFCA, FWAA, UPI)

    • Represented UF with a high standard. Contrats Tebow!

    • There’s a couple-three I’m curious about, Dan–especially after Arnold was kind enough to publish the criteria. The problem I see is that with more time passing, they may be forgotten. But nothing should take away this special time for Tim, that’s for sure.

    • I can’t imagine a more deserving guy. Tim Tebow represented and represents UF as well as you could hope for. Congratulations Tim!!!

    • ”Always wanting to vindicate ourselves” is a huge human weakness, but still, I am ”vindicating Tim Tebow.” As Tim Tebow only scored ‘5’ T.D.s in his freshman year.
      So your idea, ”Dawg”, that all ”he had to do was stay healthy” reeks of disrespect and red & black jealously. Tim Tebow was one of the most decorated (with awards) college football players ever! CHOMP-CHOMP! And congrats Tim Tebow!

    • Urban should be in.

      • I have to agree, regardless of the way he left. He’ll qualify.

        But Ray Graves won’t, which is a cryin’ shame……..tho the criteria are there for a reason and to keep it as special as it is, I don’t suggest changing them.

    • Neither Spikes nor Grossman qualify according to the criteria. Two or more consensus AA and player of year. Neither had both.

    • Walker 994 rushes, 49 td
      Tebow 692 ruses, 57 td

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    The Florida men’s basketball team will once again navigate one of the nation’s toughest schedules in the 2018-19 season.

    Including SEC play, Florida already has 12 games scheduled […]

  • By Chris Boyle
    GateHouse Media Services
    DELAND — When he attended DeLand High School, Mike Gillislee earned the nickname “Mike Sco,” which he loosely attributes to his ability to score touchdowns. For the f […]

  • By Mari Faiello, Correspondent
    It’s the first feeling 18-year-old freshman Thayer Hall could remember as she stretched out for practice seven months ago in the Gale Lemerand Athletic Center. It was F […]

    • this will be the tallest team Coach Wise has ever had, not even close. probably nowhere near the athleticism of last year’s team however. will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Garry Smits, GateHouse Media Services
    JACKSONVILLE — The lawyer for former University of Florida and Raines High football star Jabar Gaffney said his client likely turn himself in to the Duval County jail o […]

    • “As The Stomach Turns”. Chapter II. I don’t think I’ll have the stomach for Chapter III when it rolls around.

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    Florida senior swimmer Caeleb Dressel was named Southeastern Conference Male Athlete of the Year, the league announced Friday.

    “It is an honor to be nominated for, let alone win, […]

  • By Scott Lockwood, GateHouse Media Services

    Cord Sandberg has decided to chase another dream.

    Sandberg, a former two-sport star at Manatee High, is retiring from professional baseball after six seasons with […]

    • Scott interesting story. He has maturity on his side. Tampa do you have any info on anyone being successful with this big a break?

    • Robert totally forgot that one. And he played for a rival.

    • Thanks,I remember Wilkes. Didn’t know the history on him. I was curious if this was a good gamble. Appears he would be immediately eligible and we could use another QB. I’d hate to see anyone lost to injury but that is the nature of the game. My opinion is we got some solid guys (not great yet anyways). Gonna be a interesting fall camp and start to the year.

    • or maybe a new sport? Baseball in pads? Football with bats?

    • Last I heard, CO, Willie woke up with a panic attack over his record next year, and Kirby went back to sleep thinking it was all just a dream. Which just goes to show you, as gifted as those two guys may or may not be, neither one yet defines anything except they have a long way to go until they earn the title of “guru”. I’m with you–there’s a lot of football yet to be played in 2018 and a lot of youngsters still to sign before the 2019 class is formed up. We’ll be all right! This IS Florida, and we’re on our way back.

    • Hell, he’s just one of many beating the drum. But he’s explained why, so what the hey. But Kasich? Get a rope, boys!

    • I agree Neil, although I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other. As Clyde said, he seems to have some Tebow DNA and we need the depth anyway–good enough for me. Who knows? May turn out later to be a great decision.

    • Neil: Paragraph in article: “He also has been given an opportunity to be a preferred walk-on at LSU and Florida.”
      Sandberg collected a $775,000 bonus after being picked 89th overall by the Phillies in the 2013 MLB draft.

