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    It’s the start of another season and first game week. Here we are in that familiar role of the underdog in conference projections and first outing against Michigan.

    Based on the last couple of seasons, we’ve got them right where we want them. Once again many are disregarding the Gators and thinking they won’t be a factor.

    Things look unsettled in Gainesville with three QBs still competing for the job. Wink wink. It’s the overall offense that will show the most improvement this season. How can it not from the statistical basement of efficiency? No matter who play QB, there’s going to be a noticeable improvement in our offense. There has to be.

    Sure, the defense is unproven and lacks experience in key areas. It may take a few plays and even series for them to settle in. As long as they don’t giveaway any deep balls and quick points. That may be the case all season.

    So the offense should carry this game and the season. That starts in week one with the ability to out possess and out score Michigan. Not so easy against one of college’s best coached teams. It’s time for Coach Mac/Nuss’ offense to show some teeth.

    Gator special teams needs to make a strong showing. Surely we have someone who can step in as a returner to complement our kicking game.

    I’m fine with being under the radar to begin the season. We won’t be flying low too long if we muster the offense to win this first game.

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