Clemson & Dabos' start vs. Mac & Co.'s start

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    Very few Clemson fans thought he could coach a lick, in part because he’d been on the Bowden staff (as receivers coach),” Williams said. “I was critical of him, too, (after) losses to Maryland and South Florida, the 70-33 loss to West Virginia” in the Orange Bowl following a 10-3 regular season in 2011.
    “Fans talked about firing him. The (five straight) losses to South Carolina (from 2009-13) — in 2010 (the sentiment) was ‘Get him out of here.’ ”
    ”Alabama is the gold standard, and (Clemson) went toe-to-toe with them (2015 & beat ‘Bama in ’16)” he said.
    Now, it’s a love affair; “people are smitten with Dabo,” Williams said. Even Swinney’s post-game exuberances and his news conference rant about the derogatory term “Clemsoning” have not cooled that ardor.
    “They like the way he represents Clemson,” Williams said. Over-the-top quirks, he said, are viewed as “Dabo being Dabo.”
    Today, everything (Dabo) Swinney touches turns to gold.

    -By Bob Gillespie Jan. 01. 2017

    So, Coach Mac can take comfort in the fact that Clemson NEARLY RAN DABO out of town. I, personally, admire Coach Dabo. The man knows football! And we’re told Coach Mac and ‘Nuss ”know football” here in Hogtown. But my point is -still- simply this: CAN MAC AND ‘NUSS WIN OVER FLORIDA FOOTBALL FANS, like Coach Dabo did in the last 2 football seasons (2015-’16)?!?!? Only time will tell! But this much I do know, Mac better start getting to ”Orange Bowl” and ”Sugar Bowl”, in the years he’s NOT playing for a National Championship. Because few of the elite recruits are saying, ”Man, I want to play in that Belk Bowl sooo bad!” No, that’s not even close to their mindset. They’re saying, ”Man, that NEW MERCEDES DOME IN GEORGIA IS DOPE!” Get it together Coach Mac, with your ”flex-tape’, with your ”Aw, gosh, would you like a P.B.&J?” or whatever it takes! Because this time NEXT YEAR, things better look much better, I mean so good, ‘Bama, U.G.A., and company are talking about Florida, and not the other way around! When will ”everything you touch (Coach Mac) turn to gold”?!?!?

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    Sly Sylvester

    Back when we were looking for a coach to replace Muschamp, Dabo was my first choice. I was nearly heckled out of the message boards for even suggesting it. Now, there is no way we could get him to come to UF for a lateral move at best.

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    I like Coach Mac and believe he will be successful here. It’s the third year of the program and results have been good not great. Considering next year’s recruiting class and the wealth of young talent already brought in, overall things are on an upward trend.

    I see the bigger picture beyond a couple of games. Good things are happening in Gainesville and momentum is building. It’s more important than ever to support the team this season. Many players are having to step up to fill roles they would have been a backup.

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    david smith

    Too bad we didn’t recruit UCF’s players as they have lots of playmakers and UF has so few. We can’t even out-recruit UCF now.


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