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    Their offense is as painful to watch as another team I won’t name. Their QB is also abysmal and the OC, Canada, was supposed to be the second coming. Goes to show that the QB makes or breaks a team. Funny, that we keep wanting to blame the HC!!!

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    Del Rio demonstrated a command of the offense that the other Gator QB’s lack. Because of that, the Gator offense was able to increase the tempo. He made everyone play better, including the offensive line. He was helping T.J. McCoy with blocking schemes and analysts after the game pointed that out. He also can call an audible, which he did quite…[Read more]

  • Kentucky got away with a lot of caca.

  • Really, Kadarious Toney only got six touches in the game? He is the only receiver starting with Powell and Cleveland, and deserves major minutes (the rest of the receivers are backups)! Florida CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO HAVE TONEY ON THE FIELD MORE, and defenses need to have no clue of when he’s in the game a special play is being called for him. Malik…[Read more]

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    Del Rio showed INCREDIBLE LEADERSHIP and did more in the win than probably most realize. He knows the offense better than anyone! He was even reading the Kentucky defense and communicating to his line how to block against the defensive schemes! Franks is NOWHERE CLOSE TO BEING THE FIELD GENERAL THAT WE HAVE IN DEL RIO!!! Did you notice how MUCH…[Read more]

  • I wish that the sports writer’s would give us a comparison, earlier in the week, of how Florida matches up with each opponent. Is that possible Dooley and company? Or did I miss something?

  • How does Frank’s development compare to Will Grier’s in 2015? I have a feeling that Frank’s is considerably behind. However, I welcome hearing from the rest of you Gator faithful. DOES FRANK’S HAVE MORE TALENT ON OFFENSE THAN WHEN GRIER WON SIX-IN-A-ROW?

  • I agree with Robby Andreus article, and I expect the Gators to show enough improvement on offense to win at Kentucky. The Gator’s are VERY FORTUNATE to have mostly home field advantage. It looks like they will need it against Vandy. If the Gators offense continues to develop, the Georgia game becomes the KEY to Atlanta. Much has to happen, to keep…[Read more]

  • It goes without saying, the Gator defense (other than bad tackling) played decently. Lucky for Florida that Tennessee didn’t bring their “A” game and had bad play calling. The goal line defense should rightfully receive an A+! I have gone back and watched the 4th quarter several times (the rest of the game was too boring and painful to watch).…[Read more]

  • I am a long-time Gator fan and don’t wish to see anything punitive happen to any team member or coach. However, I value fairness, and when someone is out of line, then correction needs to occur. Isn’t that a normal expectation? I was merely making the point that character issues tend to come with talent. I disagree that McElwain doesn’t have…[Read more]

  • Apparently, Aaron Hernandez was not the person of character that Gator Nation once thought. Percy Harvin allegedly had flaws. The Chris Rainey fiasco also comes to mind and no one was accusing Urban Meyer of losing control. No doubt, success causes us to overlook or rationalize issues differently. With that said, sports analyst’s have also…[Read more]

  • I, too, have found the offense predictably awful! However, the play calling against Tennessee was better. I believe the offense is growing up before our eyes, but only time will tell if Franks develops as fast as Will Grier did after UT. I recall that Nussmeier and McElwain were having success in 2015 with a QB (Grier) who was really developing…[Read more]