Will the Gators Score a Top 5 Recruiting Class in 2020?

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    With 3* Gainesville High QB Anthony Richardson’s recommitment today, the Gators’ 2020 recruiting class is back in the Top 5 according to 247Sports. Should they hold or improve their position by signing day in February, CDM will have the Gators back in the Top 5 in recruiting for the first time since 2013.

    What makes this recruiting class potentially better than the last Top 5 class the Gators had is that, with 8 commitments so far it is balanced, with 4 offensive and 4 defensive players. Muschamp’s recruiting classes were notoriously unbalanced, with more defensive than offensive recruits, too many DBs and not nearly enough offensive linemen.

    Landing Top 5 recruiting classes annually is another major step on the Gators’ road to regular appearances in the SEC Championship Game and College Football Playoffs. 2020’s may be the first of many.


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    SoCal Gator

    I believe that if we continue to improve on the field this upcoming season, then our 2020 class will absolutely finish in the top 5. As I believe Pat wrote in a semi recent article, these recruiting classes will be judged on who sticks around. With CDM and Co’s Track record for recognizing, evaluating, and developing (the latter the most important) talent, I believe that the 2018, 2019, 2020, and beyond, all have the potential to be top 5 classes. If we can put a thorough beat down on Miami and FSU, and close the already narrowing gap between us and Bama/UGA, than the recruiting will become that much easier. I’m tired of these out of state and lesser in state schools poaching our hotbed of talent. Soon enough, we’re going to have our choice of the Florida boys we want (and some out of State), and let the bottom feeders fight for the rest. Come on August 24th, and Go Gators!

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      You have a good point there SoCal. Success in recruiting, as in the Spurrier days, primarily revolves around winning the battles for elite recruits in the State of Florida. Back then, FSU and UM got their share, but there was substantially less out-of-state poaching than we have today. So, putting “a thorough beat down on Miami and FSU” this season is absolutely critical to delivering the message to instate recruits that the Gator program is in ascendency and the place to go to compete for NCs in the future.

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    Very pertinent issue, StL — good topic. I would say that it hinges on the type of season we have in 2019, of course, but beyond that it is my opinion — and mine alone, I’m sure — that repeating the 2018 season will not do it. Make no mistake, another 10-3 season would certainly be welcomed under other circumstances, and contextualized in terms of the 7 years before the advent of Mullen would certainly be considered great to arrive at that mark in two consecutive years. But, we can’t do that anymore — we have Dan Mullen, all that crap is behind us, and he’s surely taking the program somewhere. Where? Do I even have to say it? I will say, just as in “one game at a time”, it’s also “one season at a time” in this paradigm, one better than the other until we get there. Stated differently, steady progression, steady ascendancy is what I believe will draw the type of recruits we will need to get over the hump and actually compete for and win SEC titles and a National Championship in 2020, 2021, or soon thereafter. Therefore, I say that if we go, at a minimum, 11-2 in 2019 — yes, we will have a Top 5 recruiting class for 2020. We’ll surely be in the Top 10 anyway………but that’s what I think it’s going to take to get to the Top 5.

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      No doubt a key ingredient in landing a Top 5 recruiting class in 2020 will be perceived progress on the field in 2019. Interestingly, due to the increased difficulty of the 2019 schedule, a 10-3 record with a NY-6 bowl win would actually be an improvement in performance over 2018 for the Gators.

      That said, 11-2 or better will leave no doubt. It is doable, but there’s no room for Mizzou type meltdowns like we had last season.

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