Florida – FSU Hoops Game

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    Looking forward to seeing how our boys do against the Seminoles and the ACC in basketball. This game is usually physical and a good litmus test for the season.

    Seminoles are 6-0 coming into the game and off a scrappy win against Rutgers. They always seem to find a way to steal this game.

    There’s some interesting match-ups, especially in the post that may give the Gators a challenge. Hamilton is sure to test the post after seeing the Duke game. They have a puncher’s chance if they’re aggressive rebounding and second chance points are good.

    Getting a win on the home court of the Gators this year will be especially difficult. FSU has talent but not the depth of Florida.

    Go Gators!

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    Agreed. Egbunu will be missed in this game. Gotta love the Mike White factor in this and any game. He has the tools and knows how to use the right one at the right time. Yes – Duke happened, but….we had more than just a chance to win. We’re rested and at home. Love our chances and 3Gor returns to the friendly home court too. Go gators!

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    Criminoles is my preferred term for them, but we will miss post players.

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    I have a feeling this is going to be one of those physical schoolyard games.

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    It usually is.

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    There’s more of a potential challenge in this game for Florida than many fans realize when you consider how the teams match up.

    The light lineup of Florida just begs sending the goons out to play zone and contest the perimeter. If they can limit outside scoring they have a good chance to get the win. Why wouldn’t they feed the ball inside and take their chances banging with our bigs?

    Hamilton is a wily coach. He can game plan with the best of them. I hope Florida runs away with the game but I expect it will be competitive.

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    Graham Hall

    Definitely will be interesting seeing this team bring Egbunu back in the middle of SEC play.

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    david smith

    It’s time for UF to either move out of Florida or drop FSU as an opponent. We dropped Miami because they were beating us so bad. It’s time to do the same with FSU. Make USF our rival. FSU totally out worked UF tonight, a week ago, a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago, 4 years ago….. It’s really not a rivalry when one team wins all the games.

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    UHGGGGGGGG … I’m tired os losing big to the criminoles!! I know, we beat them in most other sports. But in the 2 that matter we can’t even compete. This is sickening.

    I really hope I’m wrong on this, but I seriously doubt that I am. If they bring in Taggart, not only are we not going to narrow the recruiting gap. They will widen it. I think we are SERIOUSLY going to regret not bringing in Strong.

    We’ve become the Washington Generals to their Harlem Globetrotters.

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    I would say that Mike White’s after-game analysis was exactly right. The Noles were fired up for this game and the Gators were flat. They were out-hustled and out-muscled. It’s amazing that this game seems to mean so much more to FSU than UF. I also suspect that the Gators spent too much time basking in the glow of the praise they’ve been getting and failed to prepare properly. It is getting pretty old watching FSU outplay them year after year, though.

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    Bad game for UF. They were shooting bricks. Did not expect such a bad game by a #5 rated team.
    Lets hope their worst game is out of their system.

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    Just as I feared. The week or so lay-off probably didn’t help either. It was a lot more than cold shooting. Rebounding was just about non-existent. It was embarrassing.

    Egbunu is a long way from coming back and its not clear how long it will take him to play back to the skill level and shape he was in prior to the injury. We need to scheme with the big men we have and get some more meat in the paint or this kind of outcome is going to be a common sight with the teams that have athletic big men.

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    Black Dahlia

    Lets hope their worst game is out of their system.

    Unfortunately it wasn’t.

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