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    A couple of sources have reported that he’s been contacted about the opening at Florida and is being strongly considered. Besides the fact that this is his first year at Oregon and I don’t think he would leave, I don’t understand this one. He’s coached at 2 smaller programs – Western Kentucky and South Florida. He’s had one really good season at USF that got him the job at Oregon. This is his first year at a major program. He’s 5-4. Could turn out to be a great coach for a big time program, but just as easily could not. It’s too early to tell. We are in a very tenuous position. Florida needs a proven winner, not another question mark. If he doesn’t cut it, it will set us back another decade. Let Oregon determine if he’s cut out for a major program. Look at Butch Jones. He was amazing at Central Michigan and Cincinnati, far more successful than Taggart. Can we take that risk?

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    It’s worth reminding ourselves what Stricklin said about these rumors in his press conference: don’t believe them because lots of things will be said but many of them will be wrong. He also said that there is a big difference between contacting someone (or in this case more probably their agent) to see if they would have any interest and offering someone a position. If it is true that the UF has contacted his agent (not Taggart himself — Stricklin made it very clear that he would not contact a coach while the season is ongoing), it is no more than very early stages of exploring possibilities. No one should draw any conclusions from it.

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    david smith

    Everybody is a cropshoot at this point. Urban Meyer’s don’t come along that often. UF isn’t going to pay $10+ million buyout. So they have to take a chance. The closest thing to Meyer this year is Frost and he still needs to win at least 5 more games to be close. The only coach out there that would be pretty much be a guaranteed success at UF and doesn’t have an insane buyout or some other huge problem is Bob Stoops. That isn’t happening because I’d be shocked to see UF ante up $7 million plus for a HBC. $5 million is probably the top range for anybody not named Saban or Meyer and you know what the chance of those 2 are.

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    Affirmative action quotas….

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    Good- UF don’t need his nappy a$$ anyways…

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    He would be an uninspiring hire.

    I think we are always looking to solve the problem from the last coach. Fighting the last war, it’s sometimes called.

    -Urban got beaten by Saban, so we had to go pro style and brought in Muschamp.
    -Muschamp’s offense sucked, so we needed someone with an offensive background and head coaching experience, and in came McElwain.
    -McElwain’s offense sucks, so we need another offensive guru.

    Sometimes you need the best coach, regardless of specific experience. I think Stricklin gets this. We will see.

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