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    This is a strange game week with such an incredible three-decade UF winning streak over UK on the line.

    The Wildcats brought Muschamp and USC back to reality with a big win last week. They are more than capable of pulling the upset and ending the streak.

    Can you imagine that for UK players and students, they haven’t beaten Florida in football for their entire lifetime plus ten more years! It will happen at some point. I hope it isn’t this year. On paper, we have more than enough talent to win this game and get some of the kinks out of the offense. UK has the home field, some momentum and lots of motivation to end three decades of domination.

    I can see Florida having a break-out game as a cylinder or two comes back to sync in the Gator offensive engine. UK may be able to stop the run or put a lid on passing, but it hasn’t shown the ability to do both.

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    This game makes me pretty nervous. Kentucky has great motivation and looks better than they have in a long time. Florida appears to have the more talented team, but they are very young and still adjusting to losing their top two offensive weapons. I do think they can do it, but they will need to play better than they have so far. They showed some flashes against Tennessee, especially in the 4th quarter. I hope that is a sign of what they will do in the next game.


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