SEC Divisional Realignment.

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    Hey Southeastern Conference Office/Committee:

    The S.E.C. East school ”Missouri” is literally (geographically) more WEST than over half of the SEC West teams. Therefore the ”S.E.C. REALIGNMENT” should consist of the following teams:

    The Eastern Division: Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

    The Western Division: Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss. State, L.S.U., Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas A&M.

    Florida’s yearly West opponent should stay L.S.U. While Auburn’s West yearly opponent should obviously be Alabama.

    Tennessee’s yearly West opponent (which was ‘Bama) should now be Arkansas.

    The yearly cross divisional matchups:
    Florida vs. LSU, Ole Miss vs. U.G.A., Arkansas vs. Tennessee , Vanderbilt vs Missouri, Kentucky vs. Mississippi State, Alabama vs. Auburn, South Carolina vs. Texas A&M.

    Thoughts and opinions, or food for thought?

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    GI I thought about realignment though I guess I always figured Auburn would never go along with that. I like your choices. Would preserve the rivalry games and definitely make more sense. Though sense is not always the logic behind things these days.

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    It should be considered. Let’s call it a consolidation phase for the conference.

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    Hey GI — late getting in on this, but you are spot on. Historically, college football has always been part and parcel to geography. Now, that seems out the window all over the place. But lets at least get it straight in the SEC!

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    Yea G-6, thanks for commenting. I think all the other conferences like the ACC and the Big 10 alignments made no sense to me in the past. Now the SEC has added to that ”confusion” by placing MISSOURI in the EAST. It’s past time to correct it! And the Florida/Auburn game has always been a sell-out, a ”nail-bitter” and an exciting game. Adding Auburn to the East would be easier for traveling, and make for a better on the field product (for the attendance at the stadiums, which has been lacking lately). And when Florida beats Tennessee, L.S.U., AUBURN, U.G.A., Florida State, and ‘Bama in the same year, they’re usually playing for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Go Gators!

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