Favorite Gator Football Moment

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    Danny Wuerffel indicating touchdown with prayer hands. I very much miss those days of Spurrier hanging over half of a hundred on teams. Watched the 1995 shellacking of UT 62-37, Wuerffel vs. Manning. Also, loved Lawrence Wright’s hit on UT’s WR. Any of you at the Swamp for that game? And sober enough to say you remember?

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    I was ”sober enough” back then to remember, Doc. But I’m also old enough to remember when Wayne Peace tossed a pass to James Jones (who was falling backwards onto the corner of the North-East goal line pylon) and he caught it ”1 handed” to BEAT the trash-talking Miami Hurricanes of the 80’s. That was a Gator great memory, too.
    But I have to say, my all-time ”FAVORITE” was Ike Hilliard doing a ”Road-Runner” move on F.S.U.’s D.B.s, in order to make enough space to run into the end zone untouched, and score! Ultimately beating ”F.S. who”, for the Gators’ 1st EVER FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPSIONSHIP in 1996. Go Gators!

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    Too many to recall. Rhett grinding over Georgia. Reggie Nelson putting the hurt on an LSU receiver. Ike Hilliard catching a pass between two FSU defenders, pulling back and making them look like toys.

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      Hahaaaa. I didn’t even see your post before I wrote. That Hilliard move is burned in my mind.

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    Black Dahlia

    Mine still has to be the first National Championship. Parading down University Avenue in my convertible, people with bongs and topless girls in front of cops, cops drinking beer on duty, and just generalized pandemonium (but no rioting). It was all great fun until someone from the Islamic Student Center hit me in the balls with a raw egg.

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    My favorite moment was destroying FSU in the Sugar bowl

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    Favorite moment I didn’t see was hearing on the radio when Doering caught the ball against Kentucky for a touchdown and come from behind win.

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    This is a tough one….

    Ike’s catch against FSU.
    The Cock Block.
    Callaway’s TD against Tennessee.

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    Sly Sylvester

    Beating LSU with a defensive stop on the goal line as time expired. Everyone (dare I say), including yours truly, thought LSU would surely score the winning touchdown on the last drive, if not the last play. This was after the game was moved to Baton Rouge giving up home field advantage due to Hurricane Matthew and all the public bickering between the respective administrations, fan bases, and even the media with the LSU side saying we were afraid to play them and didn’t want the game played.

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