Pat Dooley on Facebook Live.

Video: Tackling reader questions ahead of LSU game

Pat Dooley answers reader questions on Facebook Live.

Dooley: How did LSU get to this point?

Les Miles should do it. Do a Will Ferrell. Walk out in front of a crowd somewhere (Ferrell was in his full George W. get up on “Full Frontal”) smoking a cigarette, put it out with a foot crush...

Dooley: White-hot forecast for UF basketball this season

Things are different now for Mike White. His family is settled into the home at Haile Plantation with renovations complete and he’s finally got the right pictures on the walls of the offices at the Gator practice facility. “I guess we...

The Back Nine: Every week brings wild games

The Back Nine comes at you like all Americans with a heavy heart after the shootings in Las Vegas. This is a scary world. Please be safe.
Malik Davis illustration

Dooley Noted: Logic aside, Malik Davis did the right thing

Pat looks back over the Vandy game in this Monday installment — now called "The Follow" — of the Dooley Noted podcast.

The Sunday Blog, Week Five: Final UF score is fine

The Sunday Blog comes at you in a world where I just sent my AP ballot in and ranked four teams from the state of Florida and not one of them was named Florida State. * Do I want to...

Dooley: Not one to sulk, Franks steps in to lead Gators

Feleipe Franks walked the length of the field, tiny rain drops pelting his face as he strode with the big smile toward the northeast corner of the end zone. He carried the game ball in his hands, a sphere he...

Dooley Grades The Gators: UF gets job done

Offense A- First half: Despite losing Luke Del Rio to an injury, the offense was able to put up the kind of numbers Gator fans hoped for -- 225 yards and 17 points. Second half: Florida put together some impressive...
Jim McElwain

Dooley: Sizable headache awaits Saturday’s loser

There are different types of hangovers and you may have suffered through one even if you have never done a keg stand or experienced Larry Miller’s Five Levels of Drinking (Google it; it’s one of the funniest bits ever).

The Picks: Better offense with Del Rio

We are still not out of September and college football has been ridiculously full of news. (Although the nine Gators in trouble want to thank college basketball for changing the national narrative Tuesday).

Dooley: Three-game home stand rare treat for Gainesville

There are a lot of different ways to look at Florida’s upcoming three-game home stand. So let me count the ways: 1. It’s unique. Only once in the history of the program have the Gators faced three straight SEC games on...
Jim McElwain

The Back Nine: Not expecting to see many of UF nine on roster

The Back Nine comes at you after a weekend in the Bluegrass and the realization that it’s going to be more than a month before the Gators play another true road game. Sweet. 10. Now that the nine Florida players...
Kadeem TelfortI lllustration

Dooley Noted: Fraud case is a ‘big blow’ for the Gators

Pat discusses the sworn complaints filed against nine football players, the Kentucky game and other NCAA football matchups.

The Sunday Blog, Week Four: Powell with key plays

The Sunday Blog comes at you a little late because I had the audacity to take a 30-minute nap after we got home from Lexington this morning. Sorry. 1. I have to be honest that I have never been a...
Tyrie Cleveland, Derrick Baity, Mike Edwards

Dooley: Gators have a knack under Mac for dramatic wins

The ball landed short, so short it was never a threat to history and instead prolonged it. Imagine the bedlam if it had sailed through the uprights instead of spinning harmlessly in the end zone. Or don't.
Mark Stoops, Sihiem King

Dooley: Finally, Kentucky is playing like SEC team

Forget the streak. Forget three decades of always walking away from a Florida-Kentucky game with a smile on your face. Forget about that time a fresh-faced teenager asked you, “So, Mister, were there telephones the last time Kentucky beat Florida in football?”

The Picks: No storming the field at Kentucky

Can we settle down now? I’m not talking about fans either jumping up and down on metal bleachers (bad on the knees) or the ones lighting their team’s jerseys on fire (rhymes with Fennessee).

Dooley: UF offense will never be perfect

Here in Gainesville, we are known for many things. The alligators at Lake Alice, the sinkhole at Millhopper, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, one big prairie, midtown and downtown and uptown flunkies. We have traffic like a big city at...

The Back Nine: Enjoy ride while UF team grows

Gators will be a much better team at end of season.
Tyrie Cleveland

Dooley Noted: Was it the greatest play in Florida history?

Pat reviews the Florida-Tennessee game -- and Feleipe Franks' remarkable game-winning pass -- and catches you up on other SEC news from the weekend.