• KANSAS CITY, Mo. – For the third time in her 31-year career as a head coach, Mary Wise has been named the USMC / American Volleyball Coaches Association Division I National Coach of the Year, the AVCA announced a […]

  • By Dave Skretta, The Associated Press
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s difficult to call a volleyball program that has been to the Final Four eight times an underdog, especially the way Florida rallied to beat Southern C […]

  • KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Five Florida volleyball players collected All-America honors from the American Volleyball Coaches Association, and for the first time in program history four Gators were named first-, second- o […]


    The preseason poll is out and the Gator gymnastics team starts the 2018 season at No. 2, according to the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches rankings.

    This is Florida’s 12th consecutive […]

    • Coach Jenny took ownership from day one and never looked back. Thanks Coach Jenny Rowland for answering the call. Go Gators.

  • Saturday night’s Gainesville Regional Final at the O’Connell Center can best be described in one word. Epic.
    Led by double-digit kills from four different players – three of them seniors – No. 2 seed Florida fou […]

  • By Jim Harvin, Correspondent
    The Florida volleyball team responded to a tough opening-set loss to UCLA by turning up the block and using the defense to spur the offense in a 3-1 win Friday, winning 23-25, 25-17, […]

  • Three Gators were named to the Coaches Freshman All-SEC team, as the Southeastern Conference announced Thursday. Running back Malik Davis and cornerbacks CJ Henderson and Marco Wilson garnered the accolades for […]

  • Overall No. 2-seeded Florida, which advanced to its 24th NCAA Regional Volleyball Semifinal with wins over Alabama State and Miami last week, welcomes 15th-seeded UCLA, 10th-seeded Southern California and […]

  • By Jim Harvin, Correspondent
    It’s been a banner year for the Florida volleyball team, losing just one match en route to a 25-1 record and winning a share of the Southeastern Conference title for the 23rd time in […]


    Led by Haley Lorenzen’s third double-double of the season, Florida earned its second straight women’s basketball win Tuesday by defeating Jacksonville, 69-59, at the O’Connell Center.

    Lorenzen tied her […]

  • UF athletic director Scott Stricklin introduces new football coach Dan Mullen at a news conference beginning around 3 p.m. today at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

    • Good times are here. I hope the players watched this. Things are going to change.

    • I like How Scott Stricklin keeps addressing strength and conditioning. And Mullen’s comment about them being ready for January when it starts.

  • Special to

    University of Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin announced that Dan Mullen will be the 27th head coach in Florida football history.
    Athletics Director Scott […]

    • What else are they going to say? The first 3 quotes are all getting paid by U.F. And sorry Tim Tebow, but Dan Mullen didn’t win 2 National Championships here all by himself. He had a helluva’ a Gator ‘D’, and an unbelievable athlete in Percy Harvin, if we’re honest. I do wish him the best, as I am a born and raised ”Gainesvillian Reptilian” (shout out to Larry V). But I, personally, and sadly see U.G.A. winning the S.E.C. East now for a while now. All the while, Dan Mullen will bring the Florida Gators back to 2nd in the S.E.C. EAST. It’s an improvement to 4-7, no doubt!
      But sorry, ”championships are (not) coming soon”. In fact, they were NEVER won by Dan Mullen at M.S.U., and they were not won here in Hogtown without Urban, and Tim, and Percy, and Brandon Siler, and Hayden, and… my point’s made! Go Gators!

      • No disrespect, but it’s comments like that that would scare away most coaches. I don’t know who we think we are. We’ve been humbled the last few years and this season.That’s a good thing if we learn to not be arrogant. Dan Mullen was not my first choice because I didn’t think he’d want to come back. But he chose us, so I will accept him with open arms. Nothing is going to happen overnight. It took years to get to this point; it will take time to get back. And contrary to popular belief, this is all about the players, not the fans. Those guys have suffered more than any of us. It’s time we joined the players and became part of the team and rallied behind our new coach. Welcome back Coach Mullen!

    • Coach Mullen isn’t the splash hire that was expected, but is the most experienced and knows the state (recruiting), Gainesville, and the fan expectations better than anyone else. Hope his wife will come around, but no matter, as she doesn’t coach anything but was a t v golf commentator. Good luck, Coach Mullen.

