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    Swamp Donkey

    Anyone chattering about Gators?

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    No one responded? Hinney, how can you have SOS as an Av?

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    This forum was busy up until about 2 years ago. With UF being on this long losing stretch – among other factors – the board has gone super-quiet. But if Coach Mullen gets us back to the national stage as I expect he will, this board will be poppin’ again very soon.

    For now, the hot college sports board is rivals.

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    I think this is a troll from a member of Gator Chatter, another forum where all the traffic which was once here has gone. The moderator and others were getting into some subjects that Gatorsports didn’t like, so this forum was shut down for a while and the new forum started up. Every now and then former members come by to let you know about the other forum.

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    If the gators start winning again, this forum will probably regain some following.

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    This board began failing when the mods did not quiet the gator-haters that came over. I’m not talking about those fun jabs; I think everyone likes or at least respects a spirited fan debate, but when vitriol is allowed to replace honest fan rapport, the fans leave. The question is when will the fans return? Look at it this way: we have the No. 1 team in college baseball and there is not one thread on baseball, in fact there are only 2 threads about anything with any posts in the last week

    This use to be the best board around but no longer. The mods need to remove the flagrant, hareful and incessant negative posters. This is not to stop free speech but to stop hateful and derogatory remarks from posters who hide in their secrecy and only seek to enrage Gator fans.

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    Quiet because management made some damaging decisions and really does little to nothing to support this board. Too bad since it used to be quite popular before they shut it down with a phony excuse.

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    Al Bundy

    Very quiet. Maybe things will pick up if the Gator football team starts winning again.

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    Vewy quiet.

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    This site started downhill when the term “show pics!” was outlawed (or at least the result of such a demand were banned). Then, certain spoilers were allowed to thrive (in the name of free speech?) and make the site an series of arguments instead of free-spirited discussion among gator fans. Lastly, the demise of the offense of the university’s football team, understandably (because it really has been inept) caused gator fans to voice their displeasure which was met with glee and vitriol by the trolls and spoilers lurking about – which ultimately just drove folks away. I agree with the comments above. If the site were managed to allow gator fans to freely discuss (and not defend against trolls) people will return. And while we are at it, allow for “show pics!” especially when discussing other teams cheerleaders! good luck!

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    ”Quiet, known to the Soviet forces as Tixij, was a female assassin during the 1980s. Originally an assassin for XOF…”-Wikia. Since everyone is saying ”how quiet” it is in here, it just sounded intense, sorry had to do it.
    But seriously, I agree with those who say it will pick up in the Fall (football season). And this is a great platform, and the man in charge, Arnold Feliciano, is very helpful too. He helped me a couple times, in fact, he even helped edit a mistake I made on this forum and I couldn’t correct.
    The ”no pics policy” makes complete legal sense to me. Ya’ know, with all the Nole & Dawg trolls out there coming here (Gator jealousy must be a bee-otch, ha-ha-ha!), well, enough said on that front.
    Lastly, the mgm’t team must stay alert to keep this forum ”clean fun.” And the legal issues, too, would require a serious computer program to monitor this forum 24/7.
    And that’s just not realistic, in all fairness to So, I am really happy and thankful for any ”forums” that will allow me to share my thoughts, opinions, etc.. especially about the Univ. of Florida’s sports programs.
    So, thanks ””, I will utilize this fourm soon (Lord willing). Go Gators!

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    Hi JT,

    It’s interesting that UF and UT are both back to year one with head coaches. I look forward to seeing your take on progress in Knoxville with the new regime.

    Another shared aspect is an off-season emphasis on glory years and personalities of the past. Florida really got carried away with Mullen and Spurrier returning to Hogtown. Fulmer coming back as an ultra powerful AD at UT is also very significant.

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    It got a little too ridiculous here at one point. Only reason I opted not to follow the crowd over to the other site. I suspect the crowd will stay there due to the length of time they were together. Fine with me. I’m up for spirited debate, Shyte talking, etc…even pics, as long it doesn’t hijack the forum.

    There will be more visitors in due course.

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