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    I too wonder what a ‘bad fit” might be. Now I blame management if Mac did not behave properly. I hear rumors about things that he did or said that if I was his boss would have been either corrected or he would have been fired.

    His poor relations with the press are only one example of where he needed training, but did not get it.

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    One problem is the mentality of chasing after other programs. A coach like Nick Saban is highly successful at Alabama and many of his DCs and OCs are fast-tracked to lead other programs with the hope that some of his coaching acumen rubs off on them.

    The best Florida hire and “fit” was by Arnsbarger when he brought in Spurrier. It was questioned at the time by many people. “Florida doesn’t hire football coaches away from Duke, no matter who they are,” was heard at the time. SOS broke all the rules for what was being done offensively in the SEC at the time and was very successful. Even still, the “noise in the system” grew until he moved on to try the NFL. It just wasn’t fun anymore at Florida.

    Foley hiring Meyer was the second-best football hire. There were plenty of doubters because he came from Utah, a second-tier school. The spread offense was innovative and relatively easy to teach and execute.

    I would argue that a good “fit” is someone who wins most of the time, and not much else when it comes right down to it. So we are left with a crap shoot of trying to find the next up and coming coach who can take the resources and talent available at Florida and make the program dominant again. Based on Florida football history, it doesn’t hurt to bring in a creative offense-minded coach.

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    I agree winning is an important thing, but you have to share some of the values of your organization. Like say UF having a good and enjoyable offense, a great defense, and good special teams play. They also need to be able to manage the press, boosters, and of course the players.

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