      Biggest winner: UCLA (4). The Bruins won the Chip Kelly sweepstakes, beating out Florida to land the best coach available.
      Other winners: Nebraska (5). Another school that appears to have outmaneuvered Florida for the coach it wanted.
      Dan Mullen. He did great work for nine years at Mississippi State, and is rewarded with a Cadillac job.”
      ~Pat Forde.
      Notice, the University of Florida is not labeled as the ”winner” or ”rewarded”.
      No, Dan Mullen was, as he got the ”Caddillac job”.
      And that’s from a national analyst, and so-called college sports expert, Pat Forde
      Mullen will do a great job in some areas (Q.B.s and making them running Q.B.s, and making the U.F. big boosters happy in dining events and champagne highs), but don’t expect to win again in J’ville (U.G.A. game) for a quite a while. (If I’m wrong, Lord willing, I’ll be here to happily admit it, as I’ve loved U.F sports since I was born here in ’68). But mediocrity, ”it’s a hard habit to break”!

    • For those still pining for Kelly or Frost, I would suggest that they were not really more solid bets than Mullen. Some analysts think that college football has caught up to Kelly’s system, so he might find the going more difficult in Westwood than he did when he was at Eugene. And Frost has a much shorter track record than Mullen. Remember, Muschamp went 11-1 one year, though admittedly in a much less impressive fashion. I wonder how Mullen would have fared if he had been coaching in the AAC with the same level of talent that Frost has. I wouldn’t be surprised if his record would have been as good. I’m not predicting anything, but it does seem pretty clear to me that Mullen has as much chance at success as the more sexy hires would have had. He has a longer track record and has accomplished more at MSU than anyone could have expected. I keep reading comments about his record there in comparison to the ten years prior. Don’t stop at ten years; look at MSU’s record going back to the 1950s. He has done an outstanding job at a place that was a perennial bottom-feeder.

    • The message I keep seeing is that Frost turned UF down because he has already decided to return home: Nebraska. Tom Osborne told him it is time to come home, and so that seems to be where he is going. This is not about being out-maneuvered by Nebraska; it’s about not being Frost’s home.

    • Let’s be clear: no one was going to win championships at MSU, not even Nick Saban.

    • So Mullen averages 8 wins a year in the toughest division in the SEC, probably the toughest in college football, with players that are clearly less talented than Florida’s, and you think he won’t manage any more wins in a weaker division with a more talented roster? Interesting line of thinking, but not very persuasive

    • This past year, he came a lot closer to beating Bama than the Gators have in the last 9 years, and with a much less talented team than Florida’s. So he has no chance with a more talented team? Really?

    • College football caught up with the “fun ‘n gun.” If you were paying attention, you saw that SOS ended up relying much more heavily on the run at USCe than he ever did at Florida. He had amazing success there, but he did it by adapting to a new reality.

    • I’m good with hiring Mullen. Safe choice in all ways. This isn’t a big splash hire though. Only 1 (kelly) maybe 2 (frost) would checked that box. Mullen was no worse than 3 best. Recruiting will be everything on this hire.

    • My point is that SOS did not “air it out” at USC the way he did at UF. Yes, he still used the pass to a significant degree, but he also relied more heavily on the running game. For example, in 2014, the last full year SOS was there, USC ran the ball 479 times and passed it 468 times while scoring 32.6 points a game. MSU was averaging 36.9 points a game that same year, by the way. Of course, if you simply interested in watching a team pass, regardless of the outcome, then I guess scoring points on the ground won’t interest you since it’s boring. (You can find the stats on ESPN stats page for the SEC.)

    • So why are you focusing on the first year that Mullen was OC for UF? It takes a while for a new system be installed and be fully operational. Some cherry-picking is going on here.

    • Sorry. I see that you included other years now that I look more closely. Still some cherry-picking, though. Most of those games are against very good teams with strong defenses. You might also notice that in the 17-16 game against SC, the 16 was scored by the team coached by the author of the fun ‘n gun. And should I conclude that you were unhappy with the NC that year since there were so many close games?

      • Well, it’s cherry-picking in the sense that you only generally acknowledge that there were exceptions during the years you cite (details on one hand, a general wave of the hand toward the data that don’t fit the narrative). You also note that the last two years were rather different than 2005-2007, but again only in very general terms. One could go back to the years of the fun ‘n gun and do the same sort of thing. It’s not like there weren’t any close or low-scoring games in those years. Some years there were more than others. One final point: I am not saying that I am excited about Mullen, though I do think he may end up doing a very good job, maybe a great one. But I think that I am more reacting to what strikes me as an over-emphasis on style points (not awarded in the game but pleasing to fans), as opposed to a focus on wins and losses. Winning is more fun than losing, even if in losing one scores 45 points. (Ask Arkansas.)

