Under Armor Game Observations

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    Before I write my observations let me say up front that the defense (and especially the D-Line) had a huge advantage in this game with the offense only having a handful of days to get on the same page. But, I did observe the following (eliminating names because it feels wrong to name a prep player):
    1. Our QB was not impressive (albeit none of the qb’s looked sharp). He didn’t start and when he played I cannot recall if he completed a pass. He was quick to pull it down and attempt to run, but like I stated the Dline was in the offensive backfield on every play in this game. Other qb’s looked better tho.
    2. Our kicker, touted as being the #2 kicker in this class, cannot kick off (or was told to kick short on purpose?). He never kicked the ball past the 20 yard line, usually having them caught around the 25 and one bounced at the 30.
    3. Our DB is a player. Look for him to be a star down the line.
    4. The 5 star WR, also the fasted prepster in the 100 yd dash and wants to run track and play football, chose Auburn over UF. Probably helped that the QB for his UA team also signed with Auburn.
    5. There were plenty of uncommitted lineman playing that looked like good targets for our staff.

    As far as a game, this was not much more than a scrimmage with some talented athletes playing.

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    It’s a peek, but not at look at the most talented players in the class. It’s very difficult to draw many conclusions from what is only meant to be a media circus.


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