All SEC National Championship Game

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    The Oklahoma/Georgia game was contested to the last play. Fromm was the difference for Georgia and used his tools better than Mayfield. Very impressive performance for a true freshman.

    The Clemson/Alabama game was not very competitive. Foolish to let Alabama have a month off to heal and prepare for a playoff game against any team. The difference a year makes for Clemson and trying to replace Deshaun Watson. They looked like an ACC team tonight.

    It’s been a crazy season, capped with Auburn getting beat by UCF in Atlanta. Only the last game seems to make sense with an all SEC matchup in Alabama and Georgia. Lots of story lines in this one with only a week to prepare. With Alabama thin at linebacker and Georgia built to run, we’re in for a good low-scoring game.

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    There should be no argument as to who the number one conference is this year for sure…
    I concur with you mountain, probably a low scoring game unless the ‘bama defense scores multiple times (or sets up their offense with a short field). If UGA can run the ball, which Clemson could not, UGA matches up well with UA. Could be a big “if” tho and then can the student beat the teacher (coaches)?. Gotta give props to “Jake from State Fromm” – quite the performance for a freshman. Makes you scratch your head as to why Fields went to UGA doesn’t it?

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      It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a “pound” fest with the 5 yards and a cloud of dust offense of Georgia and Alabama.

      Alabama has some key injuries at linebacker and defensive line. They may be susceptible to Georgia’s running game. I don’t think Georgia’s passing game will be that effective against a very good Alabama secondary.

      Georgia hasn’t really seen the back rotation and offensive line of Alabama. With all the focus on the Georgia running game, I see this as the possible edge for the Tide. Especially with only a week to heal and prepare.

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    Anyone but Georgia!!!

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    Bama favored by 5 as of this morning

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    With the game in Atlanta, that line seems to be a little high. Considering the defenses on both sides of the ball and the conservative offenses, this game is almost certain to be low scoring.

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