Tennessee's Dystopia: Holding on to Butch

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    Lord Fauntleroy

    It makes the pathos are Florida look paltry by comparison. Tennessee with Butch Jones at the helm did not win two SEC East Championships and with the exception of 2016 never beat the bitterly hated Gators. In 2017 the Volunteers struggled with the lowly basketball oriented University of Massachusetts Minutemen in Neyland Stadium which could have been an unprecedented loss at home! Tennessee has lost 4 games in a row including two losses in Neyland Stadium with two of those defeats being blowout losses to Georgia and Alabama.

    Why haven’t the Vols admitted yet again their Athletic Department has laid an egg with a second rate incompetent head coach? Jones record pales beside Coach Mac’s but the powers that be in Knoxville are like deer frozen in the headlights of a car.

    If you feel dispirited and confused about the trajectory of Florida just look at the disaster at UT.


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    It might be the long line of past coaches still collecting money from UT.

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    Actually, the Knoxville paper has been saying, since losing to Florida, that Tennessee should have realized in year two that Jones wasn’t the right coach. Like McElwain, not enough experience for Jones to coach at the SEC level.

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    Lord Fauntleroy

    As the saying goes “anything is possible.” I wonder what the odds are that Butch Jones would step down at Tennessee to become the next head coach at the University of Florida? Wouldn’t that be comparable to an asteroid hitting Gainesville the same moment Scott Stricklin announced to the assembled media the next Head Coach at the University of Florida is…….. 🙂

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    Swamp Donkey

    Is this what Alvie is reduced to?

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