Game 5 Thread: LSU at Florida

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    Arnold Feliciano

    Florida coach Jim McElwain said the key to today’s game is, “100 percent, is not allow explosive plays.
    “It’s a huge test for us against a team that doesn’t care for us. It will be a test of how we’ve grown to understand how hard and aggressively you have to play. We have to deliver the blow.”
    How do you see this game turning out?

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    Graham Hall

    A lot of top recruits in town for the game today, who do you want to see UF land? Any score predictions for today? I’m going 27-13, Florida

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    david smith

    Our defense is a punching bag. Only linebacker who can tackle is Reeves. Best skilled player tacklers on our team are Reeves, Wilson, Henderson and Dawson. No other skilled player even tries to wrap up on a tackle. Johnson(28) has been exposed several times. Totally overruns the plays. There is no 3rd down yardage that is tough to achieve against our d. Too bad there isn’t a statistic of how many times a team has made 3rd and 10 on our defense.

    Would like to see the players on both sides of the ball finish plays. It seems a lot of players stand around once they feel the play is over or close to over. Examples: Toney just started walking back to the huddle when perine fumbled. The ball was on the ground and he was walking back to the huddle. Then Toney in wildcat handed the ball off and just stood straight up and got rolled up on as he turned his back to the play.

    I’ve got some stories why these things are happening but I’ll save them for another day.

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    I’m sorry but I think I am ready to give up on this team! We have no defense (team can’t tackle) and unable to defend the run or pass! We have no quarterback and I’m tired of hearing he’s just a red-shirt freshman…I don’t see that problem with other teams with


    freshmen QBs (i.e. Georgia, USC, etc.). The play calling is atrocious. LSU, a team that Troy ran up and down the field on, and we come in and run cutesy pass plays and never go to the run til just before the half and seem surprised that it worked. And what about the LSU jet sweeps…all they have to do is run the sweep every play and they will score on every series…what is going on? If the truth be know our victories so far have been possible in spite of ourselves!

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    david smith

    This was inevitable and probably should have happened several more times this season. McElwain plays for the close win and always has at UF. There is a reason he barely wins against decent to good teams and gets blown out by excellent teams. He plays to barely win so his players don’t really understand success because success is only measure in W’s and nothing else.

    I’m okay with the outcome. Franks is out future if there is a future with McElwain even though I think our pinnacle with him is SEC East championship(IMO the past). The receivers don’t ever get open other than Cleveland who only gets open deep. So we either have had 15 bad receivers and only 2 good receivers(Calloway and Cleveland) in the last 3 years or our offense is poorly designed and executed for Qbs and WRs. I honestly think Calloway and Cleveland are exceptional receivers and if you aren’t exceptional you are essentially non-existent. Don’t see the offense working to Franks strengths either which is down the field accuracy and arm strength. The offense is all screens and running plays(perfectly designed for Del Rio) which explains why it’s so easy to defense. It’s interesting how Franks is running for his life and the receivers are never open. The color analysts don’t even bother mentioning players that he missed because there rarely are any.

    On defense we have some indispensable players; Polite, Zuniga, Jefferson, Sherit, Reeves, Henderson, Wilson, and Gardner. I know there are 4 DEs there. I think the backups for all the other players are just as good as the people ahead of them. In most cases the backups are younger, so all things being equal go with the younger player. I wouldn’t mind seeing us go to 5 Dbs and 2 Lbs as only 1 LB (Reeves) is capable of making tackles.

    This game and future games like UGA and FSU(We won’t be playing BAMA) will be won with strength and precision. Know that this team is sloppy the other 6 days of the week, it’s impossible to expect them to be otherwise on game day. Strength is not in our favor either. You expect running backs to truck players, but when Etling is Tebowing; Gardner, Reeves, Jefferson, Dawson and others sometimes multiple players at the same time you know we don’t have the strength to compete. Not sure future outside screens should include OL blockers. You’d be hard pressed to find a OL outside the hashes either blocking a defender or even getting in their way.

    The weaknesses on this team is not a player issue.

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    This does seem to be a flawed team, but it might have been a rather different game in the latter part of the fourth quarter if they had not botched the PAT. The offense showed some life at times, but not in the critical period at the end. Next week we will see if the Gators can turn this into something to learn from and become better. They still have a chance, but they will need to improve quickly. I still think a key is how much Franks can improve, at least for the offense. The defense also needs work, obviously, and it’s less clear to me where that improvement can be found — other than more experience and better coaching. They did have a very hard time adjusting to the speed sweep.

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    Tough loss today 🙁

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    Did you ever consider that the reason Mac was winning games close is there’s so little room for error. We ran out of smoke and mirrors against LSU to hide all the freshmen that are playing.

    I don’t know if it’s possible for so many to grow-up so fast in a week or so. It’s a bit unrealistic to expect much more from this team considering all the players that are missing and the inexperience in key positions such as QB and in the secondary.

    The play of the offensive and defensive lines has been the difference in keeping us in games. There’s a harsh reality of inexperience and lack of depth in other positions.

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      I largely agree with this and think that we need to keep the difficult circumstances in mind. On the other hand, I also think that we need to see some real signs of improvement in the coming weeks. Good coaching should show in the way the team plays as it gains more experience.

      On a somewhat different, but not unrelated, point, I cannot help but wonder whether the fiasco with credit card fraud has thrown Mac off of his equilibrium a bit. He has come to seem more like he was last year recently, but I’m still not sure that I see the same coach. On the other hand, this could just be my imagination.

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