This Weeks Coaches Poll, #10-UCF, #11-UF?

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    The two campuses are not that far apart. In the football universe, the distance has always been greater. What about the poll? Is UCF on par or better than UF in football?

    In a practical way, I don’t think so. I give the Knights credit for being undefeated and playing at a high level. Who do they play? How would they fare playing a major conference schedule?

    I know. It’s just a poll. Just saying….

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    I agree that the Gators are probably the better team, primarily because of the difference in their defenses. I am unimpressed with UCF’s defense, and the Gators have one of the best in the country. Maybe the Knights are better than we think, but they would need to play a more difficult schedule for anyone to know. I have no doubt that the Gators would be undefeated this year if they played UCF’s schedule, so their record does not provide a reason to think that they belong in the top five.

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    I miss the time when most of the top Florida teams scheduled and played each other.

    Until that happens, we’ll have to rely on results from the weekly beauty pageant.

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