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    Thank you Coach Shannon! In just a few days of your tenure, you had to deal with miscues and that “good enough” attitude learned over years. But the last three games, I saw a team trying to put it together. The best to you and yours in the future.

  • CGR this is not a political issue so please stop wearing you politics on your shoulder and understand the impact of our players actions. I graduated high school in 1965; there was a drug culture at the time, and using marijuana was against the law. I know people who had there houses raided for possession and many went to prison for sentences…[Read more]

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    I really like coach Mac, but I agree with mtn. A coach cannot watch his players 24/7. Yet he did tell the parents that he would watch over their kids and then did not. IMHO, a lot of the problems could have been solved with greater discipline.

    Just telling a player to stay out of trouble does not work when you are trying to be their best…[Read more]

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    In the game we played vandy in our 1996 NC year, the Gators won a tight game 28-21. Then we had to stop cutler in 2005 in a wild 49-42 double overtime win at Ben Hill. Both games had crazy penalties, and if it wasn’t for a penalty at the end of regulation, the Gators could have lost the 2005 game.

    They did get beat badly last week but they…[Read more]

  • I don’t deal with these kids, and I don’t know all the issues, but I suspect that when you give an 18 year old a credit card problems could occur. I an certain that they were told what they were for by UF staff, so IC should not be an issue. If the things end up to be more than UF credit card, 67 is right, UF can’t follow them 24/7, so IC…[Read more]

  • Folks, it’s Game 2 (or 3)! I would like to see some offense and even though it didn’t happen with michigan, it might happen Saturday in The Swamp. It’s not like we are playing um again we are playing ut. Their fans have to put the wheels on their trailers just to get here!

  • I hate to miss a game where we have a chance to get some execution opportunities in, but fans on the road during evacuation conditions had to be a consideration. Good call on that; but all is not lost, we play ut next!

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    You are correct mtn2. The gators need to play some offense. The overall play was better than most will give them credit for, but the OL had no answers and they got beat on every play. Given an opportunity to run some offense and get some timing before they see another team with the same size and team speed could be the answer. Frankly (no…[Read more]

  • I changed tires for 3 years while attending UF. Often showing up to class looking like Pig Pen (of Peanuts fame), and rarely doing anything but work, attend classes and study. These guys are given a free ride and they can’t put down the pipe! It’s just amazing. So little respect for an education and only a hope and a prayer for a pro contract.

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