    • Well if Dan Mullen said that, then this story suddenly takes on a whole new dimension, DFF. I must have missed that part. Part logic in that I trust Dan Mullen not to engage in hyperbole, and part emotion because, well, you know.

  • By GateHouse Media Services

    Brady Singer is officially a professional baseball player.

    The former Eustis High and University of Florida standout pitcher agreed to terms with the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday […]

  • Yeah, we’re late to the party on this final D1Baseball Top 25 rankings for the 2018 season that came out over the weekend. The NCAA tournament pretty much settles who the best teams are, but it’s worth noting how […]

  • Florida’s 2018 recruiting class is now complete and all together on campus for the first time.

    The seven true freshmen who did not enroll early or for the Summer A semester have arrived and are enrolled for S […]

    • We inch closer to Sept 1…..and the excitement builds. Glad to have these guys on campus.

      Have at ’em Mr. Savage !!!

    • TampaGator, totally agree, Jaylin Jackson has crazy feet–the “it factor” for making people miss–and speed to burn. And, yes, he appears to need to bulk up. He reminds me of Dexter McClusky who always made me think, due to his size, that he was one play away from serious injury. I’m not sure he has close to the speed of Dexter McClusky though. Being a lefty QB, he also reminded me of Michael Vick.


      May God continue to bless us with freedom, protect us from our enemies both foreign and domestic, and grant us the wisdom to seek justice for all.

      Go Gators!

    • Freedom and football. And, SEC Network if you can’t make it to the Swamp. Throw in a sack of Krystal cheeseburgers, and you’ve got the perfect Saturday afternoon. Is this a great country, or what?

      • 6, God gave us freedom. Men and women, drafted or volunteer do what most can’t or won’t. With that freedom there is football to watch in the best country on earth. That might be opinion to some fact to me. Went to some of those other countries.

        • I hear you brother….like you, I’ve had too many muddy boots on the ground in real socialist or marxist countries to buy into the cultural marxism-socialism so popular here now. Some good men and women have left it all on those particular fields to give us what we sometimes take for granted…..from a sack of Kystals in front of the TV on a Saturday afternoon to a warm seat in the Swamp on a hot fall day, yelling our brains out for the Gators. And like you, I can’t help but dwell on that at certain days of the year either.

    • Well I’ll sure try that, Leland. Now you know that the closest Krystal to me here in Salado, Texas is Pensacola on I-10, or Vicksburg, Ms on I-20. Used to be one right at Ft Hood in Killeen, but it was the worst location in town for in and out, and they hauled off and closed it after about 2 years. I gave ’em all the business I could until I got fat, then my wife put her foot down.

      I always get 18 on the road, save the alibis for later. Good for a couple hundred miles usually, but I did have one left over once all the way to Ocala—-it was still delicious! Like Elvis said, “….you don’t know what you’ve got ’till you miss it”.

    • Tampa, that was funny. Maybe some red, yellow tail, or mutton?

    • Tampa, where do you think he’ll play once her gets in?

    • You said it, Ricky. The uptick in recruiting comes later, following a 7 year drought and when we start winning again…..then Katie bar the door. You bet, we’re gonna be alright!

    • he not her

  • The University of Florida placed 99 student-athletes on the 2018 Southeastern Conference Spring Academic Honor Roll, announced today by league commissioner Greg Sankey.

    The 2018 SEC Spring Academic Honor Roll […]

    • Why only Spring sports honor roll? Is academics only important during the active season rather than year round? Shame!

      • Sly: Because it was the most recent one the SEC released. The league releases that info sometime after each semester. The winter one was posted back then.

        • Arnold – I wasn’t criticizing GatorSports and understood that you only posted what the SEC released. I was criticizing the SEC for not recognizing all athletes after every semester/session. It comes across as they don’t care how the athletes do academically during the other semesters/sessions when they are not competing.

    • All very worthy of public recognition. Well done and Congrats!

  • By Gene Frenette, GateHouse Media Services

    While many observers gave Tim Tebow almost zero chance of reaching the big leagues when the New York Mets signed him in 2016 after a decade-long absence from playing b […]

    • How do you not root for Tim? Such a class act in professional sports. Tim Tebow is the only thing I follow related to professional sports. The rest you can have.

    • Honestly, I’m just tired of hearing about Tebow.

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