The Only Silver Lining

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    Lord Fauntleroy

    The final straw for 2017 – losing to the NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Only Silver Lining………….

    After arguably the worst season in Gator history we can find a small amount of solace looking northward toward Knoxville. Perhaps Florida sucks but Tennessee sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

    Team 121 became the first Tennessee squad in program history to lose eight games in a season with Saturday’s 42-24 loss to Vanderbilt at Neyland Stadium.

    The Vols barely escaped an upset by lowly Massachusetts in Neyland.
    Blown away by Georgia, LSU an light weight Vandy in Neyland not to mention defeated by South Carolina before a stunned, silent, disbelieving fans in Neyland Stadium.

    To add insult to injury they were utterly annihilated by Alabama and Missouri and lost to mediocre Kentucky and South Carolina.

    What reputable and gifted head coach would dare cast his lot with a program that is mired in losing culture and low morale?

    Compared to the Tennessee Volunteers the Florida Gators are in the midst of a Renaissance.

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    But it started much like this with a new AD at UT.

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    Al Bundy

    Yep, if we hire another loser, we’ll be the next UT. I was just browsing Yahoo news and saw we’re targeting Mullen now. If we hire Mullen, the best we can expect is a mediocre team. Hopefully Stricklin gets hot and heavy on our facilities because as long as our facilities are the joke of the SEC, we won’t get a championship level HC. Mullen will be better than Muschamp or Mac were, but he ain’t winning any championships here imo.

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    Black Dahlia

    Facilities win championships?

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    Al Bundy

    They help recruit players that win championships.

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