Coach Mac in 3rd year.


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    Coach Mac,
    I know you were the ”2015 S.E.C. Coach of the year”, and I know the coaches don’t play the game. But, F.Y.I, this is your toughest ”3 game stretch” in the Orange & Blue, to date. I know you beat Ole Miss in 2015, and then got some lovin’ and went to #11 in the nation’s polls. But the following week, you all played a nasty L.S.U. team and they reminded you again, this is the S.E.C.!
    And I’m sure you’ve had some tough stretches of games in your football life. But nothing like what’s about to transpire in this month (October) wearing the Orange & Blue. ”GATOR FLASHBACK”: back in the day, U.F. played L.S.U., Auburn, and U.G.A. in a similar brutal ”3 game stretch” (good thing this year’s Auburn team isn’t on the schedule). But you have this on your 2017 schedule: L.S.U., Texas A&M, and then, ugly U.G.A. And I think it’s going to dictate whether you all win the S.E.C. East this year. I know crazier things have happened, like last year: beating L.S.U. in a re-scheduled game to regain the lead in the East.
    But more than likely, this is ”IT”! And I hope your fellas understand that… this is ”IT”! And if you all want to go to the NEW and IMPROVED Georgia Dome, now called the ”Mercedes Dome”, or whatever… well, the journey starts this Saturday.
    And Coach Mac, if we can be honest, what worries us is this:
    you’ve had some ”tough 3 game stretches” -already- in your 1st two years at U.F.: the 1st year it was F.S.U., ‘Bama, and Michigan. And then if we’re honest in year 2 it was: F.S.U., ‘Bama, and then Iowa. Well, you went 0-3 in the 1st year, and then 1-3 in 2016 for a 1-6 record in total.
    I know it’s a different team, and that is why I personally believe. I do believe that this year’s U.F football team could solidify your program, and make the entire GATOR NATION ”believe”, also! This is it! No more ”rescheduled games” to get ”another shot”. This is it, Coach Mac! Best of luck, Gators! So please show us Coach Mac, the “GATOR NATION”, that in your 3rd year, you know how to win ”tough 3 game stretches”. GO GATORS

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    True story.

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    Just being picky, I know, but how does a team go 1-3 in a three-game stretch? More seriously, I agree that this is a critical and challenging series of games, but I would not put LSU and Texas A&M in the same category as Alabama and FSU (last two years, not this year). I wouldn’t even put Georgia in that category, though they appear to be pretty strong this year.

    Also, this is definitely a critical test for the Gators and Mac, but it is important to keep the context in mind. The Gators are playing without 11 players who would have been a part of the team without suspensions and injury, some of whom would have been starters or major contributors. Mac continues to deal with a less than complete team as he tries to guide the Gators back to the SECCG. I will therefore be more concerned about how much improvement we see in the team (especially the offense) than the exact outcome, when it comes to assessing Mac’s work. Of course, I still very much want a Gators victory in each game, but that may not be the best test of Mac’s coaching in this situation.

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    Well said Gator67, as we’ll need all the home-field advantages for the next two games. It certainly didn’t help to lose Del Rio for the season and Cleveland for at least a week with an ankle roll-up.

    It was Vanderbilt, but there were a lot of improvements on the field last week. We need that visible progress to continue each week to get through the schedule with some wins.

    Coach Mac has been very successful in his short time here. He’s made the best out of what he’s been given. This year we are starting to see what he can do with the players he’s brought in, especially on offense. I appreciate his steady and calm presence on the field, even in the most tenuous of moments caused by a young and inexperienced team.

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    Black Mamba

    the sooner you guys realize that Mac is a dead Coach walking, the sooner you can return to sanity.

    I wish he would have succeeded, and I supported him up until the ’17 Meat Chikin game, but I realized in that game that he doesn’t have what it takes to win championships. He’ll be around next year, then he’ll get paid a huge sum to go away, that’s just the facts.

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    This season feels similar to Muschamp’s third year.

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    Sad state of affairs… when will this nightmare end?

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      When they fire MediocreWain, aka “MacChamp 2 – the sequel”, aka “Mac the Hack”. Let’s face it, Mac has YET to beat a good team. And no, Iowa doesn’t count


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