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  • McElwain has no problem blaming the players for the loss. Coaches aren’t the people playing the game so how can he blame them? McElwain blames the punter who kicks the h*ll out of the ball because the other 10 guys can’t cover a punt. He’d rather the punter kick the ball 40 yards and high for a fair catch than 65 yards far with the returner…[Read more]

  • Here’s a couple of positives. Davis is a hell of a running back and would probably be a Freshman all american first team if he was playing for any other SEC team. At least Franks didn’t run out of bounds on his long run. I think he caught the defense off guard when he cut back. I find it amazing that as bad as our O-line is our running backs…[Read more]

  • Nice moral victory. As has already been observed, LSU obviously is good now. TA&M must be very good because they hung in there with BAMA. It’ll be very interesting to see how the rest of this season unfolds because we have a very passive coach and we’re about to face a coach and team who makes a practice to step on your face. There is a good…[Read more]

  • We are not a tough team. Goolsby is so easy to get off his feet. He’s a senior tight end and doesn’t break tackles. The only offensive player that consistently breaks tackles is Davis.

    I’d give up a lot of speed for some football players.

    Not sure why Franks likes to take a loss running out of bounds instead of throwing it away but that is…[Read more]

  • It’s 3-3 right now. Let’s hope for lightning to call the game.

  • Too bad we didn’t recruit UCF’s players as they have lots of playmakers and UF has so few. We can’t even out-recruit UCF now.

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    A team emulates it’s coach. The team is sloppy when it practices. It’s sloppy when it plays. A player is pretty much a player in their first year otherwise they pretty much don’t play. It’s not second year players all the sudden catching on. It’s pretty obvious that they contribute early or not much at all. Perine, Calloway, Cleveland,…[Read more]

  • This was inevitable and probably should have happened several more times this season. McElwain plays for the close win and always has at UF. There is a reason he barely wins against decent to good teams and gets blown out by excellent teams. He plays to barely win so his players don’t really understand success because success is only measure in…[Read more]

  • Our defense is a punching bag. Only linebacker who can tackle is Reeves. Best skilled player tacklers on our team are Reeves, Wilson, Henderson and Dawson. No other skilled player even tries to wrap up on a tackle. Johnson(28) has been exposed several times. Totally overruns the plays. There is no 3rd down yardage that is tough to achieve…[Read more]

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    Just go with Franks no matter what unless the line gets him hurt too. Franks is the future. Just don’t see the positives with Zaire.

  • The Good. Definite difference with Davis and Perine in the game. Thompson does fine once he gets past the LOS but he doesn’t half of the time. Although it’s not the best strategic move, happy to see us score a TD at the end on the breakaway. Our offense can use any boost of confidence that it can get. Cleveland is a home run. Franks throws the…[Read more]