This sounds familiar

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    McElwain on Florida’s anemic offense 2017:
    “Put the ire towards me, I’m the one responsible for it and I’ll get it fixed.”

    Muschamp on Florida’s anemic offense 2013:
    “So it’s on me and we’ll get it fixed, I assure you of that.

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    Black Mamba

    It’s totally on Mac, he’s the one keeping Nuss & Nord around. He’s the one with “the plan”. He’s the one who’s so bad his dog won’t even play QB for him, & I’m sure he’s asked Clarabelle.

    The next idiot coach that’s hired and says he can win no matter what (i.e. with a dog) at his intro press conference should be fired on the spot.

    Mac should be fired immediately. This staff is a total waste of UF’s $$$$$. How do these idiots keep getting the golden parachutes to drastically fail? If Stricklin approved Nord & Nuss’ raises & extensions, he should be fired too. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to say I’m disgusted is an understatement.

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    Yes it does sound familiar, and I have little faith that the result will be the same. More over promising, under delivering, failure.

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