Florida's in-state recruting.


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    ”The Georgia Bulldogs are ascending on the field, and on the recruiting trail under Coach Kirby Smart. The latest win for Georgia came when Adam Anderson, the No. 57th ranked prospect in the class of 2018, just committed to Georgia. Anderson, a 6′ 4”, 214 lb. pass-rushing outside linebacker committed to his ‘home state’ Bulldogs -over Alabama- in what is another huge recruiting victory for U.G.A. and Coach Kirby Smart. And it’s another recruiting victory over his mentor, Coach Nick Saban of Alabama.”
    ~Paraphrasing: an ABC sports article.

    So why (for the love of all that’s good in the Orange & Blue) can’t the University of Florida and Coach Mac & company keep more of ”Florida’s highly recruited and highly rated high school football players” in-state, and committed to an in-state school, like say, Florida? As I firmly believe that Florida Football is only going to compete, year in and year out, with the likes of ‘Bama, U.G.A., and Clemson when U.F. does what Georgia just did. Utilizing Coaches’ recruiting skill-sets, and keeping Florida’s great ”in-state high school talent” committed to the Univ. of Florida.
    As Adam Anderson is now, yet another, ”in-state” U.G.A. recruit, who’s firmly committed to Georgia. And by the way, he’s an intimidating 6’4”, 214 lb. L.B., who will be dressed in ”the silver britches, with the red and black tops” soon!
    Just wondering in Hogtown, FL.
    By: gatorgi70x7

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    A valid question. I think we have to keep in mind where these two came from. Not an excuse, just offering one potential answer. Mac came from out west and Kirby from bama. Granted Mac was also once at bama, but for a high schooler – that was eons ago. Kirby is capitalizing on relationships built from his previous employ. Mac cannot do so, therefore he had to build those relationships – which means “time.” And, if the current trajectory holds, Mac seems to be headed in the right direction with in-state talent and talent in general. Go Gators!

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    At the moment, UF has the #6 recruiting class, just above Georgia. Some of the highest rated players (e.g., Corral and Chase) are from out of state. One of the Gators’ 4-stars is from Ga. I’m not sure why this is considered an issue. It’s true that Smart has not had to build up his reputation in the area in the same way Mac did, but it appears that the Gators are now competitive with anybody for some of the best players.

    I would add that Florida is a very different place than Georgia. I doubt that there is the same home-state identification for many players in Florida as in a place like Georgia. That has to affect how easy it is to keep a player home.

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    ”I doubt that there is the same home-state identification for many players in Florida as in a place like Georgia.”
    Great point! As a kid, albeit growing up in Gainesville, well, FLORIDA FOOTBALL was ”it” for me! U.F. has to find that ”same mindset”, who are also talented high school kids…
    or make them love U.F. by -their on the field- playing, like Coach Spurrier’s teams did.
    But great point, Gator67!

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    My thing about our team and recruiting and the future I suppose is this. When Mac arrived we all know how depleted this team was. Urban left us in disarray, then Muschamp made the situation even worse. So JM inherited a dumpster fire. Last year he pulled the no. 10 class, and as we all know, many of those freshman are contributing. 2018 is at 6, with the chance to be even better. 2019 stands at 1 at the moment. Once JM has had a year or two of solid talent, throughout the entire year, then and only then can we truly evaluate his performance. Do we necessarily like how nuss calls a game, not particularly. but until they have these solid incoming classes and stay healthy with most of the players for most of the season, we truly cannot evaluate them. Personal feelings of dislike are not relevant, and in football terms mean nothing. there are several posters on a few sites that did not like JM from the moment he was chosen, simply because he was not, “their” guy. Once the above things play out, we truly do not know where we are at with the staff. My guess that is why we are continuing to pull some nice talent on these incoming classes. They see what many fans don’t see or don’t want to see because they are blinded by their own egos. Have to see them with a full solid talent pool for a season to truly know. Go Gators!

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      Muschamp was a bad coach, but an incredible recruiter. In his first class, with only 2 months to recruit, he finished with the 11th ranked class. Then the two following years he had the 3rd ranked class and 5 five star recruits. Even his 4th class, coming off one of the worst years in modern Florida history, he had the 9th ranked class. Many of his recruits are in the pros like Alex Anzalone, Jarrad Davis, Vernon Hargreaves, Keanu Neal, Jacoby Brissett, Clay Burton, Dante Fowler, Jonathan Bullard, Matt Jones, Bryan Cox Jr., Demarcus Robinson, and others. He did not leave the cupboard bear the way Meyer did.

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    ”If I don’t see some solid growth in Franks and the offense over the next five games, then I will begin to worry.” ~Gator67

    Well, Gator67, I wrote a similiar ”post” to that -very fact- a few days ago. Here’s an idea for a NEW O.C., and he’s a Gator great, too! That is -if- the Gator offense lays an egg for the next 5 games:

    gatorgi70x7 posted an update 3 days ago:

    ”Kerwin Bell’s coaching experience dates back to 1990, when he began his coaching career as a graduate assistant coach under Steve Spurrier at the University of Florida, where he also played from 1983-87 while earning a Psychology degree and serving as the team’s quarterback. In his four years as a Gator, Bell constructed a career that consisted of an ‘SEC Freshman of the Year’ honor in 1984 after leading the Gators to a 9-1-1 record. He accumulated 7,586 career passing yards, and 56 touchdowns in his playing time at Florida, which ultimately landed him in the ‘UF Athletic Hall of Fame’ in 1997.”

    So, ‘IF’ and that’s a BIG IF, Coach ‘Nuss DOESN’T get the Gator offense going for the remainder of this year, and I mean competitively going the 2nd half of this Gator season, well… It’s time to bring the ”throwing Mayo’an” back to Hogtown, and let him run this Gator offense properly! In fact, Bell would and could, run it, ”Gator-style!”
    And Coach Mac, please deal with ”these changes”, if things don’t ”change for good” soon! As former Gator players, turned coaches, have a -certain mystique- about them once they’re on the sidelines. Especially, the Gator sidelines, coaching in the Orange & Blue!
    It’s time Florida Football, to produce ”on the field” offensively, or at the end of this season, PRODUCE Florida Football with an O.C. that the Gator Boosters, and the Florida -faithful- fans have been wanting since Urban left for his ESPN/dream job: Ohio State.
    The one J.U. scandal shouldn’t preclude Kerwin from serious consideration, either. Because J.U. does NOT have SCHOLARSHIPS to offer their ”student-athletes”.
    And Furthermore, Coach Bell is now coaching right up the road at Valdosta State. So, pick it up on ‘O’ Coach ‘Nuss, or get on the bus! And then U.F./U.A.A., please, bring in one of the best former Q.B. Florida Players, turned O.C. & a Head Coach, Kerwin Bell, for U.F.’s ”NEW OFFENSIVE CORDINATOR!”

    ~The quoted writings are from Wikipedia, J.U. and Valdosta States ”info pages” on Coach Kerwin Bell.

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    I largely agree with this, but with one qualification: I am not ready to say with any confidence that Mac will turn things around. I am convinced, however, that he has not had sufficient opportunity to show what he can do, especially with the way this season began and the injury to Del Rio.

    If I don’t see some solid growth in Franks and the offense over the next five games, then I will begin to worry (barring more key injuries, anyway). Even in those circumstances, Mac will undoubtedly have another year, which is as it should be.


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