Brad McClenny

    • Love it! Thanks for the video! I’m a Gator fan that is so ready to ”slop-it-up with a biscuit” for any successes related to Gator Football. ”Go Gators! Just do it!”

    • That’s the advantage of bringing virtually all his assistants with him from MSU. They all can hit the field running knowing how to run practices.

    • I know what you mean Todd…..obviously we’ll have to see how everything plays out but right now the “feeling” is pretty good. It would appear that we now have a “Professional” coaching staff and not a staff of imposters.

    • Fit people think faster and react faster. The brain uses endorphins to process better. Doesn’t mean the right decision or correct one but being fit with the teaching they are getting should take care of making better decisions. Reps will make it muscle memory and further shorten reaction time. I think we are going to be good.

      • One more thing that shouldn’t be under valued either (and we know it from unit PT) — unit cohesion is a function of the very same thing you’re talking about. Call it a combat multiplier.

        • You’re right. Can’t do more than the weakest link. If someone does something off campus again we could give them log drills. Something about a 10′ log carried over your head for an hour or two always made me have a different attitude toward the others under the log. Anger at why we were there, respect for working as a team, admiration for the cohesive effort to go the distance. It did teach teamwork and something else comradery and built Esprit de Corps

    • I feel like Mullen has spent more energy and effort in three days of practice than Cheetos Teeth ever did in three years of practices. All you ever saw him do was walk around with his arms crossed and tell the quarterback to throw it to the guys in the same colored jersey. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up his coaching acumen and QB coaching. Can you EVER remember a press conference where Cheetos Teeth’s voice was lost from getting after the players and actually coaching them up? Not that that is a requirement for good coaching but you can tell Mullen is there to work from the sound of his voice after practices. GO GATORS!

  • The Florida Media Day blooper reel.

    • Leland, I hope you didn’t watch this. Nobody, but No-body, mentioned our beloved K- hamburgers. There’s nothing left to believe in, I tell you.

  • UF players answer questions from the media about the upcoming season.

  • Dan Mullen, the head football coach at the University of Florida, talks at UF Media Day. He touches on topics from Urban Meyer, gun policy, and quarterback to how the offense has to be explosive this year.

    • I don’t know what you said since it was apparently deleted, but GI is a pretty rational guy and probably just trying to amplify a point with that comment. The fact is, ARs make splendid target and bench rest rifles too (eg, Colt HBAR, Fulton FAR) — but I doubt seriously that was the intended purpose young Mr Toney had in mind.

      • After living in a state where you’re handed a gun as soon as your born, I don’t have any problem with Toney having a gun. The reason he had the gun and the way it was just sitting on his back seat makes me a little nervous. Is he an avid shooter like ibleed and knows gun safety? I’m not an expert but I don’t think driving around with it in your back seat is a very safe practice. My other question is who is he afraid of that warrants an AR for protection? If that was the real reason, wouldn’t a simple hand gun or shotgun do the trick?

        • That was my concern too, Dallas — you said it better tho. It’s difficult to write around these issues since people become so hysterical, one way or another, over them, and you sure don’t want to light a fire that takes away from the purpose of this site either.

          First rule of a gun fight is, of course, to bring a gun. Second rule is to bring enough gun. Well, makes sense after all — but what if Rule 1 said to avoid the gun fight if you possibly can? That’s my default setting, and I’ve learned that through experience. The AR, IMO, is a better area defense weapon, has no superior fire power in the civilian version despite cosmetically looking like a military assault rifle, and is more cumbersome in a fast moving situation. It is, however, by appearance “intimidating”. Fine. Know what? That’ll probably get you shot first by your adversaries.

          Were I somehow forced into whatever scenario Mr Toney’s youthful imagination took him, I would prefer a simple 1911A-1 with two extra magazines, or any other reliable semi-auto handgun. That is, if I couldn’t avoid being there in the first place.

    • Guys any weapon can be for killing. From a rock, club to a firearm. I am for any law abiding person having any legal weapon. But I was there was one component added. A mental health check. Being 18 check, being mentally stable out mature? I was reading some countries where forearms were banned are loosening the rules but a mental health check is required periodically. I have forearms and think I’m stable. I have a plan in place should that change my weapons will not be available to me. This is not football talk. Just bothers me out players have weapons that may not be mature enough to comprehend the consequences. In the Army we were taught how to use weapons. One of my instructors said once you pull the trigger you can’t get it back. There is no do over. If people thought of that maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today. Back to football. GO GATORS

      • damn cell phone changed a lot of words. Eyes are old and don’t always see the changes.
        wish not was
        firearm not forearm. Though a forearm could be used for assault it likely wouldn’t be lethal
        our not out

    • You both are logical thinkers, as are many others on here, and tell you what — I’m proud to be associated with you!

