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    Focus will continue on generating some Gator offense. What’s it going to take to prime the offensive pump? How about playing Northern Colorado?

    From my perspective, we have to see the offensive goods this week against an outmatched opponent or really begin to wonder what is going on. That would placate restless fans for another week.

    Being on the edge, or out of the rankings makes sense for a young team trying to find their way through the early schedule. Getting shoved around for sixty minutes and losing is not much fun. Hopefully it was motivating to improve.

    The offense needs game minutes to develop strengths and identify weaknesses. Who and where do we go when a critical run or pass is needed? I look forward to seeing more of the dynamics of the offense, money plays and an offensive identity.

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    The next game, assuming they play it, will not tell anyone very much about the state of the Gators. Of course, if their offense falters in this game, we will know it is in very deep trouble. If it does well, we still won’t know whether it can be good since the opponent apparently has a pretty weak defense. Still, it would be encouraging to see some positive things happen when the Gators have the ball.

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    Gator offense will falter if they limit their playbook until the UT game.

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    You are correct mtn2. The gators need to play some offense. The overall play was better than most will give them credit for, but the OL had no answers and they got beat on every play. Given an opportunity to run some offense and get some timing before they see another team with the same size and team speed could be the answer. Frankly (no pun intended), Felipe did as good as anyone could in their first start for being chased around a backfield because of missed assignments. At least he threw it away when he needed to.

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    The Gators offense is offensive.

    Under Nussmeir/McElwain the enemic Gator offense has never cracked the FBS Top 100 since they got here. The Gators offense was ranked 112th in 2015, 116th in 2016, and after one game into the 2017 season, they are now ranked 121st out of only 128 schools in the FBS.

    That same predictable offense has been ranked DEAD LAST in the SEC for the two years they have been here. And for the 2017 season, they are trending right where they should be in the SEC, which is DEAD LAST for the third year in a row.

    The Gators are 0-6 vs FSU, Bama, and Michigan under Jim McElwain. And in those six games, UF only had 70 total points, 35 of which were scored by the defense and special teams. And just like Muschamp used to do each week, McElwain blames everyone but himself for the downward spiraling offense. Excuses are for LOSERS.

    Enjoy those fat raises and contract extensions, and GO GATORS!

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    By seasons end Michigan’s will be a top 5 ranked defense. That’s why we were five point underdogs going into the game. Bad start to the season but we have to move on.

    I think Franks is in a tough position as the starter considering his lack of experience and long-term problems with the offense overall. He’s not stepping into a working situation. The offense has struggled over the past few seasons and lacked consistency.

    Pulling Franks for Zaire in the second half was a bit odd if you are trying to build experience and confidence in the offense as a unit. There are days you take your lumps as a unit.

    Then there’s Del Rio, with the most experience as a starter. Missing from action.

    That’s where I’m a bit critical of Coach Mac in developing an offense. We couldn’t pass protect in the first half, then we couldn’t run block in the second half. It seemed to be a one-dimensional game plan in each half with play-calling out of sync.

    The nature of offense is to attack the defense. It’s the initiative of taking action and determining where and when the point of attack that is the advantage. It takes unit timing, a sense of how each action contributes to the outcome of each play.

    Right now, we need to nurture an offense. Get back to basics and some money plays. Run block, push people around to make some creases in a defense. Pass block and give a QB time to hit some deeper routes. They need to build some experience and confidence as a unit for the games ahead.

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    I’ve been in the wait-and-see camp on Mac’s ability to do the job. I still think it is the wisest and fairest stance. But this year is when we need to start seeing some solid evidence that he can succeed. Even though the first game failed to do this, the rest of the season need not be determined by a poor start. Northern Colorado will not likely prove much, but the next week will. I’m hoping for the Gators’ sake that there will be great improvement in the weeks to come.

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    Here are some keys for me.

    We score TDs by both the first and second units, and not just one each.

    Our defense eliminates their offense, and perhaps scores some itself.

    We play almost every defensive player eligible and most of the offense as well.

    This is the way tune up games used to be when we had decent coaches and plenty of talent.

    Hope to see this, not sure.

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    We’ll need significant improvement in offense to beat UT, especially in line play. What a difference a second of additional time on a block can make in the game!

    This week we need to find enough of a “money offense” to generate the points needed to win, also yards and minutes of possession to help the defense.

    My expectation is to see a lot more of our passing offense in this game. Which of course opens up some running room.

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    Agreed ag8tor, we need to have better offensive execution across all positions, including the coaching staff. After such a difficult beginning, the UT game gives us a chance to bounce back with a huge divisional win.

    The trick this week is to focus on football. It won’t be that easy despite what some on here think.

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    Need to get the ball into the hands of the black athletes. Problem solved.

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