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    Okay, Taven Bryan declares for the draft. Good kid, good gator, and wish him the best. But didn’t it seem that every top 10 team (top 20?) had a man-eating terror at nose tackle/DT? Sorry, they can’t all be top-10 picks. IMHO, he should have stayed for another year. Saw some good plays this year, but didn’t see the dominant force some make him out to be. Good luck at NFL day, the combine, and hope he proves me wrong as he seems to be a stand-up guy.

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    david smith

    It doesn’t matter in gville anymore. Any player that has a chance of going in the top 3 rounds is definitely a goner now. There was only 1 player who left early last year who had a really good chance of being a 1st round pick (Davis). Only 1 other player who was almost assured of being picked in the top 2 rounds(Tabor). All the other early entries knew they be taking a chance they be taken later unless they performed really well at the combine and such. What it tells you about the 3rd year players who are still here is they have zero chance of making it into the top 3-4 rounds.

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    “No-brainer” decision and smart financial move by the kid. He has everything to lose and little to gain by sticking around. Why risk injury or possibly diminishing his perceived abilities and value to an NFL team, by playing another down of college football?

    He’s more than shown his ability to play defense at a very high level. The Florida football program is rolling over again. New coaches, terminology and a fundamental switch in the type of defense Florida plays.

    I’m thankful for the time Bryan spent at UF and the consistent high level of play he produced. Thanks for being a Gator!

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    Al Bundy

    Wish him well. He’s a hard worker. Hopefully we’ll have a couple of the young guys step up and be leaders next season.


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