How Long Does Urban Meyer Have Left as OSU's Head Coach?

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    Black Dahlia

    I’m not gonna rehash the story or provide links; you’ve heard the story by now.

    I was just wondering how long everyone thinks he has left. Days? Weeks? Years? My sad prediction is that he’ll probably remain coach as long as he wants to and keeps winning. But I wish he would be ousted, and would consider it sweet revenge if it was because of something like this situation that developed while he was at UF.

    Strangely enough I think if the charges were sexual in nature he would be gone already.

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    Sly Sylvester

    About as long as a snake.

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    I usually avoid hazarding guesses about what will come since I’m often wrong when I do. It does appear that he may survive this; but if more negative information comes to light, he probably won’t. He certainly seems to think that he will be able to continue as OSU’s coach.

    While his departure from UF was messy and he may not have been honest about all of his reasons, I do not hold ill will toward him. I have come to think that he has some deep character flaws, but this only makes me believe that the UF is better off without him. This thought certainly tempers any anger I might feel about the way he left.

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    I have a very good friend, a retired senior NCO and a man I admire greatly for his sense of honor and character, who will come right out and tell you, “Please don’t put me up on a pedestal, I’ll disappoint you every time”.

    That’s how I feel about Myer. As far as whether or not he survives it, I have a sneaking feeling that he does….but in a political world such as this, the media will double down on trying to get him. That, I think, he doesn’t survive.

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    To my knowledge it is not a crime to not report abuse on an adult. This I am not sure of. I am sure according to the title iv rules that were printed that the penalty can include termination. had the abuse been toward a player he would be dismissed. That it was the former wife of a coach should carry the same weight but likely will not. Some of the posters said she could have left which is partially true though in helping my ex to a master degree and writing her papers I read the DSm something or another book for research. Battered people (not all are women) have a whole bunch of things that often keep them from leaving. For friends (I am assuming the other coaches and their wives) to turn a blind eye to this is part of a problem of society. Thinking how will this effect ‘my’ income or life over the individual being abused. Avoiding or ignoring something to win over endangering someone or because it would look bad on a mentor or friend has at minimum dotted the eye on the Buckeye. A black eye on the team and for some more loss of respect for the coaches morals and ethics. This is a tough world for the coaches these days. They have a lot of responsibility but they also have a pay check most will never see. If it was known in 15 and the assistant was dismissed this wouldn’t be an issue. If he was kept to loyalties to friends this now is a issue for the Association and the University. One of the other things I read in that book is abuse is often learned and continues in a familial path.

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      Well said, Gator-6. Especially, ”Please don’t put me up on a pedestal, I’ll disappoint you every time”.
      I cannot help but remember what Urban Meyer said about a former-Gator football player to Sports Illustrated. A former player hit a girl ( and b.t.w.: no exception it ain’t cool; I grew-up with a mom & sister and I have never even seen a man hit a woman), but he was thrown off the U.F. National Champs team in June of 2006. And Urban was speaking of Avery Atkins when he said, ”Could’ve been a first-rounder, (He) Pushes a girl. I kick him off the team. The streets take him over in Daytona, FL. I lived with that for three or four years thinking, ‘Wait a minute, we lost this kid on our watch.’ That’s when we started giving kids second, third and fourth chances. I would not get rid of a kid, and it bit us a little bit. I went 20 years in my career and never really had stuff like that. I was convinced at the time that if he’d have stayed in our program, we would’ve gotten him right, and how do you ever let that happen on your watch?”
      And Avery Atkins later died from an overdose of ecstasy. Strangely for me, it puts the recent ”gun thing” here in perspective. Ultimately, the whole football culture is one of tough, take no crap, etc… and then a guy hits a girl and boom, your whole world comes crashing down. Again, D.V. is awful! I have been very blessed to NOT have been around domestic violence, but also what Urban said in Sports Illustrated is true pertaining to 2nd chances. I think the press can destroy people, and also get played by people who have bad intentions, too. But conversely the press is necessity, so… !?!?!? Dilemma… I don’t know what happens… But this I do know, ”the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

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    Honestly, I don’t even care. I don’t know the details, so I can’t comment, but I do know I would prefer to have him there AND beat his little team repeatedly. 😉 THAT would please me more than beating OSU without him. 🙂

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    He will weather this storm. An unpopular coach would not.

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