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    Congratulations to the Gator staff and players on an outstanding recruiting class finish!

    We finish 9th overall in the 247 Sports 2019 Team Composite Ranking. But more importantly, 4th in average recruit score, and tied for 3rd (with Texas) for total number of elite recruits (4-star or higher).

    Better still, Tennessee and FSU are in recruiting free-fall.

    It should now be unambiguously clear that any knock on Dan Mullen’s recruiting ability is ridiculous. Gainesville and Starkville are worlds apart. The guy was Tebow’s recruiter, for cryin’ out loud.

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    Nashville, I’m sure there are some who still think Dan Mullen is a poor recruiter, but I totally agree with you. We have a damn good start on 2020, we already know that player development is one of CDM’s strong suits, and a 10-2 or better season in 2019 will put us right where we need to be for our first run in a long time.

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    Yup. And not only did we get Kaiir Elam, but Torrian Gray to boot! Hope Kirby actually really wanted Charleton Warren. Two potential lockdown, future NFL caliber corners in the same class completely changes the way the defense can play. And I think this is the third time in a decade that we’ve had two in the same class.

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    Nashville Gator makes a great point about average recruit rating / # of elite recruits. When you consider CDM seems to land very well needed transfers and top assistants, the guy has proven Foley wrong ten times over for mistakenly chosing champ and then mac over CDM. foley told everyone CDM couldnt recruit! in a way, its a “boy named sue” favor, as it gives CDM etc fuel to keep em coming!
    Remember, too, that UF is a little more academically than most of these schools we compete with, so sometimes a player might not want to come here for fear he may not be up to the challenge in the classroom even if he can make it on the field. so a guy picking auburn or georgia or several others, dont “covet” those guys, be thankful for our guys!

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    It was a highly successful recruiting cycle for the Gators. We’re seeing every indication that Dan Mullen has this program moving in the right direction again. Go Gators!

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    Just remember Nashville, there ARE people out there who still believe the earth is flat and the moon landing was a Hollywood production. Why not continue to report the “CDM can’t recruit” lie? After all, negative reporting ALWAYS gets people’s attention.

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    Stl, wait… What? The Earth is not flat?

    On a more serious note, we’re currently in the top 3 for 2020 and 2021.

    Mveal2006, Foley’s legacy is plundering the football program to raise the quality of all the other programs. That and less than shrewd contract negotiation. Now, Florida has the best overall sports programs in the country. But what I don’t think Foley understood was that if he had invested in the football program (e.g., a standalone football operations building), he could have had his cake and eaten it too. Football would have made even more money, so he could have still ultimately funded the other programs at the levels he did, albeit perhaps with a bit more lag time.

    I’ve often wondered if one unstated goal of Foley’s Muschamp and McElwain hires was to maintain a power dynamic where his football coach didn’t have the top tier bargaining power to demand more competitive facilities upgrades.

    And just for entertainment value, how are Scott Frost and Chip Kelly faring in big-time recruiting these days?

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    Nashville, had Foley not born personal animus against CDM, he would have certainly given him a serious look and probably hired him (instead of McElwhiner) in 2014. Had he done that, the Gators probably wouldn’t have lost Grier and may already have made the playoffs, if not won another NC.

    Other than at OL and LB, the Chump left behind a lot of talent at UF. His last 3 recruiting classes were ranked #3, #3 and #9 by 247. McElwhiner frittered away most of that talent with his awful S&C program and assistant coaching staff.

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