  • Special to The Sun
    University of Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin announced that Dan Mullen will be the 27th head coach in Florida football history.
    Mullen, who spent the past nine seasons as […]

  • Thankfully, mercifully, it is over. Finally.

    And what an ending the Florida Gators put on this long, agonizing, losing season, a season that will surely go down as one of the worst in program history in the […]

    • You can put Rex Grossman back there, he can’t overcome poor coaching.

    • Finally. Just keep throwing the ball. Tell Franks you’re either going to throw interceptions, touchdowns, incompletions, or you’re leaving the game hurt but you’re not going to hand off this game.

      • Here already is, he locks on one receiver and the DBs watch his eyes. That pick six was pure Franks. The other INT was on Powel, who for some reason has regressed. This has GOT to be on the coaches and that dillweed pussmeirer.

    • Franks is so bad I can’t watch. This falls on the coaching staff, who, BTW, are still there.

    • Ok, like an idiot and a true Gator, turned the game back on, right away, Franks throws another int where he’s locked on. Franks is SO BAD!

    • Rick, question, how much of his lack of development is on the coaches (who obvious from my posts I think are terrible and bear the large portion of the blame, either from a coaching perspective or from targeting terrible talent) and how much is on him?

      Also, I am proudly flying my Gator flags from both front yard on the street and back yard on the dock. But I’m bloody embarrassed right now.

    • It’s not an alternate pick as reported by various media outlets, UF chose to look elsewhere. F$U djorks are having a bad year and aren’t laughing at anything. One truth in your post though is we are indeed rock bottom.

    • 6 minutes left down 38-16 and we punt on 4th down. That’s how a loser deals with a game. We were very lucky to win 4 games this year. McElwain was a good game manager. Horrid recruiter. Horrid HBC in every other aspect. We accept transfers who were bench players on losing teams. The next coach needs to talk to our basketball coach and let him make decisions on transfers. We take starters from VT and an all conference player from Rice. McEloser takes a career backup from ND, a career back from Purdue, and a backup from Oregon St. Those are our qbs. Then he runs off our 1 highly recruited qb who becomes a starter at WV.

      I’d say go after Jimbo at this point but there isn’t one gator on earth that thinks Jimbo would come here even for $8 million a year. FSU is a better job even though their athletic dept revenue is not even in the same universe as UF.

      I’d kick Swain and Hammond off the team. The two quit 5-6 games ago. Neither block and both break off routes. Never seen wr get to the ball so regularly because they’ve quit on the route.

    • Truth and facts, they’ll set you free son.

    • I have bad news for Gator fans. In my opinion, the new coach will need 2 years before he can start winning with different personnel, such as a different QB, OC, new wide receivers, running backs, DBs, LBs and O-linemen. That’s 2 years to correct the problem, then start winning the 3rd year. Not sure Gator Nation will give any coach 3 years, but NO ONE is coming to Gainesville and will win the national championship in 2 years. Sad to see what was once a Top 10 program go into decline. Gators not getting the 5-star recruits any more, just 3-star. Shame to watch but that’s what it is.

  • By staff writer Robbie Andreu and correspondent Graham Hall
    Who: Florida State (4-6) vs. Florida (4-6)
    When: 12 p.m. today
    Where: Florida Field
    Radio: 103.7-FM, AM-850
    Line: FSU favored by […]

  • COLUMBIA, S.C. — Florida’s soccer season ended Friday after a 2-0 loss to regional top seed South Carolina in the NCAA tournament quarterfinals.

    The Gamecocks (19-2-1) advance to the College Cup in Orlando n […]

  • The Florida soccer team has the extra motivation of getting payback against South Carolina in Columbia, S.C., today in NCAA tournament quarterfinal action starting at 6 p.m.
    Today’s winner advances to the […]

  • SAVANNAH, Ga. – It sure didn’t look like a team that was playing its third game in three days, as Florida used another record-setting, long-range performance and Delicia Washington’s triple-double to defeat […]

  • By Jim Harvin, Correspondent
    Wednesday night’s Southeastern Conference volleyball match between No. 3 Florida and Auburn started out a bit rough for the Gators, but UF bounced back to hand the Tigers a 3-1 loss […]

  • BIRMINGHAM, Ala. –  Rhamat Alhassan was named SEC Player of the Year, joining five Gators in receiving All-SEC honors Wednesday.
    Alhassan is the 13th Gator to win the league’s top individual honor, and it marks […]

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