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The Picks: SEC coaches feeling the heat

The SEC has this marketing slogan that you have heard a million times with that young lady walking into your living room telling you … “It Just Means More.” It’s an easy target for SEC bashers when something goes wrong, but it certainly is an accurate statement.
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Dooley Noted: Let’s ride it out; firing everyone isn’t always the answer

Pat looks back on Florida's disappointing loss to Texas A&M and other games in the NCAA this past weekend.

The Back Nine: Disgruntled UF fans should let it play out

The Back Nine comes at you after a lost weekend with football, volleyball and soccer all losing. Those happen. Be thrilled you are in a fan base where it is a rare occurrence. 10. There are two camps in the...

The Sunday Blog, status heading into bye week

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a late night and really excited about a bye week coming at the right time for the Gators and for yours truly. 1 -- So, which fan base do you think is more...

Dooley: Gators not quite good enough

As soon as the ball nestled into the arms of Texas A&M defender Tyrel Dodson, a tremendous roar went up from the corner of the end zone where Aggie fans were enjoying their first trip to The Swamp. It was...

Dooley Grades The Gators: Worst start in 14 years

Offense D- First half: The running backs really ran hard and allowed Florida to rush for 141 yards. But it appeared the Gators were scared to death to throw. Franks’ interception in the end zone was just dummy. Second half: The...

Dooley: Being passive no way to play football

It seems like a long time ago. What was it, July? Kevin Sumlin’s team lost a game by one point at UCLA and everyone from a trustee to the team’s doggie mascot wanted him gone.

The Picks: SEC needs strong push on back end of schedule

Let me get this straight (which isn’t easy for someone who did as poorly as I did last week with The Picks). The SEC was down last year, because it was Alabama and the 13 schlubs, right?
Pat Dooley

Video: Dooley fields questions ahead of Texas A&M game

Pat Dooley talks on Facebook Live about this week's game against Texas A&M.
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Dooley Noted: Banged-up Florida in tough spot against Texas A&M

Pat previews the Florida-Texas A&M game and interviews Tony Barnhart of TMG College Sports.

Dooley: Must-win Saturday for many teams in college football

We all know Florida is in a must-win situation Saturday and by must-win I mean they MUST WIN or this season is going to be fuel for a dumpster fire. The fan base is angry, the players are beat up...

It’s Florida fans’ turn to vent

A week ago at this time, we were talking about how loud it was in Knoxville and Baton Rouge. Today, there is no place louder than Gainesville.
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Dooley Noted: Once again, a Florida coach struggles in his 3rd year

Pat takes a look back at the Gators' disappointing loss to LSU and other NCAA football news from the weekend.

Sunday Blog, Week Six: Ouch, bad PAT execution, but still …

The Sunday Blog comes at you after a wonderful weekend with friends who didn’t let a bad football team ruin Saturday night. * Several people have pointed out to me that Johnny Townsend’s hold was less than perfect when Eddy...

Dooley: Painful Gators loss after uneven performance

The feel-better theme was the honoring of Tom Petty on Saturday and you couldn’t walk the distance of an extra point (ouch) without hearing one of the Gainesville singer’s greatest hits all around The Swamp. But when the game...

Dooley Grades The Gators: A flawed team

Offense D First half: Other than the one 70-yard drive to a field goal, Florida’s offense could do little right. The other possessions resulted in 65 yards of total offense. Second half: The Gators had two really nice and very important...

Dooley: Gators’ success depending on Franks’ development

It would be easy (and naive) to say that we will see today the beginning of the Feleipe Franks Era at the University of Florida. Or that his performance today will say a lot about the rest of this season. We...

The Picks: Pluses, minuses to Pac 12 promotion

The Washington Huskies coach decided to sound off this week about the “Pac 12 After Dark” promotion that he feels is bad for his fans and bad for the program.
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Dooley Noted: LSU at Florida ‘a huge game for the SEC’

Pat previews the Florida-LSU game and interviews SEC Nation host Laura Rutledge.
Pat Dooley on Facebook Live.

Video: Tackling reader questions ahead of LSU game

Pat Dooley answers reader questions on Facebook Live.