Willie Taggart

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    Leaving Oregon after one year is kind of a douchey move, reminiscent me of Lane Kiffin. Very selfish. Maybe FSU is the perfect school for him. He’s supposedly a good recruiter, but then again Muschamp consistently had top 3 classes. Doesn’t make you a good coach.

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    Can’t blame Taggart when they roll the Brinks truck up to the front door with a moving van. The only loyalty today in college football for a coach is to the almighty dollar.

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    Timing is a key factor in this. The school and coach both know it is a very good match. If he passes on the offer this year, it may not be available to him when he’s ready. Coordinators make 1-year(and often less) jumps all the time. But those changes are not scrutinized as much.

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    Who cares, it’s FSCW (florida state college for women

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    Black Dahlia

    Oregon’s “student”- athletes agree:

    “Cuh is a liar then gone cry if front of the team like we gone feel bad for em. https://t.co/99J9qqtRW5
    — 16 (@NLMBNICC) December 6, 2017″

    I think.

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    I agree they are just paid employees and if you want a job and it is open you go for it. Perhaps all coaches should not promise things that they won’t deliver on.

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    Why wouldn’t he leave if offered a better job? Would you leave a job after a year if you could make that much more money and take over a top 10 team? I would. The only loyalty for college coaches today is to the almighty dollar.

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    I’m at a loss as to why some people think Taggart is some great recruiter and coach. I think the only reason nole fans think that is because they think they’re supposed to think that even though there’s nothing to prove it. But Gator fans? Come on.

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    Taggart pulled in 2 of USFs best ever classes. YES – he is an extremely good recruiter. Though I’m not sold on his coaching abilities. The only guy who is better at recruiting this state is Charley Strong. So now Mullen has to recruit against the 2 best Fla recruiters – not an easy task.

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