Game 9 Thread: Florida at South Carolina

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    Arnold Feliciano

    The Gators won 13 straight games and won 17 of 18 over South Carolina — many with former Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier in charge of the Gators — from 1964 to 2009. South Carolina has won four of the past seven since with the victories all coming with Spurrier as Gamecocks’ coach.
    Your thoughts on today’s game?

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    To even have a chance to win we must:
    1. Tackle. Cannot say enough times. Our primmadonnas on defense must shut up and tackle.
    2. Block. There are times when….aw shoot, we gotta block way better.
    3. Be smart. How many stupid things can a team do and still win? For us it is ZERO. Don’t run the kickoff out of the endzone. Don’t jump off-sides (O and D).
    4. Be disciplined, quit showboating. and do your job. I love that the DBs, down four TDs, & are “around a receiver” for an incomplete pass consider it appropriate to jump up and extend their arms signifying how great they are. Not.

    None of the above is about scheme’ing and style of play; nor playcalling or philosophy. It is about the players being football players and not entitled individualists. Execute the basics and the rest will follow. Block, tackle, be smart, play disciplined football. What a concept, right?

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    Guess I should have added “catch the ball when it hits you in the chest” to the list. Nice that we had a chance at the end of the game, which made watching it not seem like a complete waste of time, but a little more tacking, a little more blocking, and a little more discipline could have changed the result. Optimistic that we can end the season on a 2 game winning streak.


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