Lots of opening coming in the SEC


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    I see the following opening coming this off season, if not before:

    Tennessee Jones is done as they loose to uSC, Alabama and LSU….good fit for Les Miles
    Ole Miss Job opening has already been posted
    Missouri They are looking at 5 L’s in a row
    Arkansas Solid under performers
    A&M Sumlin is not a favorite of Alumni, he’s done no matter what.
    Florida This team has taken on the personality of the HC. We drop the next 4 and FSU


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    Swamp Donkey

    It will be even harder for Fooley Junior to fire some second tier WAC or Sunbelt coach to hire.

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    Graham Hall

    If any of these happen, talk about a lot of money in buy-outs!

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    Let’s get real. Butch Jones seems the most likely to be fired. Few programs have paid more money for coaches in the last couple of decades than UT and got less for it.

    Bret Bielema is in trouble long-term but may have a bit more rope. I would not be surprised if we was let go at the end of the season, although I suspect he’ll have one more to turn things around.

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    Graham, I often enjoy your writings, but your above comment about ”buy-outs” for Coach Mac, well I had to address it. By definition ”buy-outs” are ”the purchase of a controlling share in a company.” So, Coach Mac has ”controlling share” at U.F. and that should come with ACCOUNTABILITY, too! And with that said, ”ACCOUNTABILITY” should be ”controlling players”, too (testing players for performance enhancing drugs long before the start of a season, like 2015, or ”controlling” the players ”debit card accounts” much better by utilizing an accountant to keep an eye on their debits and withdrawn money, etc.. like the $1,700 dollars that could have easily sent a ”heads-up” to the coaches, as it could have implied (especially this day and age with ADIDAS and shady handlers) illegal payments to current U.F. players. Ironically, they were ”shady”, they were felony thefts.
    So these ”buy-outs” should be better negotiated in the future. I am not a lawyer, nor am I an accountant, but… damn! It’s the biggest scam in college sports today, aside from Louisville Basketball & Adidas’ shady handlers for high school kids! These buy-outs will ensure MEDIOCRITY for some college teams, while ensuring high-quality for other college teams. Food for thought, U.F. Athletics!

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    UF football is and after thought… thanks fooley!

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