How much accountability should MW take for recent UF basketball struggles?

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    Kevin Brockway

    He says all of it. What say you?

    White noise in the system

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    Definitely all of it. I watched multiple defensive breakdowns in the last 2 mins of the Vandy game that were completely unacceptable. He is largely responsible for this. The players are still not talking as much on the court and our halfcourt offense is horrendous! Transition we’re great, but we cant seem to get a legitimate flow in the halfcourt and seem to always settle for 3 pointers. Frontcourt isnt helping much and Egbunu is needed big time, but there’s still a way to be competitive playing small ball in todays game and Mike White doesnt have us playing like the force we used to be.

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    White is doing the right thing in shouldering the responsibility, but at the same time, it is necessary for fans to realize that he cannot play the game for his players. It is obvious that they frequently do not do what they are coached to do, including the breakdowns and the lack of communication. If he had other options on the bench, we could fault him for not benching players more often than he does, but no coach can manufacture options out of thin air. In other words, I think the players need to be held accountable, too, but it is hard to put a percentage on each side’s responsibility. As the head coach, however, the buck does stop there.

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    ALL! Bottom line, UF basketball are “L” – LOSERS and it starts with the head coach. This team will be a 1 and out in whatever tourney it lucks out to get.

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    Of course he deserves the blame for his team’s play. It is what a leader does. It is his way of protecting his players. That being said, his team is just not that good. He has some good players and 1 good leader but he can’t force them to talk on defense or remember the right help defense each and every time down the court. That is why they play such horrible defense when they are on the side of the court opposite the bench. He can’t make layups and free throws. It is his job to put them in position to get those shots and to get fouled. He inherited a sub .500 team and has done a decent job. My concern is the lack of development and recruiting emphasis put on the front court. I think that will have to change if he wants to make it long-term at UF. This current roster has so many holes and they are impossible to plug against coaches that have scouted this team and know the make up of each of these players. He has kept it close with small ball but close will not cut it. I still believe he can be a long-term coach for this program but he needs to get his team bigger and tougher through player development or recruiting.

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    If White should get all of the blame for losing, should he also get all of the credit for winning? I’m not arguing for this, just suggesting a perspective to consider when we consider the subject.

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    It comes with the territory.

    At the same time, Coach White did very well with a flawed team. He pushed them farther than I thought he could without a dominant post presence. Most expected Egbnunu to play late in the season.

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