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    Getting ready to watch what Will Grier does at West Virginia. Do you think if he has a Heisman type year and Florida continues to have poor performance out of the QB position it puts pressure on McElwain since he pretty much ran him out of Florida?

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    How did Mac run him out of Florida? The kid made a stupid mistake and Mac wouldn’t promise him the starting position if he stayed. You can’t blame the coach for that.

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    According to Saturday’s Down South:

    “…that was enough for coach Jim McElwain to be done with Grier, basically forcing Grier to leave Florida.”

    Anyhow, the he said, she said isn’t important. I was just wonder if people thought that success by Grier couple with Florida not able to find a starter would put pressure on Mac.

    Why Will Grier ultimately transferred from Florida

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    I wish the kid all the best, but he made his bed here. Nobody made him do what he did. I don’t have any problem with him being gone. Besides, there may be one here better and we may never know if this o-line doesn’t act like an o-line. Now THAT is something I can blame on Mac and Co.

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    Butters ran this guy off for Luke Del Rio. What a joke.

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    Will Grier should be thanking Mac for running him out of town. He would have been playing behind an absolutely terrible line and missing out on an NFL contract had he stayed here. What a lucky mistake that guy made.

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    He certainly had very little pressure on him last night. I guess va tech was rushing 3 down lineman most of the time until the last part of the game.
    Plus, if he had of stayed, he would of ended up playing last year and who knows what would of happened. I think he was immature & selfish.

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    Good luck to Grier unless he lines up against the Gators. Could of, should of, would of…

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