Game 7 Thread: Florida vs. Georgia

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    Arnold Feliciano

    What’s at stake: Georgia’s unbeaten record and lofty ranking as well as Florida’s three-game winning streak in the series. Only other time Georgia was a double-digit favorite against Florida in the last 40 years was in 2014, and the Bulldogs lost 38-20.
    What do you guys think?

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    The Gators always have a chance in Jax, no matter the records. GA is going to try and run it down our throats. Our LBs need to come ready to play. Our DBs need to quit grand-standing and make tackles (they are allowing too many yards after contact to opposing RBs). Then there is the offense. BUT…the Gators can do it. GA will either win big, or UF can keep it close into the fourth and win with Eddy/special teams. I am predicting the latter because, the Gators always have a chance in Jax!

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    The rushing leader usually wins this game. Everyone expects that to be Georgia this season but the Gators may have a surprise or two for the puppies to put this stat on it’s head.

    Never bet against my Gators in Jax for this game.

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    Gonna be a long terrible day for the former “mighty” Gators… hopefully, the rumors will be realized Sunday – butters fired!

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    Sly Sylvester

    Cleveland and Hammond will stretch the field vertically. Toney and Massey will take turns stretching the field horizontally. Powell and the TE’s will work the middle. UGA can’t stack the box. Perine and Davis will have more room to run. That will take a lot of stress off Franks. Add in changing it up with Zaire and wildcats here and there, the UGA defense while very talented and experienced will be stressed. We have a decent front 7 on defense to stop UGA’s vaunted two headed rushing attack. How well Jake Fromm can throw is debatable. If UF’s offense can move the chains consistently to give the defense a breather, UGA’s offense won’t be able to run up the score in the second half on a tired defense. Given that UGA’s perfect record is over a relatively weak schedule while UF’s less than stellar record is over a relatively strong schedule while missing injured players that will be back for this game, I’d give UF a 50-50 chance of pulling an “upset”. Upset is in quotes because most pundits believe that UGA is much better but I am of the opinion that this is a good matchup for the Gators. It is a toss up game. The team with the least mistakes (e.g. penalties and turnovers) and the most lucky bounces will win the game.

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    david smith

    I think it’s obvious that we are on an upward trajectory as a program and if it wasn’t for punter out-kicking the coverage we would be undefeated. I mean we really need to name a scapegoat and why not a punter who kicks it 50+ yards regularly but no matter how high the ball is kicked our coverage can’t get to the returner within 10 yards of reception. Yes, the punter. Let’s not blame 75 other players or the 10 suspended players. Let’s not blame the coaches who haven’t been able to dominate anything besides a ham sandwich. At least the old gators can call the younger gators unappreciative of the product on the field. Remember when a tie was a victory? HAHA

    If you have had a chance to see practices, you would realize it’s the punter’s fault that the entire team lacks discipline.

    I will tell you I have talked to a parent of a national level prospect over the summer who is only 14 right now and there is no way in h*** his child will be coached by Green-teeth as he and the team lack discipline compared to BAMA, Clemson and a handful of other teams they’ve seen practice. This parent loves UF too but not enough to hand his child over to that guy. Total lack of preparation and discipline. You can’t truthfully expect a team to practice half***ed and then play something much better than full*** against real competition. The coach can’t control whether a tenth of his team commits felonies. Totally out of their control.

    I think Green teeth is a good game manager but when you got absolutely nothing else to you than that, you aren’t going to be successful against good coaches/teams who bring more to the table.

    Is UGA water boy going to score?

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    He's Gone


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