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    Really looking forward to this BB season. Coach White is building it back up to where it once was. He had two really good recruits commit this week.


    Go Gators.

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    This is good to see… I know we got a lot of freshman coming in this new season, but none were very highly rated and I think the class was ranked around the 30th best class. These two guys coming in for the ’18 class looks more like one of Billy’s good recruiting classes.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not that disappointed with the 30th ranked recruiting class because I think it is much harder to recruit basketball here than it is in football. Until we can fill up the O’dome on a more consistent basis it’s always going to be that way. Maybe these two stud guards we have coming in for the ’18 class is partly a result of the new renovations that makes the basketball arena look more full than it really is, and looks a lot more flashy to boot. I’m happy to see that those investments for the new arena might be paying off already.

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    I have no doubt the Gator offense will improve this season. If the defense is up to the standard as last year’s squad, this is going to be a much better team than many people anticipate.

    The other factor is depth. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the roster this deep and talented across all positions. While next year we will bring in some well-regarded players, this year’s team has the potential to be very good and build on a foundation for continued success.


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