Nussmeier moving to press box to call plays

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    Arnold Feliciano

    UF coach Jim McElwain said on the SEC conference call this morning that offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier is returning to the press box to call plays. He had been on the sideline. Guys, will that help?

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    Black Mamba

    nope, he’s still calling the plays.

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    Graham Hall

    I looked this up – Nussmeier called plays on the sideline at Michigan in 2014, but previously he was in the booth at Alabama in 2012. In my research, I also found a, um, mildly relevant article about how Saban worked with a run-heavy Nussmeier offense.

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    Nussmeir sucked at Michigan too, he sucked everywhere he’s ever been but Bama. And that was because of Saban & Staff, Bama, and the talent. Nussmeir’s offenses consistently rank outside the FBS Top 100, often near the very bottom (out of only 127 teams). It will be more of the same. Hopefully the defense can bail us out like they have since 2010.

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    I’d like it if he’d call plays in the press box in, say…..Cleveland…..Madagascar.

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    Black Mamba

    Might as well just start Del Rio this week, and the rest of the year.
    I mean, he can throw it 80 yards, and we need all the big plays we can get.

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    I think it will help in what plays are called. I’m all for trying something different to get better results than what we’ve seen so far.

    It’s easier to see the field and defense from the box. Distractions are reduced.

    Having face to face communication with players, especially a young and inexperienced QB is also valuable.

    I like it for this game because it puts pressure on Nussmeier to improve or risk replacement. There did seem to be lack of continuity in the play calling for the Michigan game.

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