College attendance down

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    Pat Dooley

    College football attendance took a sharp drop, even in the SEC. The drop was the largest since 1982. Why do you think this is happening?

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    I’ve been a season ticket holder for 23 years. I guess I’m getting old and cranky. It is just freaking miserable to sit in the unbearable heat with people pressed all against you. I hate the schedule this year and for the first time I am really considering not renewing my tickets. I know I can buy for the couple of games I really want to go to and still not spend near the amount of money my season tickets cost me. I think as us Boomers age we like comfort over excitement of being in the Swamp. Maybe that is why you see attendance going down at all games. I loved going to AT& T Stadium to watch the Gators vs Michigan on a very hot day in Arlington TX with a dome on the stadium and nice air condition comfort.

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    There is too much other stuff to do and technology rules. If you’re not an elite program that is winning or playing in big games, it is easier to watch at home or follow on Twitter. Most programs are not elite so fans pick and choose the games they want to attend.

    The games are entirely too long. Four hours is way to long for a football game and it burns an entire day, not just an afternoon. This is the biggest reason that I gave up my season tickets. My kids enjoy the basketball games but the football games are just way too long.

    In addition, the cost per ticket has gotten so high that people are just buying single game tickets off the internet and attending the big games without having to invest in the season ticket package.

    Finally, if you want people to come to a stadium, you have to have some sort of wifi or at least a reliable cell network. We are a connected society who is on Facebook and Twitter and that is just the way it is today.

    Ultimately, you can’t charge an arm and a leg, offer no amenities and then put a crappy product on the field.

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    Pat Dooley

    I get why UF attendance has suffered but it’s happening nationally. Don;t think they will get numbers back up but have to figure a way to keep the ones who are coming. A lot of schools are reducing capacity

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    Well it isn’t just a UF issue. There are not that many good teams. The bottom of the Top 25 averages 3-4 losses. This means that they are probably losing 1-2 games at home. In addition, power 5 teams are scheduling more and more cupcake teams to get bowl eligible. Therefore, people will stay home for the cupcake games and come to the big games.

    Additionally, I think it is because the games are too long and the product on the field is not worth the price of admission for season tickets at most universities. Also if UF has issues with connectivity, I’m sure they exist at many other stadiums too.

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    When most of the relevant Gator games are televised and being able to see them in the comfort of your home it’s pretty much a no brainer. Especially if you’re living by modest means. Add the uncertainly of the product on the field, hassles of parking, crowds, traffic congestion, weather, cancellations the past two seasons, etc., a flip of the dial on Saturdays makes that all go away. then there’s those inflated booster contributions that are forced upon you.

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    Sly Sylvester

    I like to see the math and projections for reducing capacity and increasing amenities.

    Will the upgrades lead to higher ticket prices which in turn leads to reduced attendance?

    Is it a wash? Will the profit increase? Is it about increasing profit or attendance or both?

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    If the sharp drop in activity on this board is any indication of a general waning of enthusiasm toward college football, then college football is indeed in trouble. In the last few years, the activity on the Gatorsports Forums seems to have fallen about 98%. It’s a ghost town now.

    I’m not trying to gore anyone’s ox here, just an observation. College football seems to be on a hamster wheel right now, not moving forward, like some stale old doughy relic in a Hawaiian shirt trying to stay relevant.

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    Not enough black athletes to make the game exciting.

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    It’s very expensive and time consuming to attend college sporting events, especially football games. At the same time, there’s never been better coverage (usually live) of college sports.

    Thanks to the SEC Network, national coverage of all major sports at UF has never been better. Live attendance at football games may be down, I would wager that viewings of Gator games and sporting events is substantially higher.

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