    • GI thank you. Did you grow up in Ocala? I knew someone who went by that name. Gator-6 and some of us have carried weapons for defense of offense depending on who you ask but it is a shoot first or more accurate or not survive the day thing.
      Carrying because of the gangster mentality or revenge while legal if purchased correctly is a societal problem.
      I am new here and enjoy reading the posts regardless of the points of view. Your knowledge of the mechanics of football and executing the basics is what I remember from my brief stint playing. Not physically tall enough or fast enough.
      Sounds like you had a good step-dad. I think the source of a lot of the domestic issues is parents don’t want to be bothered with parenting anymore. Teaching their kids how to deal with anger, and right and wrong and holding their kids accountable. I have carried (legally) a weapon since my military days. My oath to protect my country didn’t stop the day I left.

    • Hey GI, it takes a good man to go back and ask for a re-do — very classy.

    • Respect a man for speaking his mind no matter the topic if it is well said. May not agree always but that makes for good discussion. Look forward to reading your posts into the season. GO GATORS.

  • Gainesville Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley tell us which two games the Gators must win in the 2018 season. Which two do you think?

    • Hey GatorG, good to see you posting again after what must have been a short break. Have to disagree c you…..I see FSU falling to the Gators this year. I’m really serious. Now the one I’m not too sure of is Georgia. I shot my big, fat mouth off and declared the Gators would win, 25-22, but after further analysis (ie, a second power nap on the same day, indeed a rare event in this household) the only thing I’m sure of is that the final score is 25-22. I guarantee it, the team with the 25 wins, of course. If I’m wrong, you get a free 55 lb barrel of White Rose Petroleum Jelly, or a 6 month supply of Slim Jims, your choice, just pay shipping and handling charges in three easy installments of $99.99. Visa or Mastercard accepted.

    • ”2 games the Gators have to win” are the NEXT 2 GAMES! Then the next 2… then the next 2…
      No added pressure needed for a new Coach, and a new season with a ”you have to beat X.”
      ”Just win baby!” Go Gators!

    • I think that’s explainable, G, when you factor in the influence of the sports media on recruits. I honestly think it accounts for much more than we think, and is decidedly not a rationalization. Let me explain. During the Gator’s lengthy down turn, you almost would have thought they had dropped football as a NCAA sport–if going by the national sports media. Virtually the only coverage we got was when Chip Kelly flirted c the job–never mind that we passed on him, it sounded like he passed on us and that’s what recruits heard. FSU and others, of course, didn’t experience a down turn except for last year, and their coverage was still superb. When Taggert came on board and Jimbo left, it was a big story and he was treated like the second coming of Christ. Mullen? Yawn. Even left out of one national story about new coaches in the south.

      It will reverse itself. It always does.

    • There are bigger games in the overall big picture of the season, but we really need to beat Kentucky and Tennessee early. Lose those and oh my.

    • Are you really going to start that again, Tampa?

    • Oh for Pete’s sake.

      So you’ve started up again, now GatorG is Mikey the Troll, aka TebowCurse. And, I presume I am too. as you already indirectly suggested. I swear man, you beat the cake. Does anyone who takes an opposing position automatically become a troll? TebowCurse speaks for himself, dude….he doesn’t need any help.

      And just when I was beginning to think you were OK…….

    • I hate to agree c TebowCurse, who I admit did make surprising sense this time…..but I still disagree with you G……FSU is not as good as they’re proclaimed to be and Florida has more talent than people suspect, plus a coach who knows what to do with it. Taggert be damned.

    • You are by no means in any position to tell me to “stop trolling with GatorG then”, Tampa. I will communicate with whoever I choose, you are neither big enough nor man enough to stop me. And, I’m glad you don’t care if I like you or not….that shows at least a modicum of maturity on your part. However, you are wrong when you surmise that I don’t like your posts. The truth is, I like them very much, you have an amazing level of football savvy and good communication skills…..but you’re absolutely correct….I don’t like it when you act like a bully.

      I offered you to take this off line like southern gentlemen the last time you flared up with this stuff. I’ll go you one better this time: Do you want my email address? Just say the word, we can stop bothering everybody else with this.

    • Just stop it.

