Back Nine

The Back Nine: UF has work ahead

The Back Nine prepares for rainy Nashville where there is still work to be done for the Gator basketball team. Haven't we seen this script before?

The Back Nine: Cash in Carroll

The Back Nine comes at you after a wonderful weekend that included my famous $50 chili, loads of sports on TV and a wife who understood that it's OK to spend two days in sweatpants.

The Back Nine: Miracle in Raleigh

The Back Nine comes at you with thoughts on the bowls so far, Chandler Parsons' shot and the Gators' amazing performance in the Big Easy.

The Back Nine: Take these teams, please

The Back Nine after a Saturday that didn't turn out to be so stinky after all. 1. Everyone is raving about the performance of USC freshman quarterback Matt Barkley against Ohio State, and it was impressive in that...

The Back Nine: Heavy on college football

As you might expect, this week's edition of the Back Nine is heavy on college football. back_riley