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    Kevin Brockway

    McElwain trying to turn tide on player discipline

    Florida has had more player arrests than Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Miami and FSU during McElwain’s 3-year tenure. Thoughts?

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    It’s upsetting. However, no one was worse than the Gators under Urban Meyer. The bottom line is people care because the football team isn’t winning consistently. If McElwain had the success that Meyer had, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

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    Urban Meyer was highly criticized for player infractions. However, he was winning National Championship’s, so the scrutiny was different. The scrutiny was similar with Bobby Bowden’s teams as well. With that said, would the Gator’s season be undefeated if these suspended players had instead been active? No one can say with total certainty. REGARDLESS OF WHO WAS COACHING THE GATORS, THE SEASON WOULD HAVE BEEN ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY AN INEXPERIENCED QB & SIMILAR PLAYER MISCONDUCT!!! Totally misfortunate for Coach Mac, and the tone of Gator Nation would be different if UF was playing Georgia undefeated. Coach Mac has not been perfect (WHO IS?);but I like a coach who works with player issue’s!

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    Statistically there is a discipline problem at the University of Florida with our football players. Based on time and history is must be institutional to some degree. The problem was here before Coach Mac and obviously remains.

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    Sly Sylvester

    Can someone be charged but never got arrested?

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    Yes there is a discipline issue. It is right there for everyone to see. It is obvious. And, unfortunately, the discipline bleeds over onto the field when we see things like jumping off-sides (especially on defense!), taking swings at opponents (right in front of the refs), and general play (un?)making that makes you scratch your head (not throwing the ball out-of-bounds to avoid 4 yard loss). This starts with recruiting the right guys and then instilling in them early on what it takes and means to wear the gator logo on the side of your helmet. Unfortunately we have had to play short-handed this year. I hope that discipline improves. Our young guys are getting valuable experience that can pay off down the line…if they behave! A disciplined team can overcome a team with more talent. A disciplined team with talent is unstoppable.

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    I still find it odd, that of all the NCAA quarterbacks, only Will Grier was busted for a banned substance, and it was on Mac’s watch.

    I think Will Grier really was the beginning of the end for Mac, and probably was the number one reason he ultimately failed as a head coach here.

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      Not a popular opinion, but I believe you are correct.

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