    • There are many coaches who can recruit. There are many coaches who can coach. There are very few coaches who can recruit and coach. Coach Smart can do both. Not so sure about Coach Taggart. I’m hopeful that Coach Mullen can do both.

    • I actually agree with you 100%. Beating the Mildcats and Vols is crucial to setting the tone for the season and helping to restore confidence to a fragile team that still has last year’s bad taste in their mouth. The first step is getting these guys to believing that they can win in the SEC.

      Beating FSU will help with recruiting and will help with the fanbase….but that’s a long way off. The season will be made or broken long before then.

    • I can’t really blame you for seeing it that way, Vol…..I get it, Tennessee is your team just like Florida is ours. And, I’ll say this too–all indications are that you guys landed a terrific head coach-in-the-making c Pruitt; personally, I’m glad as well to see Phil Fulmer back as AD since I consider him a great one too.

      But that’s about all I can say. We’re going to kick your asses sideways this fall, stomp you a mud hole, and walk you dry. Pruitt as a head coach is 0-0 so far, so if that’s a better record than Mullen’s, I’ll be an egg suckin’ mule. Nice try tho, it does take some guts to come on here…..

    • So what?

      Come on, admit it. I’ll wait while you check your birth certificate. You were a rectal baby, right?

  • Pat and Robbie talk about what they think is the trap game for the Florida Gators.

    • Well (deep subject), I can’t really disagree with either one of them as far as that goes. The one thing I do know for sure is that we’re getting awfully close to that magical 90 day point, and the count down begins to the start of the season! Huah. What I live for every year, so GO GATORS!

    • DIFFERENT TOPIC BUT JUST IN FROM MSNBC SPORTS: Apparently, the California State Legislature is considering a bill to, among other things, limit public universities to a cap of 200K on head coach and assistant coach salaries. The accompanying photo is of Chip Kelly, looking….well, frankly….dumb as a rock.

      Now back to Gator trap games, which nobody except mveal and I seem very interested in at all……

    • Hey 6… the idea of a trap game is interesting, but I just don’t like to have to watch these videos to figure out what everyone’s talking about. I guess I’m old fashioned but I like to read my newspaper, not have it read to me.

      Anywho….. I think I agree with Robbie in that the Kentucky game has big upset (?) potential loss written all over it. Kentucky should’ve won last year but they just handed it to the Gators. My heart broke for them a little. I can see the Gators coming out and taking care of Charleston Southern and feeling pretty good about themselves and then “bam”, the Wildcats come in and take care of business. I hope it doesn’t happen, but this is the biggest trap game for me. Mizzou or anything later….by then we’ll know what we have and the coaching staff will be better able to focus or re-focus the team.

      • Boy, do you sound like me when it comes to videos, or what? We must have been separated at birth, Rog. I just don’t like to spend “x” amount of time watching what I know I could read and digest in 2 minutes or less! I still read the newspaper religiously every morning even tho the news is a day and a half old by the time it goes to press; news junkie that I am, I already know all about it (except maybe for their spin on it).

        I don’t know, mveal seems to have the right idea about trap games…..but I kind of think in the SEC, they’re all trap games one way or the other. I’d have to pick Miss State if I were forced….but I guess we’re supposed to lose that one anyway. I always seem to remember Willgator’s words about “win the one’s you’re supposed to win, and a couple of them you’re not”.

        Didn’t know you were a gyrine….I would have been too, but didn’t pass the exam. No, not because my head wouldn’t fit in a jar…..I had the flu and scored a 33 on my AFQT! The Army would take any old dumbass, so 32 years later the rest was history. Wish I could find my old drill sergeant from BCT, who told me I was at least more intelligent than a rather mature cucumber and that my best bet was to volunteer for Vietnam as an 11B….I’d tell him that Dr Trent said hey. Any road, here’s to comrades gone by and the best years of our life (even if we didn’t think so at the time).

        • Yeah… funny thing about that. I was in school (UF) and wanted to be a pilot. I visited the Air Force ROTC guy and he told me how to go about it and on my way out the door a USMC recruiter got hold of me, got me fired up, and had me ready to run through walls as a Jar Head pilot. Didn’t end up being a pilot but spent 7 years “finding myself” in the Corps. Ooh Rah!!!

    • Best wishes on Memorial Day to all the families and friends who’ve lost loved ones in service of our country. We’ve enjoyed a great run of freedom in this country due to our lost service men and women.

      And thanks to all of you who are serving now or have served. May God bless you all.


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