• Some “fans” are apparently out of control. This is a game. No fans are hurt or helped in any way (other than their emotional states) by what happens on the field. Perhaps those who spew vitriol might also want to show that they recognize that we are talking about real people, not pawns who exist for our amusement.

    I’m not blaming the critics for…[Read more]

  • Mac has denied this, and I believe him. This sounds like something someone would say to get noticed.

  • I largely agree with this, but with one qualification: I am not ready to say with any confidence that Mac will turn things around. I am convinced, however, that he has not had sufficient opportunity to show what he can do, especially with the way this season began and the injury to Del Rio.

    If I don’t see some solid growth in Franks and the…[Read more]

  • At the moment, UF has the #6 recruiting class, just above Georgia. Some of the highest rated players (e.g., Corral and Chase) are from out of state. One of the Gators’ 4-stars is from Ga. I’m not sure why this is considered an issue. It’s true that Smart has not had to build up his reputation in the area in the same way Mac did, but it appears…[Read more]

  • Maybe Strong will prove to be a great recruiter in Florida, but at the moment he is benefiting from Taggert’s recruits. The Sugar Bowl was at least as much about the players on the field as the coaches. Strong had an amazing qb on his team (as he does now), and the Gators were as shaky a team as I’ve seen with a record of 11-1. Many of the Gators…[Read more]

  • I have seen many who refer to Mac’s responsibility for the nine players who have been suspended (the tenth missing player at the beginning of the season, Marcell Harris, was injured rather than suspended). In a sense, he is the captain of the ship and thus has a sort of responsibility. But what sort is this? How responsible are others for the…[Read more]

  • Because he had so much success at Texas?

  • Perspective is hard to come by for people who have been spoiled by success and somehow think that they are entitled to winning the SEC most years — just because they are Gators.

    No Gator fan is happy with a 3-3 record. Everyone wants to win. But without some patience and willingness to go through some rough periods, things aren’t likely to…[Read more]

  • “Never seen a coach at this level have no intensity.” You should ask Kelvin Taylor about Mac’s intensity. Do you think that maybe he decided to tone things down after the fallout over that? This tell us nothing about his intensity in practice.

  • Presumably, we should all let you do our thinking for us?

  • I don’t believe anyone has said being competitive is good enough. I certainly did not. But some posters said that the Gators would not even be competitive, so I pointed out that this was not the case. No fan is happy with a loss, but I also recognize that this is a handicapped team that has much to learn. It is also the case that I am rooting for…[Read more]

  • Whether Mac will ultimately succeed is not clear, but it is highly unlikely that he will be fired over this kind of loss. He almost certainly will be the Gators’ coach next year, however unhappy this makes fans.

    The second half performance of the Gators’ offense was not very good. The Aggies made adjustments that the Gators did not sufficiently…[Read more]

  • Reading some of these entries, it is easy to think that the Gators should have simply forfeited the game. I have two observations at this point (way too early to know the outcome, of course): 1) LSU is obviously better than many thought since they came back from a 20-point deficit and beat Auburn, one of the teams that many have thought could…[Read more]

  • I largely agree with this and think that we need to keep the difficult circumstances in mind. On the other hand, I also think that we need to see some real signs of improvement in the coming weeks. Good coaching should show in the way the team plays as it gains more experience.

    On a somewhat different, but not unrelated, point, I cannot help but…[Read more]

  • gator67 replied to the topic Troy stuns LSU in the forum 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I have a suspicion that the Tigers were looking forward to their game with the Gators when they should have been preparing for Troy. With a few exceptions, it is simply not possible to judge the relative strength of teams by how they fared against common opponents. Too many variables are involved.

  • This does seem to be a flawed team, but it might have been a rather different game in the latter part of the fourth quarter if they had not botched the PAT. The offense showed some life at times, but not in the critical period at the end. Next week we will see if the Gators can turn this into something to learn from and become better. They still…[Read more]

  • Just being picky, I know, but how does a team go 1-3 in a three-game stretch? More seriously, I agree that this is a critical and challenging series of games, but I would not put LSU and Texas A&M in the same category as Alabama and FSU (last two years, not this year). I wouldn’t even put Georgia in that category, though they appear to be pretty…[Read more]

  • gator67 replied to the topic Troy stuns LSU in the forum 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I agree that the psychology of the situation is more favorable to LSU than the Gators. On the other hand, this is their second big loss of the season, so I’m wondering how good they truly are right now. Still, the Gators need to be ready for perhaps their biggest challenge of the season.

  • You were right about one thing: the offense definitely looked better. Unfortunately, this defense appears to have a way to go before it can clamp down on anyone. Maybe it’s the inexperience, but their pass defense did not look good at all. On the other hand, it was good to see that they did a pretty effective job of stopping the run.

  • This is a very tough break for LDR. The hit did not seem to be out of the ordinary, so I suspect that he hadn’t fully recovered from surgery. But who knows? In any case, he did save the Gators against Kentucky, and he’s been a great competitor and supporter of this teammates. I wish him the best.

    I was impressed with the way Franks stepped in and…[Read more]

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