Troy stuns LSU


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    LSU loses to Troy. And if you watched the game LSU got pushed around a bit. Their defense is suspect. Expect LSU to come into the swamp throwing the ball like Vandy on offense. As long as we prepare properly and hopefully improve a bit in the secondary (BTW: do any DBs in the country celebrate obsessively like ours?,) and keep the running game moving forward on offense – we should be able to win.

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    SEC was the premier conference in the country in part because they had the best coaches in the nation – that is no longer true. USC knew what they were doing when they passed over Orgeron for head coach. Too early to judge him yet, and Saban lost to Louisiana Monroe his first season…but Orgeron is no Saban and he coached almost the entire season last year making this his 2nd season. This looks like a situation that confirms why you shouldn’t let the current players decide who the best coach for a program will be.

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    I don’t like it when an SEC rival loses a game like this before coming to town. I would have preferred a 52-0 thrashing by LSU so they would come to BHG full of themselves.

    It works both ways in making our team a bit over-confident and causing the rival to prepare that much harder to turn things around the following week.

    Troy was very successful hitting the mid WR routes. It’s an adjustment the LSU defense can make this week at the expense of losing a defender to the box.

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    I too don’t like this set up for our LSU game, they already are probably mad that we beat them last year. One positive is game tape from their loss should allow us to do some good things.

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    I agree that the psychology of the situation is more favorable to LSU than the Gators. On the other hand, this is their second big loss of the season, so I’m wondering how good they truly are right now. Still, the Gators need to be ready for perhaps their biggest challenge of the season.

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    Their offense is as painful to watch as another team I won’t name. Their QB is also abysmal and the OC, Canada, was supposed to be the second coming. Goes to show that the QB makes or breaks a team. Funny, that we keep wanting to blame the HC!!!

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    As we’ve seen at Florida, it’s not so easy to change HBC and OCs and be immediately successful. Losing Guice hurt LSU a lot and left them with a diminished running game.

    LSU has enjoyed top recruiting classes for some time and has the talent to compete. There’s something extra to this rivalry after the past couple of seasons, hurricane delay and especially the late game win in Baton Rouge.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for Franks to test the LSU secondary in this game. My hope we push them around up front and utilize our backs to run clock, make yards and points for the win.

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    It’s official, we’re worse than Troy. Great program you’ve got there, Mac.

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      Sly Sylvester

      Each game is its own. I think LSU got a lot healthier while we lost our star receiver.

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    I have a suspicion that the Tigers were looking forward to their game with the Gators when they should have been preparing for Troy. With a few exceptions, it is simply not possible to judge the relative strength of teams by how they fared against common opponents. Too many variables are involved.

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