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    Black Dahlia

    Georgia is eminently beatable. And while no other game left on the schedule is a gimme, other than perhaps Idaho, only FSU looms large and we simply OUGHT to beat them. This could be a season to remember if it isn’t already.

    Congratulations to Coach Mullen for shaping a turd of team into something special, and to Feleipe Frank’s for overcoming screw-ups and leading our team and earning his apostrophe.

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    LSU showed that Georgia is beatable. They will still be the hardest out for the Gators yet, though, and will undoubtedly (and rightly) be favored to win. I had this pegged as a sure loss when the season began, but no longer. The Gators have a chance, and hopefully they will prevail. But I cannot say that I expect them to win.

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    There’s no doubt in this Gator’s mind – we can beat Georgia. It won’t be easy. Both teams scheduled a bye week to prepare.

    It’s a knock-out game for the loser, with both teams coming in with a conference loss. The winner will be on the fast track to the SEC-CG.

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      If the Gators win, they still need for UK to lose if they are going to be Eastern Conference champs. That is likely, since they will be playing Georgia, but not a given.

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    After the UK game, it seemed as though qualifying for a bowl game could be a challenge this season. What a difference a month makes when you are winning.

    The same can be said for UK. Other than the overtime loss to Tex A&M they have been playing very well. Based on UK’s domination of UF in the Swamp, they may be the more likely team to beat Georgia this season.

    So ’67, you are right to voice caution. Wildcats are good enough to grind out wins against Vandy, Georgia, Missouri and UT in the weeks ahead.

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    I look forward to the Georgia game more than any other. It’s a great time in the season to have an off week.

    This game, in the inaugural year of the Mullen era, will be especially interesting. Dan Mullen understands the rivalry. He’s going to give Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs all they can handle and a bit more.

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    We are in the first year with a new coach. The right one I might add. We did struggle a little with Vandy though I think that was fighting off a let down “trap” game after a long stretch of games. UGA is good but not Bama good and I have a feeling we are going to have some new stuff here. It may not work but I don’t think we’ll see what we saw a year ago. I hope not as I will be there in person to see it. We have maximized everyone’s potential to our benefit this year. UGA is beatable and we have the talent to exploit their weakness. They are gonna be some mad hens after losing to LSU and I am sure will have that fire lit under their a–es. I don’t think their QB has the weapons we do. LSU exposed them as being one-dimensional and if that was not fixed over the last two weeks then we are in a much better spot this coming weekend.

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    I wrote in a comment here at Gatorsports.com, long before Dooley’s article, about the ‘Ville games and their importance to Florida Football this season. Here’s a recap:
    U. T. in Knoxville, Tenn. (Won) 47-21, 9/29 Mississippi State in Starkville, (Won) 13-6, 10/6 LSU in Gainesville (Won) 27-19, 10/13 Vandy in Nashville, Tenn. (Won) 37-27, 10/27 Georgia in J ‘ville, FL. (?)
    4 W’s outta’ 5 so far in the ‘Ville games, with 1 important game to go. The ‘Ville games, heading into this season, looked likely to be only 2 wins (U.T. and Vandy) out of 5 for Florida.
    Now U.F. Football will be squarely in the S.E.C. East Championship race with a win this Saturday in J’ville. Play loosely Florida with ”house money,” as the Bulldogs are the team with all the ”pressure” on them. As U.G.A. was predicted to easily win the 2018 SEC East title in preseason predictions.

    And just to ”point-out” the media’s preseason S.E.C. Football predictions:
    SEC Media Days -preseason 1st place voting point totals:
    1st: Georgia with 1977 pts.
    2nd: Alabama with 1971 pts.
    3rd: Auburn with 1664 pts.
    4th: South Carolina with 1535 pts.
    5th: Florida with 1441 pts.

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    So true. We’re playing with house money with no room for error.

    It’s the steady progress this Gator team has shown in each game that has me optimistic. It will take something approaching our best game to beat Georgia.

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