Jacquez Green not happy with UF's offense

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    Kevin Brockway

    Hall of Famer Green weighs in on UF offense

    Jacquez was inducted into UF’s Hall of Fame last night

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    No one is happy with the performance of the offense right now. We barely got by Tennessee at home on a miracle play. We have to see some big steps towards improvement this week against UK or more significant changes may be needed.

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    A win is a win. Somehow Coach Mac and team has been able to pick up enough critical wins to win the division two years in a row, keeping the program competitive while rebuilding. That’s remarkable considering our offense has been one of the worse in the nation in that time.

    In these first two games, losing two key offensive starters was a tremendous handicap to overcome. Then there was the hurricane. Somehow we split and came out with the important conference win.

    This is year three. Even with two starters out, the overall offense should be improved. There were plays and moments in the first two games where things went well. Then there were the plays and busted assignments that crippled drives and momentum. It’s the inconsistency that’s maddening and hamstringing the offense.

    The UK game will be a great opportunity for the offense to work on consistency. Improve that and the points will follow.

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    Sly Sylvester

    Solve the problem of the blitz’ without incurring penalties and this offense will hum. Coach up the RB’s and TE’s on their blocking assignments. Get the plays in sooner so the QB has extra time to check out of the play if he sees a blitz. Call maximum protection and a quick slant to Toney, Massey, or Cleveland. Let them make their defender miss and take it to the house.

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